Rice Mill Plus Bank Loan Scheme For Food Processing Units

Which is the most important food item for the mankind? Everybody knows that rice is the answer. The genetic diversity and verities of rice are numerous across the globe and two third of the world population survives with the consumption of either rice or its divergent produces. Removal of hulls and brans from paddy grains is the main process of Rice Milling. The output of the production will be the polished rice which we regularly buying from the market for our consumption.

Rice Mill Plant

How to Manufacture Rice?

Manufacturing process started collecting raw paddy from paddy farmers and transported to the Rice Mill for various processing. Further processes are listed below:

  1. Cleaning of paddy
  2. Pre-cleaning of Raw Paddy in tanks
  3. Soaking in tank
  4. Drain of Water
  5. Steaming in vessel (95 deg. C)
  6. Sending to rice mill
  7. Tempering for 24 hrs in day bins
  8. Drying at 100 deg. C / 70 deg. C for 6 Hours
  9. Unloading for drier

Technologies Required to Setup Rice Mill

The technology required for the ginning and pressing operations are:

  1. De-stoner
  2. Paddy Husker and Paddy Separator
  3. Vertical Whitener
  4. Humidifier
  5. Air Polisher
  6. Grain color sorter
  7. Pre-cleaner
  8. Airlocks
  9. Various motors and gears
  10. Elevators, sifters, graders and blowers
  11. Electronic weighing machines
  12. Bagging system and slat conveyor
  13. Rotary screw air compressor
  14. DG set
  15. Weigh bridge
  16. Electrical infrastructure and other control accessories etc.

Rice Mill Plus Bank Loan

SBI has fantastic loan scheme for entrepreneurs of food grain mills - Rice Mill Plus.

Term loan for acquisition of machinery / factory building for modernization / expansion and working capital needs of Rice Mills engaged in milling, sorting, grading and polishing. No upper ceiling on loan amount.

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