SBI Agriculture Loan For Commission Agents Against Their Receivables From Farmers - Arthias Plus

SBI Arthias Plus provides financing commission agents against their receivables from farmers.

Eligibility (under Agriculture segment): Commission agents enjoying good reputation and holding a valid license from the market yard/ board and are in the line of business for the past 3 years, having receivables from farmers only, functioning in rural and semi urban markets/mandis.

SBI Agriculture Loan For Commission Agents Against Their Receivables From Farmers - Arthias Plus

Facility: Cash credit (Hypothecation of book debts not older than 6 months) Classification: Priority sector - Agricultural segment - indirect Agri Finance.

Limit: Max. Rs. 50 Lacs Margin: 40%

Security: Primary: Hypothecation of receivables & movable assets (if any).

Collateral: Equitable Mortgage of Resi / Comm. Property (Non-Agri) with worth 1.5 times of the advance (Upto Rs. 25 lacs ); 2 times of the advance value (Above Rs 25 lacs and upto Rs. 50 lacs).

Interest: (a). Upto Rs. 10 lacs: SBAR (b) Above Rs 10 lacs and upto Rs. 25 lacs : 0.25 % above SBAR. Above Rs. 25 lacs and upto Rs. 50 lacs: As per CRA Model.

Repayment: Maximum Six months. Loan should be liquidated at the end of cropping season with reasonable time for marketing.

# Loans to commission Agents financed by SBI's Urban & Metro branches: Loans upto Rs. 10 lakhs - SBF Segment. Loans above Rs 10 lakhs - C & I Segment.

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Subject;- Loan Application by RVSS

Dear Sir,

Greeting form RVSS…..!
RVSS is a grassroots –leaves SPO and has been working in the remote parts of south 24 Paragons . We have been searing the needy and the weaker, distressed and the socially as well as economically backward classes since the day of its inspection. Besides others developmental interventions RVSS has been sculling up the life-style of the rural poor women. Through SHG- Micro- Credits/ Lending go as to help them to stand on their own feet and upgrade their life-style with determination and dignity. For information ,RVSS has 350 SHGs.
I, therefore request you to be kind enough to go through our letter of 50 lac loan- regret and consider it so that we can have a loan from your end and support the needy through Micro-lending procedure’s. Anticipating your kind consideration in this regard.
With best regards.

Ramesh Chandra mistry