How to Change or Update Mobile / Phone Number In LPG Consumer Profile?

Though LPG customers seldom change their contact mobile phone / land phone number, occasions you must change phone number on your LPG Gas contact number such as switching new number due to bad service or low signal quality from mobile tower, change of name, error on system etc. Usually, it will come to our notice only when not receiving SMS confirmation after booking LPG Gas or using web portal. Here we find how a LPG customer can change or update their contact mobile / phone number.

How to Change or Update Mobile / Phone Number In LPG Consumer Profile?

Why should we register phone / mobile number with LPG Distributor?

  1. The main purpose of registering LPG consumer's phone number / mobile number is to book refill cylinders through IVRS or SMS.
  2. Occasionally, registered phone number will receive informational messages from both distributor and LPG company.
  3. Once your phone number is registered with the LPG system, IVRS and SMS requests can be identified by the LPG booking system automatically and no further human interactions required to verify the customer identity.
  4. If you try to book your refill through other phone which is not linked to your consumer number, the system may either be rejected or needed more steps to verify and accept IVRS or SMS booking service.


Method to Change Customer Mobile Number in LPG Profile

1. Bharatgas

Bharat Gas customers to download this form (Update Landline / Mobile), fill your data in the form and submit to your Bharatgas Distributor. The same form is also available with your LPG Distributor. Phone number will be updated after a few days.

Bharatgas yet to facilitate online or SMS facility for registration / updation of phone number / mobile number.

2. Indane

IVRS Method: Indane accepts three phone numbers as your registered phone / mobile numbers. To change one of your registered phone / mobile number, dial the IVRS number from the same registered phone number and select the 4th option "Change of Personal registration number"; then System will ask you to press 1 to cancel your Personal registered Number. Then use your new number to book next refill and accept as it your personal number.

SMS Method: Send SMS IOC<Space><STD Code+Distributor's Tel. Number><space>ConsumerNumber

Online Method: After logging in, customer can change / update mobile or phone number by visiting profile page.


IVRS Method: HPGAS customers have to register their land phone / mobile phone numbers to access IVRS system for both new or update phone number. For registration, customer has to dial concerned "HP Anytime" number to facilitate this service. HP Anytime Contact Numbers are exclusive numbers each dedicated for each State. Once a customer registered his / her phone number as personal, the HPGAS's IVRS stores that number against customer profile. Next time, when you book LPG cylinder, auto-identification of the customer will be done and system take registration without delay.

SMS Method: Send SMS HP<Space><STD Code+Distributor's Tel. Number><space>ConsumerNumber. To avail the facility, a one time registration to be done from your Mobile number to concerned HP Anytime number referenced to your State.

Online Method: After logging in, customer can change / update mobile or phone number by visiting profile page.

Online methods are available only with HP and Indane. Bharat Gas yet to provide.

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I can't book my LPG refill through online due to non updation of delivery details. When I try to book a new Indane refill the screen shows "your registration is pending delivery". Please help me to over come this.

Stanly Chirayath's picture

Previous delivery has to be updated by your LPG Agency. It may take maximum of one week time to update in the system. If it is not done after one week, contact your Distributor and inform them about it.

As my old number is dormant now I am in need to link my new number

I don't know which of my phone no. linked with Indane gas. Plz help me.

My old mob no is not pls my new mobile no save n register..

My old number is active. And my currently working number Is not saving on register number. So please tell what can I do.

Sir, mera card no 7814399 he isase pehale mera gas connection CT me tha Abhi Maine gramin me kar liya hai to mera mobile no 9673257390. Sir plz mera Yah no update kar de

New mobile number add because my old mobile number lost my New number is 6375403969
Thank you
Parwati Chatterjee

My old phone number which was registered with indane lpg gas is not active so i request u to please enter my new number

I have updated my mobile number but it is not displayed. How many days to take over updation. Please reply

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