Duties and Reponsibilties of Bank Special Assistants and Bank Senior Assistants

Special Assistants in Banks will be accountable and responsible for running of the department / section under them and their duties will involve looking after and checking the work of other clerk / clerks and sub-staff and will include:

Duties and Responsibilities of Bank Special Assistants

  1. Transfer and Clearing: To pass cheques and other debits to constituents accounts, drafts, Government payments etc. for amounts not exceeding Rs. 1,00,000/- in Cash and Rs. 4,00,000/- (Varies bank to bank) for transfer and clearing.
  2. Case Manager: To function as Case Manager in Single Window branches and discharge the role, duties and responsibilities thereof. While working as Single Window Operator, he will exercise passing powers of Special Assistant.
  3. To check drafts issued / advises, sign drafts in OT & TT series as first signatory and the second signatures to be made by an officer whose signatures are circulated, the latter officer relying on the first signature only.
  4. To check and sign TDR / STDRs upto his passing powers.
  5. To ensure timely preparation and checking of any returns/statements entrusted for checking or forming part of the desk / section / department, the responsibility for functioning whereof is entrusted to him.
  6. To check and sign covering schedules for demand drafts purchased, short credits or bills for collection, etc; follow up for acknowledgements / payment advises, marking these off as prescribed and pass entries pertaining thereto.
  7. To initial pass books in Savings Bank which come to him for passing payment upto Rs.1,00,000/-. In cash and Rs. 4,00,000/- by transfer at branches where SB passbooks are not system generated. If, at that time, the previous balances in the pass book are not authenticated, he may authenticate them as well by reference to the account in the ledger / system irrespective of the amounts of previous debits or credits. For this purpose, he may also check posting of the entry in ledger account/system and initial the resultant balance arising out of the transactions passed by him.
  8. Checking of day books / computer printouts to all types of accounts and initialing the balances in all books/ledgers in Bank master and voucher verification reports in core banking branches.
  9. Checking of leave records, overtime register, Bonus register, establishment register etc.
  10. Drafting of letters / notes, signing all types of intimations, advises of routine nature to constituents.
  11. Keeping custody of security forms / cheque books, etc. entrusted for use on any day, delivering these as required to counters, receiving them back from and handling over the unused security forms / cheque books to Accountant / Branch Manager, duly accounted for after the days work is over.
  12. To work as in-charge of cash at Non-currency Chest branches and discharge the duties, functions and responsibilities of the Cash Officer as joint custodian which will inter-alia cover:-
    1. Responsibility for the correctness of the branch cash balance.
    2. Distribution and collection of cash within the branch and remittances between the branch and its sub-offices, extension counters, if any.
    3. Responsibility for custody and safety of all cash from the point of withdrawal from the strong room until distribution and from the point of collection until deposit in strong room and, jointly with concerned supervising official while in the strong room.
    4. Responsibility for remittances of treasuries, etc.
    5. Responsibility for the protection of other items which represent money and which may from time-to-time be entrusted to him.
    6. Responsibility for quantity and value of all notes including note packets received from Security press, Nasik etc. and small coins as per revised cash department procedure under clean note policy.
    7. Responsibility for the proper conduct of work in cash department / single windows counters in regard to cash for ensuring that adequate safety measures are taken in handling of cash, etc. and the instructions laid down by the Bank with regard thereto are duly observed.
    8. To acknowledge receipt of cash without any limit and passing powers delegated to him.
    9. Responsibility for administration of the cash department and supervision and control over the cash department staff and their work.
    10. Attending to all work connected with processing and disbursement of loans sanctioned against the pledge of gold ornaments, including responsibility of purity, value and correctness of weight of gold ornaments and all matters connected with proper conduct and follow-up of the loans in question. A Special Assistant working as in-charge of cash will also hold joint custody with the Branch Manager / Accountant of the ornaments so pledged.
    11. Processing of business proposals and compilation of Opinion Reports on Borrowers/ Guarantors.
    12. Payment of petty cash bills sanctioned by manager and maintenance of petty cash register.
    13. Supplementing the efforts of the Branch Manager in Deposit Mobilization and business development.
    14. Special Assistant will exercise the signing powers to the extant specified below: Powers to discharge bills of exchange, promissory notes, documents of title to goods which come to them in discharge of functioning of posts held for the time being.
    15. Verification of transaction of vernacular signatures / endorsements.
    16. To hold joint custody of security forms.
  13. The Special Assistants, whether posted as Cash In-charge or otherwise working in any other position, and the members of the marketing and outbound sales force set up at offices / branches of the Bank will in addition to discharge of official duties actively contact new and existing customers and canvass business.

