Changing Bank Account for LPG Subsidy - Online Method

Our relationship with Banks may spoil over the period in different reasons and may have a thought to transfer some of the services or complete closing and opening a new relationship with another bank. If you have a second thought to change your LPG's DBTL (PAHAL) facility from one bank with another bank, you can shift PAHAL to the new bank using online procedure. A simple online facility provided by banks along with National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI).

Online procedure of Aadhaar linking for changing DBTL LPG Subsidy from One bank to another

How to Change Bank Account For LPG Subsidy?

I have an earlier post explaining How To Change Bank Account For Receiving LPG Subsidy Amount Linking Aadhaar. It uses the direct or off-line method in which you have to visit your new bank and apply for the same.

Online Procedure for Changing Bank Account for LPG Subsidy

Here you can find clear and simple online procedure for changing from other bank account to SBI, found almost all bank has the same procedure now. It is basically two part procedure in which first part is the registration of Aadhaar and linking it to your Bank account. The second part is to link your LPG ID with your Bank account number. If you already have linked your Aadhaar number, you can skip the first part and start the second part for linking LPG ID.

First Part - Aadhaar Linking to Bank Account Number

Logon your net-banking with User ID and Password.

Step-1: Input your Aadhaar Number to Link Bank Account Number

Click on the link "Link your Aadhaar Number" given in the left side. Give the necessary data to the fields and submit. See the image below:


Online procedure of Aadhaar linking for changing DBTL LPG Subsidy from One bank to another

Give the necessary input into the fields: Selecting your account number and aadhaar number to be done. Then submit for OTP.

Step - 2: Aadhaar Linking Confirmation Through OTP

You will be prompted for OTP (one time password) received in your registered mobile number as SMS. Open your SMS in-box of the mobile phone and enter the OTP number given in the SMS to the field given in your Bank page. Below is the screen shot for the procedure:

Aadhaar Linking OTP screen

If the step 2 has been completed properly you will get confirmation page with the following message:

Your reference number is UIDXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

"The Status of Aadhaar Seeding will be communicated on your registered mobile number.

Incase of any discrepancy please contact your branch."

Screen shot of Aadhaar linking and seeding confirmation given below:

Aadhaar linking and seeding confirmation for changing bank account

First part is over and now the time for second part.

Second Part - LPG Customer ID Linking to Bank Account Number

To start the next step you need to get your 17 digit LPG customer ID from your LPG company website. If you know your 17 digit LPG ID skip and follow the step - 3 directly. If you don't, leave your Bank website for a while until you obtain the 17 digit LPG customer ID.

Obtaining 17 Digit LPG Customer ID

Following are the links to get it. Click your LPG company name to open relevant page.

  1. HPCL
  2. Bharat Gas
  3. Indane

Choose any search method (Quick or Normal) to get the LPG ID ie., mobile number OR Aadhaar number OR select search, then enter the captcha code and submit. Your LPG ID will be displayed bottom of the same page. See the screen shots below:

Get 17 digit LPG Customer ID


Screen shot below shows the 17 digit LPG customer ID:


17 digit LPG customer ID displayed


Step-3: Link Your LPG Customer ID to Bank Account Number

After obtaining LPG customer ID, go back to your netbanking page and click the link "Link your LPG Customer ID". Fill the fields and submit for OTP. See the screen shot below:

Linking LPG ID to Bank account - start page

Step - 4: LPG Customer ID Linking Confirmation Through OTP

After submission, you will receive SMS in your mobile for OTP for confirmation. Enter the OTP and submit. There you will get final page of LPG Registration confirmation with Bank.

LPG customer ID linking with bank account confirmation

Final Step: Wait 1 to 2 Weeks Time for Confirmation from NPCI

Now you have successfully completed the procedures to change your bank for LPG subsidy. The final confirmation from National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) will be received as SMS after one to two weeks. Once NPCI confirmed, your LPG ID will be shown in your netbanking page as well as LPG company's website.

Once your LPG company updated your new bank account, the next subsidy amount will be credited to your new bank account. Don't response to your previous bank's notification about this change. That's all!

