Construction Control Guidelines for Pre-construction Meetings

Prior to commencing any construction on site, the Plot Developer is required to have fulfilled all pre-construction and design requirements as per the Client / Owner Development Code. Furthermore, it is also required to meet with the Master Developer's Project Manager to discuss construction planning and scheduling.

Construction Control Guidelines for Pre-construction Meetings

At least two weeks prior to the Pre-Construction Meeting the Plot Developer shall submit a Compliance Statement addressing each and every point indicated in this Construction Guidelines Document and a Method Statement detailing the following:

  1. Insurance requirements
  2. Site logistics
  3. Health and safety
  4. Communication protocols
  5. Schedule / Programme
  6. Damage Deposit

The pre-construction meetings will establish protocols for all parties, and will ensure that the Plot Developer is fully informed with regard to requirements and responsibilities.

Under no circumstances will work be allowed to take place on site until the Plot developer fulfils the requirements of the Project Managers and receive an NOC from the Project Manager allowing the Plot Developer to commence any construction work. No Objection Certificate(s) shall be posted in a visible location in the developers' or his representatives' site offices throughout the construction period.