SBI SME Stree Shakti Loan Scheme

The Stree Shakti Loan Scheme is specially designed to find and support entrepreneurship among women by providing concessions in the financial assistance and processing. The main criteria SBI looks for, an enterprise should have more than 50% of its share capital owned by women. Stree Shakti Loan Scheme aims to empower women entrepreneurs who own and are managed in retail trade, business enterprises of professional and self -employed like doctors, beauty parlour operators etc.

Concessions Offered Under the Stree Shakti Loan Scheme

  1. The margin will be lowered by 5% as applicable to separate categories.
  2. The interest rate will be lowered by 0.5% in case the loan exceeds Rs 2 lakhs.
  3. No security is required for loans up to Rs. 5 lakhs in case of tiny sector units.
  4. Special concession in margin by 5%.

Stree Shakti Loan Scheme General Perspective

For women entrepreneurs in Retail trade, Business enterprises, Professionals and self employed, small scale units or tiny units where the women entrepreneur’s stake is more than 51%. Loan amount upto Rs. 20 lakhs can be availed from banks with working capital and term loan facility.

Term Loan & Working Capital facility is available with concessionary margins and interest rates. Interest rate shall be 4% pa over MCLR.

Income Generating Activities

Stree Shakti Products for generating Income
Stree Shakti Products for generating Income

Products from Self help group - Photo credits: Purkal Stree Shakti Samiti

Stree Shakti Loan is an approach through which efforts are being made by the government with the intention to pool both human and material resources and empower women in rural areas. Some of the popular Stree Shakti tiny projects are:

  1. Dairying
  2. Production and sale of ready-made garments
  3. Blanket marketing
  4. Marketing of seeds and manure
  5. Production and sale of composite manure
  6. Production and sale of soap and detergent
  7. Production and sale of: Papad, Saambaar Powder, Agarbathi  etc.