Sample Application for Employee Salary Certificate

Once you feel that your job is secure and it gives financial stability and security, the next step you may think to enhance life style further high. Probably the chances are either want to buy a new car or want to construct new house or sometimes, want to have some good furniture and home appliances to your house. Whatever, you need money or financial assistance from a reliable institution like banks.

A sample Application for Salary certificate shown here:

Salaried employees are offered loan by banks and other financial institutions where some documents to be submitted along with application for the loan scheme. Normally a wage slip also known as salary slip shows your present earnings and deductions, but in some occasions, financier asks to produce salary certificate.

What is Salary?

Salary is the monitory benefit given by an employer to its employee for accomplishing assigned task(s), given either monthly or weekly basis. In terms of benefits, it can include other benefits such as insurance, incentives, EPF, allowances, etc.

How to Get Salary Certificate?

Employees bound loans in most cases, because financial institutions are happy to provide loans fulfilling their customer's dreams. Majority of the employees invest their loan amount in Car or Home or High end domestic and personal equipment. Whatever your decision, when you approach bank or any other financial institutions, they give a list contains the documents employee to submit for initiating the loan process in which Salary Slip / Salary certificate will be one of the common documents.

If they are happy with Salary Slip (Wage Slip / Pay Slip), yes, its already with you since your company has issued salary slip along with last salary. However financier would ask you to provide Salary Certificate, you have to take another step for obtaining it from your HR department.

Here is the method and Salary Certificate request letter to apply and get the salary certificate.

Salary Certificate Request Template



Name and Employee ID




The HR Manager

XYZ Company Ltd


Dear Sir,


Subject: Request For Salary Certificate


Reference to the Employee ID, I hereby request to issue a salary certificate showing following details:

  1. Gross salary with breakup of items
  2. Deductions and breakup of items
  3. Net Salary
  4. Employee Details
  5. Tenure
  6. My Designation

It has to be submitted to SBI, ______ branch for availing car loan.

Sincerely yours,


Name and Signature





Who will Issue Salary Certificate?

When an employee needs salary certificate, make a request letter in a white paper (or an email), addressed to officer or head of the department (HOD) or HR Manager. After submitting this application to your HOD / HR Manager, application will be passed to clerical section under the department / section for processing and within a short period or couple of days, you will receive your Salary Certificate with the details you have requested.

Information to be included in the Salary Certificate Request Letter

The Salary Certificate Request Letter should have the following information:

  1. Personnel details: Full name, Employee ID, and Address
  2. Employment details: Position / Designation, Department / Section, Work location / site
  3. Purpose of Salary certificate: Bank Loan, Bank Name and branch name, self usage or for some one else's use.

Restrictions or Limit Applying for Salary Certificate

There will have some kind of restrictions for applying salary certificate in order to avoid misusing it but varies organization to organization. Some companies issue one certificate in a year wherein others issue one in 6 months or something depends the policy of the company.

If you use email letter, all the content should be same in the given template but address area to be modified a little as required by email client or editor.

An editable Salary Certificate Application Template file in MS Word (docx) format is available for download here.

A sample PDF salary certificate application is available here.

Before applying for a bank loan, read Salary Certificate FAQ in order to get various in-depth options from real life situations.