LPG Connection Transfer Due To Change Of Address - Same City / Distributor (BharatGas, HPGas, And IndaneGas)

In this article, we find a solution to which a situation arises for shifting / moving current residence location to another location in the same city and same serviceable area of the same LPG distributor. The procedure is very simple and common to all the 3 LPG companies ie., Bharatgas, HPGas and IndaneGas.

Shifting Residence To New Location Within The Same City Under Same Serviceable Area of Same Distributor

When a customer relocate to a new place of residence, your distributor also should know the new address ensuring next booking of the LPG cylinder delivered to the same customer without delay and misplaced. Hence submitting new address proof is mandatory to ensure your next delivery without fail. Currently, facility can be done through offline method that compels customer or customer representative should visit in person at distributor's office and submit application along with necessary supporting documentations, generally, it is "Change Of Address" of the customer.

Here is the procedure for all the three LPG companies that almost same but available only through offline method:

Visit your LPG distributor's office and submit an application requesting "Change of Address" along with your Subscription Voucher (SV) and an address proof of new residence.

1.1 Sample of Change Of Address Request Letter (Common to Indanegas, Bharatgas, and HPGas)


Name & Present Address


Distributor Address

LPG Company (Bharatgas / HPgas / Indanegas)

Subject: Request For Change of Address

Reference: Customer ID

As I'm shifting to new residence, I hereby request to change my present address to our new address as given below:

Present address: Your present address with pin code

New address: Your new address with pin code and landmark

Effective Date: xx/xx/xxxx

Please make necessary modifications in your system for further correspondence and delivery request of my next LPG booking. It has to be delivered to the new address from the date effective given above.


Customer name and signature




The format / template for "LPG Connection Change of Address Request Letter" can be downloaded as word file and pdf file for your convenient use. After downloading one of the form, take a printout and fill out the necessary details and attach the supporting documents. Make a copy for your evidence and keep it with you while submitting original application to the distributor. After a few days LPG company will message you to your mobile number stating that your address change request has been updated in the system. The next delivery of your LPG Booking will be delivered to your new residence address.

Format / Yemplate for "LPG Connection Change of Address Request Letter"

Ready to use downloadable template / form files for LPG Connection Change-of-address Request Letter: