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    I submitted my RML application personally with all documents mentioned in eligibility criteria on dt.10/5/16. Just now I have seen in SBI website on RML that only 50% of eligibility amount will be given as lumpsum and the balance in monthly/ quarterly/half yearly only that too with interest of 11.90% per annum.

    The same was informed during my discussions with SBI chief Manager main branch,Vizianagaram on dt.31/5/16,though the interest they stated was 12% per annum.The valuation of my self owned / constructed home is about 50 Lakhs by the SBI panel valuer,and about Rs.26 Lakhs market value as per sub registrar's office MV.

    Actually I prefer one time Lumpsum or one time lumpsum plus yearly / half yearly payment as I am an AP state govt. pensioner getting monthly pension of Rs.39156/- pm net, in the same bank from sto, Vizianagaram.

    I Want to know for a period of 20 years term of RML, ages 72yrs&63 years couple, is it not possible to get at least Rs.18 Lakhs or more one time lump sum amount even with in the powers of the highest authority of SBI if not with in the powers of the chief Manager, SBI main branch, Vizianagaram?

    Why transparency is not there in SBI and still Discretionary powers only prevails while considering loan sanctions?

    Inspite of so many rules and regulations why the same were relaxed in cases relating to those richest defaulters running abroad or vote bank white ration card holders by our govts. politicians as election promises. Why no transparency in RML eligibility criteria or pension loan sanctions? Can't the discretionary powers be removed in approval of RML / Pension loans of at least to all the senior citizens alike?

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    How is the spacing between ducts are determined.

  • Reply to: SBI Rural Housing Bank Loan - SBI Gram Niwas and SBI Sahayog Niwas   1 week 5 hours ago

    You can apply for it. Your father has to become the guarantor / Co-applicant.

    If the collateral is same as your house is going to be constructed, you can apply for other home loan schemes also.

    The final eligibility depends on clarity of other documents such as title deed, your net income etc.

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    Hello Sir,

    I am salaried employee in private sector of 5lac/year in Maharastra. property is in Karnataka & it is in my father Name. We together want to build house in my village. My father is farmer & has land of 4acre.

    Could you please tell will i get Housing loan on my salary because property is in my father name ? If yes please explain.

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    When NPCI transfer fund to one's account, the system will check NPCI mapper data which is updated periodically. Hence the latest updated data considered to transfer fund. If you have updated your aadhaar linking after linking with SBI, NPCI mapper shows the latest update.

    OFF: What is the harm receiving a small amount to any account that you own?