MEP Specifications For Building Construction

Popular acronym MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing work in building construction. It became an integral word of a building project in Middle East Gulf region during year 2000. In the inception stage of MEP, there were involvement of only two engineering branches, Mechanical and Electrical, now it included electronics, instrumentation and communication. In some occasions, Mechatronics also partake in the project for smooth completion of the whole MEP works. Well known Design software AutoCAD has its own version for MEP drafting works. This software package "AutoCAD MEP" helps designers to make more specific and accurate designs and detailing of the MEP project.


Mechanical Works in MEP for a Building Project

In MEP, major works are to be handled by Mechanical sections because of HVAC or air conditioning system and that has piping work for cold and hot water, fabrication works for ducts, dampers and controllers, thermal/cold insulation works, and erection of machines like chiller unit, air handling units, grills, diffusers etc. Another important Mechanical works are Drinking water, Drainage and Sewerage systems. Other Mechanical works are Fire fighting works that included piping, sprinklers and Pumps.

Electric Works in MEP for a Building Project

Electric works mainly included Electrical Power and Lighting but others like Emergency power, UPS/Central battery, Voice/Data communication, TV, Security systems like CCTV, Access control System, Public address system, Building management system, Fire alarm system and Lightning protection system.

What is MEP?

MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. When we analyse MEP participation in a project, a major work which is HVAC controlled by Mechanical and secondly goes by Electrical. Architectural and Civil gives shape, structure and aesthetics to a building but MEP or Mechanical and Electrical brings facilities for life through providing services hence MEP, now known as "Building Services and Facilities". Every project is unique and therefore its specification too. Here we can see different types of specifications for building construction project that can be used after making modifications suitable to the specified project.