Sanchaya Online Payment Procedure for Local Self Govt. (LSG), Kerala - Building Property Tax / Fee

Kerala has become the first digital state in India. It was one among other achievements Kerala received. Some of them are 100 percent literacy, 100 percent mobile phone density, implementation of e-district, and CSC through Akshaya centres etc. Adding another feather, Kerala has implemented Sanchaya online services to collect fee and building taxes / property taxes through online.

Now citizen can pay their building tax, rent, professional tax, and license fee without going to concerned LSG offices (Panchayat / Municipality / Corporation). It requires only an internet connected computer.

In addition to tax and fee payment, Sanchaya facilitate to Know your Property Tax, and getting Ownership certificate. Building owners can get their online Ownership Certificate from the Local Governments having e-payment facility.

What is Sanchaya?

Sanchaya is an online application system developed as the part of LSG Computerization to collect revenues from public for taxes and fees. Sanchaya facilitates public to pay building / property tax, profession tax, rent on Land and building and licenses such as Dangerous and Offensive (D&O), Prevention of food Adulteration (PFA) and Advertisement tax etc. Sanchaya also accepts utility payment services like Hall booking, ambulance, vehicles, crematorium, payment on water bill.

Step-By-Step Procedure for Paying Building Property Tax Using Sanchaya Online Service

To get to the site visit Sanchaya website. Now a welcome page shows two kind of data that accepts from a visitor.

Step 1

First one is for login button and the next one is to know the tax amount of a known building number in the concerned LSG. Below image is the screenshot of it.

Kerala LSG Sanchaya Online Payment - Step-1
Kerala LSG Sanchaya Online Payment - Step-1

Step 2

We select "Login for Online Payment" button. It display a login page that accepts user name and a password. Since we don't have account with Sanchaya, an account has to be created as a first time user.

Kerala LSG Sanchaya Online Payment - Step-2
Kerala LSG Sanchaya Online Payment - Step-2

Step 3

Select New User Registration, and follows the form. Fill all fields including captcha code and submit the form. Screen shot is given below:

Kerala LSG Sanchaya Online Payment - Step-3
Kerala LSG Sanchaya Online Payment - Step-3

You will be directed to a "Thank you" page for registration. There will be a message stating that registration confirmation code has been sent to your email account. You have to open your email account to get this code. Note down or copy the code to clipboard and come back to Sanchaya page. Click confirm registration link to follow the next step.

Step 4

A new form will be displayed to accept your registration code. Type or paste it from the clipboard, enter captcha code, then submit. The registration has been completed and your email and registration accepted by the site. screen shot is given below:

Kerala LSG Sanchaya Online Payment - Step-4
Kerala LSG Sanchaya Online Payment - Step-4

Step 5

Now you can login to the site using login page. Screenshot of logged-in front page is given below:

Kerala LSG Sanchaya Online Payment - Step-5
Kerala LSG Sanchaya Online Payment - Step-5

From this window, you can do the following online services:

Property Tax:

  • Enroll a Building: This link allows you to create a list of buildings properties already existed in the registry of LSG building tax.
  • Manage Building List: This link guides you to get all the building data you have in various LSGs across Kerala.
  • Online Payment: Here you can see all the properties listed under your name in order to pay taxes online. It will display pending demand to be paid to LSG with details in each half year. You can check and confirm to proceed for paying online. A screenshot of pending demand details of a building shown below:


Kerala LSG Sanchaya Online Payment - Step-6
Kerala LSG Sanchaya Online Payment - Step-6


Here you can see the histories, take print out for transactions.

  • Online Transactions
  • Login History


It is for paying rent of the properties you have taken from concerned LSG.

  • Online Payment


Here you can modify / update personal or login credentials which are self explanatory.

  • Modify Profile
  • Mobile No.Registration
  • Change Password

After completion of payment, take a pprint out of the receipt from Reports section.