How To Change Bank Account For Receiving LPG Subsidy Amount Linking Aadhaar?

While DBTL (PAHAL) getting momentum, people face different issues to their latest additions - LPG subsidy amount to Bank account. Have you ever thought of changing your bank account for receiving LPG subsidy? Do you have any issues with the bank you receive your subsidy? Among many issues, majority of the issue goes to "How to change my bank account for receiving the subsidy? It is quiet natural, one reason or the other, people want to to change their existing bank to another one. Here is the solution for how to change my bank account number for receiving the subsidy amount.

How To Change Bank Account For Receiving LPG Subsidy Amount Linking Aadhaar?

Through a simple procedure, you can change your bank for subsidy payment using Aadhaar number.

    1. Visit your new bank in which you already have a bank account.
    2. Give fresh request to link your bank account. That's all you need to do!

The most recent request received at National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI - Agency holding the Aadhaar linkage to Bank mapping for enabling cash transfer) for linking the bank account would receive subsidy transfers and the old Aadhaar linkage would automatically be canceled at NPCI.

After giving application to new bank, it takes a few weeks of time for the aadhaar linking to effect and for subsidy transfer to begin. Hence you are requested to check after two weeks time for the linkage status on the websites of your Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) - IOCL, BPCL and HPCL.

You can read step by step procedure for changing Bank Account for LPG Subsidy here.



change of bank account

now i am having account with SBT and i want to change it in to SBI branch since i am having account in both the banks i wish to continue the account in SBI after closing the account in SBT.
procedure may be instructed.

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Mobile Number Correction

A form is available with LPG Dealer. You may contact your LPG agency and fill the right mobile number and submit to them. It will be updated after a while. Additionally, HP and Indane has online facility to change mobile number. Visit their portals to accomplish it.


im not getting my lpg subsidy from last 5 riffils

I complain to hpcl online about subsidy,
I got reply that , my aadhar not update in npci, and advice me to seeding adhar again in bank a/c.

I contact bank and confirm adhar number my a/c.

I again complain about it
And got reply ,please contact our bank.

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LPG Subsidy

Visit MyLPG and choose your provider. Then check whether your Aadhaar linking to your bank account is active or not.


My SBI a/c was linked with my Aadhar & subsidy was credited in my account. Few months ago I opened a new account in ICICI & my aadhar was automatic updated with ICICI & Subsidy started to credit in my ICICI a/c. Last month I have closed my ICICI account. And I submit a new application in My previous SBI Bank. But the bank staff reply me that your number was already linked with SBI and our system shows "ALREADY EXIST" I cleared him that was old linking & automatically rejected by NPCI when I opend in account in ICICI bank.
Please advice me how can I reactive my SBI bank account again with aadhar. The bank staff are not giving me satisfy answer.

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How to Get Back Subsidy Into Previous Bank Account

According to NPCI, "In case of change in bank account, customer is not required to convey the bank account details or change in bank details to the Government Department or Agency".

I couldn't find a reasonable answer but according to NPCI system, it will try to credit the next payment to your ICICI account which is cancelled and effectively not existed. That transaction will be failed. In such situation, they will check whether the account is active or not. If not, it will check which account is currently linked with your aadhaar number. Then it should go to your previous bank account. NPCI system validate only your aadhaar number and IIN (Institution Identification Number), not your bank account. Once NPCI mapper updated, your data will be updated to previous bank account.

To get to know result, presumably you have to wait upto two months.

sir, I linked sbi bank

sir, I linked sbi bank account for gas subsidy. But without any information they changed to another local bank. I want to change the account (the previous sbi bank). How?

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Aadhaar Number Linked to Multiple Bank Account for LPG Subsidy

When NPCI transfer fund to one's account, the system will check NPCI mapper data which is updated periodically. Hence the latest updated data considered to transfer fund. If you have updated your aadhaar linking after linking with SBI, NPCI mapper shows the latest update.

OFF: What is the harm receiving a small amount to any account that you own?

Linked with Airtel Bank after

Linked with Airtel Bank after giving aadhar number to Airtel it is not at all desirable.


I had linked my LPG subsidy to my personal account at Karnataka Bank about 3 years back. I am a joint holder in my aged father's account at Canara Bank. My father's name is the primary account holder. About 2 months back, the bank had asked us to provide KYC documents at which time I had submitted my Aadhar copy. But the bank (Canara Bank) has linked my Aadhar to my LPG Gas connection, thereby stopping the subsidy to my personal acct. at Karnataka bank and linking my father's acct. to their own whims and fancies without receiving the PAHAL form from me. The bank(Canara bank) has committed a blunder in linking my LPG subsidy only on the basis of my AADHAR copy which was given only as a proof of address and not for linking.

Even though I got the linking removed at Canara Bank after repeated visits, my LPG subsidy still gets credited there instead of my personal acct. at Karnataka Bank. Kindly guide me as to how I solve the problem and get back my subsidy to my personal acct. as before? The Canara bank response is far from satisfactory in this regard, and hence NPCI may as well come to my help at the earliest, for which I shall be thankful.

Change of Bank Account for LPG Subsidy

How I change bank a/c to my previous bank a/c for lpg subsidy. Both accounts are Aadhaar linked. I want to closed the newer bank a/c.

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