Beware Of Fake Banking Offers And Hoax Calls From Fraudsters / Miscreants On Behalf Of A Bank And Other Institutions.

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LPG connection is in my father's name, we had to open an account in Andhra Bank in the name of my father and provide his Aadhar to get subsidy.
I have an account in SBI with my Aadhar linked to it, we want to get subsidy in my bank account, not my father's because we want to close that account due to some reasons.
Can we get subsidy in my bank account even if the LPG is in my father's name? If yes then kindly tell me the process.

LPG connection is in my father's name we had to open an account in syndicate bank in the name of my father and provided his Aadhaar to get subsidy. I have an account in Canara bank with my aadhaar linked to it we want to get subsidy in my bank account not my father's because we want to close that account Due to some reasons can we get subsidy in my bank account even if the lpg is in my father's name? If yes, then kindly tell me the process.

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I don't think LPG subsidy amount will be credited to bank account linked with another person's Aadhaar number. When NPCI process the payment, system will check matching of Aadhaar number which should be same on LPG account and Bank account.

What you can do is transfer LPG connection from your father to your account. To do this you have to give transfer request to agency.

For more details, visit the following links.

Dear Sir,
The ITS code of my bank Central Bank of India has changed.
Kindly brief me the offline procedure for availing the subsidy which is due since April when the bank's branch was merged with another branch.

My gas subsidy is coming to my closed account and failed to credit. How can i change my gas subsidy account Please reply

You must visit your gas agency and fill up application form to changing account number

GAS AGENCY SAYS THAT IT IS THE DUTY OF BANK TO CHANGE. DUTY OF GAS AGENCY IS ONLY TO LINK AADHAR. THIS IS CONFIRMED BY IOC ALSO. i was initially getting subsidy through Kotak bank. I had inoperative account with Bank of India. when bank of india wanted my aadhar details I provided. automatically my subsidy bank was changed to Bank of India. Without seeing this I closed the bank account. since Dec 2017 I am not getting subsidy. all my existing SB accounts with other banks were already aadhar linked accounts and now they are not in a position to again link the bank account for getting subsidy. Please tell me how to get subsidy in aadhar linked existing accounts.

மானியம்பெற்ற வங்கி கணக்கை ரத்து செய்து விட்டேன் 2ஆண்டுகளாக மானியம் கிடைக்கவில்லை

I am getting my LPG subsidy amount to my HDFC bank but I want to change it to bank of maharashatra . currently i have closed hdfc bank account , so subsidy not receive in both account , before opening HDFC bank account subsidy was regularly credit in bank of maharashtra .after starting hdfc account subsidy was credit in HDFC bank account. my aadhaar is already linke with Bank of maharashtra . kindly guide me is it possible? If yes then how?

I am getting my LPG subsidy amount to my IOB but I want to change it to BOI, kindly guide me is it possible? If yes, then how?

I tried changing the bank a/c for LPG subsidy with same online process you described here. It has done 3 times in last two months but no confirmation came from NPCL. I contacted new bank branch with application they said they can't do anything I contacted gas dealer they said wait more time pls help where should I go? what should I do?

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You should wait enough time after changing account details. In some cases it may take more than usual time we expect. In your case I think, you have made 3 changes within a short period, in which NPCI system may suspect or flag the actions.

How to Check DBTL (PAHAL) Status?

You may check your DBTL (PAHAL) status from the following links:

  1. Bharat Gas
  2. HPCL
  3. Indane

My LPG account got attached with Airtel Bank account. After that I reseeded my aadhar in my OBC bank. my subsidy is now coming in the OBC account but at the HP portal and my consumer console no bank is shown linked, I filed a complain for the same to HP. but till now nothing has done. what can be done further

I have linked my aadhaar no with my SBI account and the details are not shared with NPCI server, because of that I am not getting my subsidy amount in to my SBI account.It is going to my HDFC account, which I am not using now.How to share my SBI details to NPCI server.

If you are a HP Gas consumer,Go to
1. Create your profile using your consumer id, email and other basic details.
2. Next, Click on the Pahal scheme(on the Top right of the page)
3. Go to the 'Pahal Forms'
4. Click on the 'Unified PAHAL (DBTL) Joining Form (English/ Hindi/ Odiya)' link
5. Download this form, fill in the details and submit one copy each to the bank(any bank where you wish to receive the subsidy) and your Gas Agency.

