Beware Of Fake Banking Offers And Hoax Calls On Behalf Of Banks

Criminals may impersonate Organizations such as government agencies, charitable trusts, relief funds, foundations etc. connected to Covid-19 and other relief services. These criminals pose as officials or representatives from Govt. revenue authorities, representatives of Disease Control & Prevention authorities, healthcare workers or healthcare groups / institutions and may send communications as appearing to come from such authorities or from other legitimate sources (asking for / soliciting payments, donations / charity or relief in the name of Covid-19 Relief / Care Funds or Foundations).

How To Protect Yourself From Fake Banking Offers And Their Victim?

  1. Do not download unknown attachment or click unknown links received through SMS / Email / social media, they may be malware and can be used for stealing personal or financial data. They may be used to take control of the users devices (Mobile / laptop / desktop etc.). Never share   personal account number and its details with any other person, especially an unknown person.
  2. Keep your ATM / Credit card / Net-banking / UPI PIN and password confidential. Change Bank related password from time to time.
  3. Never share account details / INB Credentials ie., internet banking related information of your account / ATM Cards details etc. with anyone over phone or through email / link provided in email / SMS for any purpose.
  4. Banks or any of their representatives never sends email / SMS or calls to customers to get customers personal information, password or one-time SMS (High security) password.
  5. Avoid relying on contact number and details available on Google Search Engine for getting Bank Branch Contact details. Use only concerned authorized Bank website for this purpose.
  6. Take immediate actions to bring the details of such fraudulent and fake offers / incidents to the notice of local police authorities / nearest Bank Branch of your account.

RBI Issues Warning Against On "All Bank Balance Enquiry" Android App

RBI issued a warning to public against uses of an android app (application) that is doing rounds on WhatsApp purportedly to facilitate checking of balance in customer bank accounts. The application has an RBI logo with the title "All Bank Balance Enquiry No" and has listed several banks with either a mobile number or call centre number.

The Reserve Bank has clarified that it has not developed any such application. Members of public are, therefore, advised to use the application, if at all, at their own risk.