SBI Broiler Plus Agriculture Bank Loan - Scheme for Broiler Farmers

SBI Agriculture loan "Broiler Plus (Scheme for financing Broiler Farmers under Contract farming)" extended to both existing farmers and new farmers having “Contract Broiler Farming” arrangements for enabling them to construct poultry shed and feed room and for purchase of equipment.

Eligibility for SBI Broiler Plus Agriculture Loan

The applicant should have experience or had undergone training in poultry farming. The farmers should possess adequate land for construction of poultry shed, which should be at least 500 meters away from any existing poultry farm.

Economic flock size: The minimum flock size should be 5000 birds. However, financing can be done for 10,000 and 15, 000 birds or part thereof. A model scheme has also been circularized by the Bank.

Rearing Period of birds: 7 weeks

Margin: 25%

Maximum Loan: Rs.9.00 lacs per farmer.

DSCR: 1.40

ROI: As applicable to ATL.

Type of Advance: Agricultural Term Loan.

Security: Primary: Hypothecation of assets.

Collateral: Mortgage of land on which the poultry shed and other infrastructure are available or are proposed to be constructed to cover at least 50% of the value of the advance.

Repayment: Max 5 years, inclusive of a grace period of 6 months, with installments at bimonthly intervals.

Other terms: Copy of Bi-partite agreement between the farmer and the hatchery as per the bank’s specimen, Letter of undertaking to the Bank by the broiler integrator. WC not needed as it is met by hatcheries.