Wait until this is processed and start receiving Subsidy to the new bank.


Sir,from September 2017 we didnt received our gas subsidy as my husband closed his personal January 2018 we noticed we are not receiving our subsidy &contact gas agency they informed need of personal account number. Now we registered new account are we able to get all pending subsidy ?

Sir, My bank account in Bank of India, in which I was getting my LPG subsidy, was closed in the month of Jul 2018. Subsequently I requested SBI to do the de-linking/linking of my Aadhar No to my bank account to get my LPG subsidy. But to no avail even after waiting for long periods. Then I opened a fresh bank account in ICICI bank with a photocopy of bank account to the local LPG distributor. Again there is no progress even after 5-6 days. Plz give me a suitable advice to overcome this problem.
Thanks & regards.

After seeding is completed and Aadhaar is reflecting in NPCI mapper, the pending subsidies will be initiated by respective OMC at regular intervals and the same will be credited to your last seeded bank account.
For pending subsidy you may call toll free number: 1800 2333 555 of OMCs

The problem is that till now the subsidy payment was being automatically shifted to the new type of Aadhar based bank account without even the proper information to the consumers Once people started objecting the PAHAL stopped shifting the subsidy payment to a new bank account automatically. In reality people are trapped in those Aadhar based new accounts I/you cancel the account, you loose subsidy which will come to the cancelled account and returns. Nobody knows how to escape from this trap.

Sir i linked my aadhar with my bank acccount by filling npci form but ti does not shown to npci record although i link my aadhar with my bank....please tell me what can i do so that it will be shown to npci website

MY Gas Consumer No 19057 Indane Gas and Cus ID 3 7500 0000 1173 2969.

I have changed my bank account for LPG subsidy on 26-9-2018 with SBI Valluvar Kottam Branch Chennai 600017 and the Bank has confirmed the linking. My A/C No with SBI 11901431524.
Till date I have not received confirmation about the change. In the linkage web site old bank is shown.
I have given service request on 15-10-2018 with Nos 1-1272212085 and 1-1274999145.
How long will it take for the change.

my sb account in SBI bank and my gas agency is indane i have already submit the all documents there but why subsidy gone in my old one account who in HDFC bank and i am not using it in now dayswhat i have to do if i want my subsidy to get in my SBI bank account .

I booked five cylinder and I did not receive subsidy in my account. I called customer care, they said that account isn't registered with NPCI, but I checked it found it was registered with NPCI. What can I do now?

I have linked my aadhar card to Bank account. But in UIDAI website shows bank account linking status is INACTIVE. Bank official says my Aadhaar No. is already linked to bank account No. I requested again to Bank officials My aadhar No. to be connected to NPCI mapper. I submitted to my LPG ID No. I have only one SBI Bank account. I have visited to my aadhar card and my LPG ID No. xerox copies submitted to Bank several times but results are NIL. till date I am not received LPG subsidy. I have also visited the LPG Distributor.

if your adhar is seeded with account then it will be reflected in npci mapper the only way is to deseed adhar and seed again other wise open an account in any bank and seed adhar

I have an account in SBI but my Indane LPG subsidy is being deposited into an unknown account in Andhra Bank. I complained at the Indian Oil website, and the response says the account into which it is deposited bears my name, but the Gas Agency tells me a different name, a person unknown to me, holding an account in Andhra Bank. I would like to get my subsidy deposited into my SBI account. During the last two years of struggle, I have changed my SBI branch. Complained to the agency but the agency staff say I need to contact the bank to rectify the issue. Bankers say my Aadhaar is already linked to my account. I tried to connect my LPG with SBI account but that link is no more there. I'm frustrated. Where can I find a solution?

One year ago I changed my account from Sbi to ICICI. I got lpg subsidy 5 times correctly. From then on I did not receive it. My ICICI a/c is linked with aadhaar, so, I used to get it aadhaar based subsidy. Now how to get it non aadhaar based even though the a/c is linked with aadhaar.