The Ore of Mercury and Its Properties

What Is The Ore Of Mercury? Ore of the mercury is called "cinnabar" which is a composition of mercury and sulfur (mercuric sulfide, HgS). Compared to other elements, Mercury found in the crust of earth is low but it is not a rare element. The red ore called cinnabar available abundantly on the earth.

Spain and Italy are the major producers of mercury.

The process of extraction of the mercury is relatively simple. An oxygen furnace can be used to heat up the ore cinnabar and condenses the fumes of mercury released from the process. Then it has to be purified in a vacuum system.

Mercury is a chemical element which has the following properties:

  • Name: mercury
  • Group of mercury in periodic table: metal
  • Symbol of mercury: Hg
  • Atomic number of mercury: 80
  • Atomic weight of mercury: 200.59
  • Appearance of mercury: silver-white liquid at room temperature
  • Melting point of mercury: −38.89◦C or −37.46◦F under atmospheric pressure
  • Boiling point of mercury: 357.25◦C or 675.05◦F under atmospheric pressure

Mercury and its compounds are very toxic.

Metallic mercury uses as a liquid switch in electrical appliances, mercury-vapor lamps, mercury-vapor rectifiers, thermometers, barometers, tachometers, and thermostats.