LPG Connection Transfer Procedures

There are situations LPG Customers wanted to transfer LPG connection either existing location to a new address or another person's name. The LPG customers seeks their connection to be transferred due to various reasons such as, change of residence address, another family members, death, and so on. Here we look into various real life situations of BharatGas, HPGas and IndaneGas LPG customers who want their existing connection to either one place to another place or one person to another person through Online or Offline methods.

LPG Connection Transfer - Bharatgas, HPGas and IndaneGas

Conditions That LPG Customer Seeks Connection Transfers

Following are the conditions or situations, LPG customers want their connection to be transferred to another person or new location:

  1. Shifting residence to new location - only change of address (Within the Same City under same serviceable area of Same distributor)
  2. Shifting residence to new location - Within the Same City but different distributor
  3. Shifting residence to new location - Another City
  4. Due to Death of existing customer
  5. Within the family circle
  6. Outside the Family

 We'll look into each of the above cases in detail for Bharat Gas, Indane Gas and HP Gas.