Kerala MLA Salary, Benefits, Allowances, Perks and Pension

Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Kerala receives salary, benefits, allowances and perks. These benefits are decided by Kerala State Legislators as per Indian Constitution Article 164. Though the basic pay of MLA is minimal amount, total amount each MLA received will be minimum of Rs. 39,500/-. The upper limit depends other allowances and perks varying person to person, how they utilize their services.

Minimum Benefits for Kerala MLA

Below list shows the minimum amount, an MLA in Kerala Legislative Assembly received:

  1. Monthly Salary: Rs. 1,000/-
  2. Constituency allowances: Rs. 12,000/-
  3. Phone allowance: Rs. 7,500/-
  4. Information allowance: Rs. 1,000/-
  5. Sumptuary allowance: Rs. 3,000/-
  6. Travelling allowance: Rs. 15,000/-

The total will be: Rs. 39,500/-

Kerala MLA Sitting Fee

Apart from the above minimum amount, Kerala MLA gets sitting fee as shown below:

  • Attending Legislative Assembly meeting: Rs. 750/-
  • Attending Legislative Committee: Rs. 750/-

Kerala MLA Medical Allowances

Medical allowance will be given actuals for the whole family members.

Kerala MLA Travelling Allowances

  1. Travel by road within the state: Rs. 7 per km
  2. Travel by road outside Kerala: Rs. 6 per km
  3. Incidental expenses for travel by train: Rs. 0.25 per km
  4. Travelling coupon for fuel and train: Rs. 2,75,000/year
  5. Free travel by any train and any class with spouse and an assistant / helper
  6. Free travel in KSRTC (Road/water)

Kerala MLA Loan Facilities

  1. Interest free vehicle loan: Rs. 5,00,000/-
  2. Home loan at 4% interest: Rs. 10,00,000/-

Both of the above loans to be repaid within the tenure.

Kerala MLA Book Allowance

MLA can buy books for the amount of Rs. 15,000 per year.

Kerala Ex-MLA Pension

Every Ex-MLA gets pension depending on completion of service years. The maximum amount will be Rs. 35.000/month respective of age. The details are given below:

  1. Completed less than 2 years: Rs. 6,000/-
  2. Completed upto 2 years: Rs. 7,000/-
  3. Completed upto 3 years: Rs. 8,000/-
  4. Completed upto 4 years: Rs. 9,000/-
  5. Completed upto 5 years: Rs. 10,000/-
  6. Ex-MLA served more than 5 years, additional amount Rs. 750/- for every one year.

Kerala Ex-MLA Age Benefits

  1. Additional benefit for Ex-MLA over 70 years and less than 80 years: Rs. 2,500/-
  2. Additional benefit for Ex-MLA over 80 years and less than 90 years: Rs. 3,000/-
  3. Additional benefit for Ex-MLA over 90 years: Rs. 3,500/-

Kerala Ex-MLA Travel Benefits

  1. Fuel / Railway coupon: Rs. 50,000 per year
  2. Free travel in KSRTC (road and water)

Kerala Ex-MLA Medical Benefits

Medical allowance will be given actuals.