Check List Of Documents For SBI Auto Loans

When you apply for a SBI Auto Loan, make sure that all necessary documents are ready with you before proceding application. First of all, have a detailed discussion with branch manager in order to get all relevant and important details you suppose to get from bank and cross check the list of documents provided here.

Following are the documents to be furnished by applicant for SBI Auto loans:

  1. Application Form duly filled.
  2. 3 Passport size photographs of borrower (Including one affixed in loan application duly verified by Branch / MPST official).
  3. Statement of Bank Accounts of the borrower for last 12 months.
  4. Proof of identity (Election I Card / Passport / Driving License / PAN Card / Govt. Or Defence I Card).
  5. Proof of Residence (Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill/Credit Card Statement / Income tax / Wealth Tax Assessment Order).
  6. Proof of official address for Non-salaried individuals - Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill / Copy of Company registration document etc.
  7. Proof of Income:
    1. For salaried persons: Latest Salary Slip showing all the deductions and TDS certificate - Form 16 for last 2 years.
    2. For Professionals / Self employed and others: Copy of Income Tax for  last 3 years, duly acknowledged by ITO and also computation of income, balance sheet, P & L account.
  8. Statement of Assets and Liability Statement with supporting documents duly signed by Branch / MPST.
  9. Signature identification from bankers of borrower(s) / guarantor(s) if signature on Passport / PAN card is not same).
  10. Road Map of the place of stay.
  11. KYC confirmation by branch / MPST.
  12. Savings Bank/ Current A/c details : CIF No.,  A/C No.