Online Application Procedure for Ration Card in Kerala State - BPL, APL, and Other Ration Cards

The Civil Supplies Department of the Kerala Government has launched an online system for submission of application forms for new Ration Cards. An applicant has to use the ‘Citizen Login’ on the Civil Supplies website to access the service. After filling in all the details online in Malayalam, a print out of the form has to be submitted along with the relevant documents at the Taluk Supply Office (TSO) for verification.

The new Ration Card can be issued in one day if all the documents are in place. Those who don’t have Internet access can approach the nearest Akshaya Centre for this service, which will also accept the forms.

What Is The Procedure To Apply Online For a Ration Card In Kerala?

To apply ration card online in Kerala, visit Kerala Civil Supplies website and register as an applicant. Before you fill up the online registration form read the following details carefully:

  1. If you have a ration card, register into the website by entering the bar-code number, which is on the last page of your card.
  2. If you don’t have a ration card, choose No.
  3. Fill up the User details and submit the registration form.
  4. An activation link will be displayed. Click on the ‘Activate Account’ button to activate the account.
  5. Login to the website using the user id and password that you have entered in the registration form.
  6. If you don’t have a ration card, three functions will be made available to you (Issue of new ration Card, Non-Inclusion Certificate and Non Renewal Certificate)
  7. If you have a ration card, thirteen functions will be displayed.
  8. Click on the required function.
  9. Click on the ‘New Application’ link.
  10. Fill up the form with correct data.
  11. Upload all mandatory scanned documents only in pdf format with size less than 250 KB in the application.
  12. Before submitting the form, verify all the data.
  13. Take a printout of the application form, which you have submitted, for further proceedings. Note the application number and date.
  14. The following information will be displayed once your application has been submitted successfully.
  15. Submit the original documents, application printout and the application fees including the cost of the ration card to the Taluk Supply office (TSO) for verification and further proceedings.
  16. You will receive a token number after accepting the application by TSO / CRO. You have to keep this token number for further follow up until you get your ration card.

Click this link to access the website of Civil Supplies, Kerala: Though signup form is not so user friendly, an average person can manage to get the things done.

What is the procedure to apply a new Ration Card directly (Offline or Traditional Application for Ration Card)?

  • Purchase an application form from TSO/DSO/CRO office by paying Rs. 5.
  • Apply to your Taluk Supply Office with the filled up form and your old Ration Card.
  • If you do not belong to the same TSO/DSO/CRO then produce the following documents along with the application.
  • Residential Certificate issued by LSG office (Panchayat / Municipality / Corporation)
  • Reduction / Surrender certificate / non-renewal certificate from the TSO from where you belong previously.
  • Income Certificate issued by Village officer.
  • Declaration.

After verification of the above details your new ration card will be issued within 15 days.

More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Ration Card are available: Frequently Asked Questions About Ration Card (Ration Card FAQ).

Contacts of Civil Supplies Department Officers in District / Taluk, Kerala

Ration Card Renewal in Kerala - FAQ (Priority, General, BPL, APL, AAY)

Comments and Responses / Questions and Answers Against Online Application Procedure for Ration Card in Kerala

Question-1: Is it possible to make a ration card for the children of a widow?

I am a defense personnel since past 28 years. I am a Keralite female aged 50 years. I am married to a Kannadite and he is no more. I have two children aged 16 and 17 years. I have not made ration card for them. They were born at Meerut (UP). Is it possible to make a ration card for them now. We are at Ahmedabad (Gujrat) now.

Answer: Every Indian Family has right to have ration card. Since you have not yet taken ration card from any Indian state, you can apply for it to where you reside now. Necessary documentation required as per the new ration card application procedure. Apply with the names of all your family members whether they are minor or not.

Question-2: How can I apply for inclusion of my name in the ration card?

I am a retired defense personnel. My name is not there in my family ration card. How can I apply for inclusion of my name in the ration card? What are the documents required for the same? Can i apply on line?

Answer: To include a Family Member to New ration Card, you may download add-member form from Kerala Civil Supplies Department website for inclusion of your name to your family ration card. Submit the filled-in form along with necessary documentation noted in the form.

Question-3: How to Apply Relationship Certificate Through Online in Kerala?

Can you explain which portal has to be used for applying for the relationship certificate issuing from village office?

Answer: Relationship certificate is being issued by Village officers on submission of application. It can be done either direct or Online. For online application you visit eDistrict portal, Kerala. This portal allows you to register yourself and select which service or certificate you need.

