Construction Control Guidelines for Site Logistics

Plot Developers must submit a site logistics plan for their works to the Master Developer's Project Manager prior to the Pre-construction meeting and prior to establishing the site. The logistics plan must detail (but not limited) to the access to the site, access to a given plot, site establishments, lay-down areas, loading areas, hoisting areas, refuse areas, crane placement including size of crane and working radius, bus pick-up areas for labourers, canteen areas, security gates, hoarding, concrete pumps location, concrete truck discharge points, etc. All this information shall be submitted on A1 drawings for approval. Refer to Appendix for list of documents.

Construction Control Guidelines for Site Logistics

Plot Developers must confine all construction operations and site establishment facilities within the site boundaries specified for each plot. All work must be performed such that there is no hazard, inconvenience, or interference to other site activities, or vehicular and pedestrian traffic adjacent to the site.

Signage, lights, markers, notices, traffic management systems and other such requirements must be in place at all times in accordance with all relevant authorities and regulations.

Liaison shall occur with the Master Developers Project Manager to discuss activities that may affect other parties.

Plot Developers must adhere to the Master Development Site Layout Plan, Logistics Plan and Phasing Plan in Appendix of the Construction Guidelines. These plans may be updated and revised during the duration of the project.

In the event of logistical or scheduling conflict between the Infrastructure or Landscape works and a given Plot Developers works, the Master Developer's Project Manager will attempt to reach an amenable solution to the conflict. It should be noted however that the Infrastructure and Landscape works shall take priority over all other works. The Master Developer's Project Managers' decision shall be final.