Employee Salary

Salaried Employees Should Know 6 Important Things Before Applying Bank Loan
After completing probation period, employee gets confirmation which will give pleasure and happiness to the life. The next step thinking to enhance life by adding facilities. It may be a new car or a new house or home appliances like home theater or something else. In normal case, most of the employees depend bank loan to meet their shortfalls of cash. Before going to bank for applying loan, following 6 important things to be checked whether you have met those points speeding up loan process:


Application for Salary Certificate
Salaried employees are offered loan by banks and other financial institutions where some documents to be submitted along with application for the loan scheme. Normally a wage slip also known as salary slip shows your present earnings and deductions, but in some occasions, financier asks to produce salary certificate.


Payroll System: Definitions and Samples

Every employee heard about payroll. When a candidate becomes an employee in an organization, his / her name added to company's payroll system. It means, a monitory benefit, along with some employee welfare benefits are going to be effected in return to employee's work. The payroll system, whether manual or software controlled, is mandatory for all organizations, regardless of its size, features and nature of functionalities.


Provident Fund - General Provident Fund (GPF) and Public Provident Fund (PPF)
Provident Fund is a mechanism to protect the salaried people in old age after retiring from service, the Government has introduced "a retirement benefit scheme" called the Employees Provident Fund Scheme. The main purpose of the scheme is to provide a compulsory saving out of the current income of the employee. The employer gives the employee the saved amount together with the interest at the time of retirement.