Direct Application for Relationship Certificate in Kerala: Citizen has to prepare application either in a white paper or a prescribed form with a court fee stamp Rs. 5/- need to be submitted to the Village Officer. A copy of Ration card to be attached as the proof of relationship.

Question-4: What Will Be The Procedure For Converting My Card To BPL?

My ration card is of APL list. Before 3 years our card contain the name of all the members of our family (joint family). But now we split card into two and staying in different houses. I am a widow, and my son is in disabled category, student of 11th standard. What will i do for changing my card to BPL list?

Answer: You may require to make application for this explaining the reasons you want to change APL to BPL (Currently there is no APL / BPL Ration cards, instead, Non-priority / priority ration cards as per NFSA). Supporting documents like widower certificate, disability certificate, income certificate are to be submitted along with the application.

Question-5: Is Aadhaar Number Mandatory For All Members Of The Family When Applying For Ration Card Renewal?

Is an 'Aadhaar' card compulsory for all members of the family listed in the ration card? If not what other ID proof is permissible? If yes, is it not a violation of the Supreme court order last year?

Answer: Aadhaar Card Is Not a Mandatory Record for Renewing Ration Card. If Aadhaar card is not yet received she can produce another valid photo ID proof such as Voter ID or Bank Pass book having photo etc. This criteria is relevant and compulsory for the owner of the ration card. Other members, they can attach any ID proof or even without proof, Ration card will be issued.

Please note that those accurate data required only for finding priority category.

If any authority insisting for Aadhaar card, as you said it will be considered as the violation of the Supreme court order issued last year.

Question-6: How to Renew Ration Card in Kerala with Reduction Certificate?

Our ration card in Kerala is in my fathers name. My mother, myself and my brother are included in it. Father is no more. Mother is staying with me in Maharashtra. We don't have a ration card in Maharashtra. I wanted to apply for a new card in Kerala for my mother, myself and my brother. Then get a deduction certificate from Kerala for myself and apply for a new one in Maharashtra. How is it possible? How can i apply for a fresh card for my mother? What are the documents required?

Answer: You can renew your ration card producing death certificate of your father. Card will be issued in the name of your mother since she is the elder women. She has to attend the photo session for renewal process. There is no point in talking "FRESH" ration card in this case.

After renewal of existing ration card, your name (Daughter settled in Maharashtra) need to be deducted from the Kerala ration card and you want to apply for a fresh ration card in Maharashtra. You can do it without any hassles if provided all the necessary certification and documentations along with a deduction certificate from Kerala.

Question-7: Whose Photo to be Affixed in-case Card holder's wife is younger, and elder women in the existing card is the wife of elder brother and stays in another house?

At present Ration Card is in my name. Our residence is also in my name and I have occupied ownership certificate. In my ration card apart my family (wife and and two children) my elder brother, his wife and kids and my younger brother also are members. My elder brother and younger brother has separate house; but they fails to occupy separate ration card. Hence can I go with the photo of my wife while renewing my ration card retaining all other members.

Answer: Elder Women - A Real Life Issue for Ration Card Renewal. Here we can see a dilemma - Card holder's wife is younger, and elder women in the existing card is the wife of elder brother and stays in another house.

Before you go for renewal, contact your TSO/DSO/CRO and explain the issue you face. I hope they can sort it out guiding you who can be the card holder. On the other hand, you get a consent letter from your brother's wife saying she doesn't have objection and an affidavit from your ward member saying your wife can become the card holder. Renew the card now and after that your brother can make new card for them producing deduction certificate.

Question-8: Ration Card for Family Residing In a Rented House - I am residing in a rented house. Can i get a temporary ration card?

Answer: You can apply either temporary or permanent ration card even if you are residing as a family in a rented house. The main criteria that effects come under the House Hold Definition. Read NFSA Ration Card Categories - Antyodaya (AAY), Priority (PHH), Non-Priority (NPHH), State Priority.

Question-9: How To Apply New Ration Card With A Deduction Certificate?

I applied for new ration card but my husband's name is linked in old ration card so how is the procedure to add his name in my new ration card? Please tell me full procedure how to add my husband's name in my new ration card.

Answer: Give an application for Deduction Certificate for your husband's name to be deducted from the existing ration card. Then submit the Deduction Certificate and necessary supporting documents to Taluk Supply Office (TSO) / City Rationing Officer (CRO) along with the new ration card application.