Duties and Responsibilities of Bank Senior Assistants

Duties and Responsibilities of Senior Assistants in Banks are listed below in addition to the duties substantive cadre (Clerk / Cashier, Clerk-cum-typist, Computer operator etc.) that the Senior Assistant may be called upon to perform.

  1. To exercise passing powers of Rs. 50,000/- for cash and Rs. 1,00,000/- for transfer transactions.
  2. Work as Single Window Operator and discharge under noted duties:
    1. Receipt and payment of cash upto Rs. 50,000/- and transfer transactions upto Rs. 1,00,000/- for all types of accounts and customers and Banks other instruments within passing powers.
    2. To receive and, pay, input and also authorize the relative transactions within his powers.
    3. Cash and transfer transactions beyond his power will also be dealt with by him. However, in all such cases the transactions will be posted by him and referred to the Case Manager for authorization. In other words, he will receive or pay cash in excess of Rs. 50,000/- but necessary authorization thereof will be done by Case Manager/ authorized officer. Similarly, he will also input transfer transactions in excess of Rs. 1,00,000/- but authorization for the same will be done by the Case Manager or any other authorized official as the case may be.
    4. Cash payments upto Rs. 50,000/- or above subject to item 2(1) above, will be made by Senior Assistant on constituents account irrespective of whether payment is by way of cheque or withdrawal form or whether it relates to third party, subject to verification of the identity of the holder in the prescribed manner.
    5. Acknowledge receipts of cash receipts within his passing powers by signing the counter foils. For cash transactions beyond his passing powers, while the cash will be received by him, the counter foil will be signed and released by the Case Manager.
    6. Pay Term Deposit / Special Term Deposit receipts within his powers and those beyond his powers will be paid by him after due authorization by the Case Manager. Similarly, SWO will issue Term Deposit / Special Term Deposit receipts through case receipt or transfer irrespective of the amount involved but receipts will be signed by the Case Manager or any other authorized official.
    7. SWO will pay draft, deposit at call receipts, bankers cheque, gift cheque etc. within his passing powers and those beyond his powers will be paid with due authorization of the Case Manager. He will also issue draft, deposit at call receipts, bankers cheque, gift cheques through cash or transfer irrespective of the amount involved but the instruments will be signed by an authorized official. Before payment of draft, bankers cheques etc. the specimen signature of the signing officials will be verified by Special Assistant or the Case Manager or authorized official having custody / access to the specimen signature of signing officials in the Bank.
    8. Open new accounts after necessary authorization by the authorized official.
    9. Credits to loan accounts of constituents will be passed, entered and authorized by him upto his passing powers. Debit of overdraft (current) accounts within the sanctioned limits will also be passed and authorized by him within his passing powers. However, debit to cash credit, term loan, demand loan, agricultural cash credit, agricultural term loan accounts will be entered by him but authorization will be done by the concerned authorized official.
    10. In case of telegraphic transfers / STEPS issue & payments, he will only post the transactions.
    11. All transactions pertaining to Government accounts including PPF will be handled by him. The specimen signatures of the signing authorities will be made available to him.
    12. Payment of foreign currency travelers cheques will be done by Senior Assistant on authorization by the officer in-charge of foreign exchange.
    13. He will issue cheque books, note stop payment instructions, standing instructions and print pass-books at the request of the constituents.
    14. While SWO can input transactions to the under-noted internal accounts, authorization will be done by the Branch Manager or any authorized officer irrespective of the amount of transaction on: Sundry deposit, Suspense, Charges account, Interest account, Branch Clearing General Account, Inter branch items in transit account, Agency clearing, Inoperative accounts, Dormant accounts, Interest provision accounts, etc.
    15. He will be responsible for all cash directly handled by him.
    16. He will also be responsible for proper exercise of his passing powers.
    17. Receiving applications, allotment and call monies by cash or cheques upto his powers in any one case and issue of receipt therefore.
  3. Active assistant to the Branch Manager in achieving the budgetary goals, monetary business etc.
  4. After business hours, where the volume of work so permits, Senior Assistant may be given other duties, within his cadre such as deposit mobilization etc.
  5. Senior Assistants will duly check and sign the system generated scrolls/reports in respect of tasks/transactions performed by him such as cash receipt scroll, cash payment scrolls, transfer received / paid scroll, exchange scroll etc.
  6. To check savings bank day book on daily basis and voucher verification reports at Core Banking branches.
  7. Any other duties within-the-cadre which the Branch Manager may assign.
  8. The Senior Assistants will perform duties of erstwhile Head Assistants (Accounts / Cash) Tellers and Computer Operators.