SBI Agriculture Bank Loan For Setting Up Of Agri-Clinic and Agri Business Centres

SBI provides agriculture loan for Setting Up Of Agri-Clinic & Agri Business Centres as the part of self employment opportunities to technically trained persons.

Bank Loan Eligibility For Setting Up Of Agri-Clinic and Agri Business Centres

Persons having technical degree in Agricultural or allied to agriculture like horticulture, animal husbandry, forestry, dairy, veterinary, poultry, pisciculture and other activities. The subsidy would be admissible only in respect of agricultural graduates trained under ACABC scheme on or after 1st April, 2004.

SBI Agriculture Bank Loan For Setting Up Of Agri-Clinic and Agri Business Centres

List of ventures included for Setting Up Of Agri-Clinic and Agri Business Centres

  1. Soil and water quality cum inputs testing laboratories.
  2. Post surveillance, diagnostic and control services.
  3. Maintenance, repairs and custom-hiring of agricultural implements & machinery of Micro irrigation system.
  4. Agri service centers including the above 3 activities (group activities).
  5. Seed processing units.
  6. Micro propagation through plant tissue culture lab & hardening units.
  7. Setting up of vermiculture units, production of Bio-Fertilisers, Bio-Pesticides (Bio control agents)
  8. Setting up apiary (bee keeping) & Honey, Bee Products, processing of units.
  9. Facilitation and agency of Agri. Insurance Services.
  10. Provision of extension, consultancy services.
  11. Hatcheries and production of Fish-Fingerlings for Aquaculture.
  12. Provision of livestock health cover, setting up veterinary dispensaries & services including frozen, Semen Banks & Liquid Nitrogen supply.
  13. Setting up of information technology kiosks in rural areas for access to various agriculture related portals.
  14. Feed processing and testing units.
  15. Value addition units.
  16. Setting up of cool chain from the farm level onwards (group activity).
  17. Post harvest management centers for sorting, grading, standardization, storage and Packaging.
  18. Setting up of metallic / non-metallic storage structure (Group Act).
  19. Retail marketing outlets for processed Agri products.

Rural marketing dealership of farm inputs and outputs. Any combination of 2 or more above viable activities along with any other economically viable activities selected by the graduates, which is acceptable to the bank

Project cost for Setting Up Of Agri-Clinic and Agri Business Centres

Individual Activity – Rs. 10 lacs.

Group Activity – Rs. 50 lacs (maximum). In case of group projects, if the group consists of 5 or more persons, all except one of them would have to be agriculture graduates trained under the scheme and the remaining could be non-agri graduate with experience in business development and management.

Margin: Upto Rs. 5.00 lacs – NIL. Above Rs. 5.00 lacs - 15 - 25%

Facility: Agricultural Term Loan (Indirect Finance)

Bank Loan Security for Setting Up Of Agri-Clinic & Agri Business Centres

Upto Rs. 5.00 lacs:

  • Primary: Hypothecation of assets created.
  • Collateral: NIL

Above Rs. 5.00 lacs:

  • Primary: Hypothecation of assets created.
  • Collateral: Mortgage of land or Third party guarantee with the permission of controller.

Repayment: 5-10 years with grace period of maximum 2 years.

Training: MANAGE (National Institute for Agricultural Extension Management) in Hyderabad is responsible for providing training.

Refinance: 100 % By NABARD.

Soft loan assistance: 50 % of margin to be contributed by the applicant is provided by NABARD as Soft loan without any interest.

Subsidy: @25% of the capital cost of the project, 33.33% in respect of borrowers belonging to SC, ST, women and other disadvantaged sections and those from North Eastern and Hill States. The full interest subsidy would be eligible for the first two years of the project. The capital subsidy will be back-ended with minimum 3 years lock-in period. The interest subsidy would, however, be concurrent.

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We have withdraw kcc limit Rs. 3 lacs from sbi sarla br. our land are situated at Kuntalpur village Ta. Muli, Surendranagar , Br. manager Mr. Mahendra bhai recovered from us more than 8% interest for crop loan KCC and not allowed us to interest subsidy for kcc @45 and recovered from us more interest against 4% also deducted 8% insurance amt without our prior permission. our kcc limit having cut of date 31/5/14 but mgr said that date has been chage for 31/3/2014 they have not intimate us about it. so that we have suffer more cost of interest and insurance. Account Name" parmar ganesh irabhai & parmar paresh Hirabhai Jt. A\c. pl do in favour.


I have studied B.Sc Chemistry, Botany, Biotechnology. Now I am studying M.Sc in Botany.

I have 5 acres land. I am very much interested on agriculture because my family background which is agriculture.

But one thing is, I don't have money to invest on improved methods. Can I apply for agricultural loan? Please help.