Differences Between Salary Certificate and Salary Letter

Salaried employees must know the differences between Salary certificate and Salary letter. In most cases, salary certificate or salary letter come into picture when an employee thinks about how to overcome current or forthcoming financial crisis - personal debt, purchasing a car, buying a house are the common occasions.

When you contact a financial institutions like bank, they give you a list of documents required for processing loan application. Some institution wanted salary certificate while others wanted salary letter. What are the main objectives and differences of these two documents - salary certificate and salary letter?

What is Salary Certificate?

Salary certificate is a document issued by an office head to their employee upon request made by an employee. The request must have a reason which should mention in the certificate as to own purpose or relatives' / friend's purpose. If approved by management, a certificate will be issued to employee in the subject line of "Salary Certificate". This certificate can be submitted for Loan application to any financial institutions depending upon the relationship and interest. Usually its validity may remain for one year or less.

An Image of a fill-in-form Salary Certificate given above.

What is Salary Letter?

In A salary letter is a request letter from an employee to department head for releasing his / her salary. This is an internal correspondence (Memo) between employee and head of the institution.

What is Salary Certificate Letter?

Salary Certificate Letter is a salary certificate but addressed to a particular Financial institution for obtaining financial services like car loan or home loan. It will indirectly become an official correspondence between two offices about an employee. It can't be submitted to any other institution.

Fill-in-form Salary Certificate Letter.
Fill-in-form Salary Certificate Letter

This type of Salary Certificate Letter and Salary Certificate are same in all aspect except one minor thing. A Salary certificate addressed to a particular bank or institution, it will be called Salary Certificate Letter which can't be given to any other financial institutions in case of rejected loan request.

On the other hand Salary Certificate issued to employee as a certificate, employee can use it for other institution if one has rejected his/her loan application. Apart from this difference, all contents ie., salary earnings, deductions, net total etc. will be same in both documents.

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