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I have interest that the your bank scheme to purchase the land,so plz all information to that scheme.plz contact

I have visited SBI Ashti dis Wardha in Maharashtra but maneger tell me when you business start then after one year give loan

submit your rental agreement as your proof of address

मी माझा मोबाईल नंबर अपडेट केला आहे पण तो दिसत नाही. अद्ययावत करण्यास किती दिवस लागतील. कृपया उत्तर द्या


My account is at SBI Surendranagar (06498), Handloom road, Surendranagar Branch in Gujarat.

I m retired Gujarat govt employee and I want senior citizen reverse mortgage loan against my property ....
I had contacted Branch manager for this.
He refused me for this Loan.
Plz help me, this type of Loan is available in metropolitan city and why in district place stopped?
I m existing account holder since 1987.
Plz inform me how can I get Loan on my residence home... Under the bank scheme senior citizen reverse mortgage loan....

I m waiting for reply.

My mobile number is not active how to change my mobile number

Namskar SIR.

I'm retired Gujarat govt employee and I have my own residential House, now it's market value is INR 45 lacs.
I want Loan 20 lacs
Now me and my wife alone and no Source of income.....
I will repay it in 5 years...
Plz inform me how can I submit my application online?
Due to corona ....plz inform me first....
In our Branch and Main Branch of SBI, no response... Because of load of work, and they don't know about this type of RML facility provided by bank to senior citizen....
Plz reply me

if one person shifting his gas connection from own residence to other location in the same city in rental residence
let me know the details of how he can provide address proof.

Loan applicants are Legal heirs, made M.O.U. and registered firm, PAN card catagory "Group of Individuals". Whether it is illegible?

As my old number is dormant now I am in need to link my new number

Give an application for Deduction Certificate for your husband's name to be deducted from the existing ration card. Then submit the Deduction Certificate and necessary supporting documents to Taluk Supply Office (TSO) / City Rationing Officer (CRO) along with the new ration card application.

I applied for new ration card but my husband's name is linked in old ration card so how is the procedure to add his name in my new ration card? Please tell me full procedure how to add my husband's name in my new ration card.

I have an account in SBI but my Indane LPG subsidy is being deposited into an unknown account in Andhra Bank. I complained at the Indian Oil website, and the response says the account into which it is deposited bears my name, but the Gas Agency tells me a different name, a person unknown to me, holding an account in Andhra Bank. I would like to get my subsidy deposited into my SBI account. During the last two years of struggle, I have changed my SBI branch. Complained to the agency but the agency staff say I need to contact the bank to rectify the issue. Bankers say my Aadhaar is already linked to my account. I tried to connect my LPG with SBI account but that link is no more there. I'm frustrated. Where can I find a solution?

How i chnage my ration card from one ARD to other ARD

I am a non Subsidy card holder in West Bengal. Can I purchase food grains or materials from our ration dealer. If yes, then what are the quantity & rate of grains.

New dimensions and methods for teaching and learning will be adopted. In our conventional method, most of the learners taught the subject they never liked or were interested in. Some of them are lucky mastering subjects they loved or were interested in. There are various types of Machine Learning; administered, solo, semi-regulated and fortification learning. Each type of Machine Learning has contrasting methodologies; however, they all follow the equivalent hidden procedure and hypothesis.

How can an LPG consumer know the bank account no connected with LPG connection?

My old phone number which was registered with indane lpg gas is not active so i request u to please enter my new number

i want to register my mobil number

Normally, you will get a confirmation message through SMS within one week but in many cases there were no intimation. You can use your updated phone number after a week for the next booking is the right method to check whether it has been activated or not.

I have updated my mobile number but it is not displayed. How many days to take over updation. Please reply

Please sir,
New mobile no active please

pls register my mobile number 7743847899 coustomer id 548286613

New mobile number add because my old mobile number lost my New number is 6375403969
Thank you
Parwati Chatterjee

Currently, in India, most of the Union states including Gujarat implemented NFSA rationing system. That means your ration card is also a part of it and hence, it is NFSA ration card. If you think that your card has to be changed from non-priority (NPHH) status to priority (PHH) status, you have to contact your rationing officer with relevant document as proof, so that they can help you subject to the eligibility and evidences.




What is scale for non priority ration card

i am planning to purchase new agri land in our area, 3 acre land value 30 lakhs, i am already having 20 lakhs, and 10 lakhs only we want loan, i am a corporate employee, monthly salary near by 40 thousand.

I am facing the Same Problem.... what did you do?
Previously, i am having the PMC bank, but bank was closed but i have open new ac in janakalyan bank and linked aadhar to lpg. But it gets npci fail. Same problem with sbi ac also faced. I do not know how to update my bank details in NPCI. Once the bank details are updated in NPCI, i will get my SUBSIDY.

please tell me .....c how to do? & what to do? My email id

I have done it. But still receiving subsidy to my old account. What I have to do?

I opted IDBI bank to receive Gas subsidy and the same is shown in my profile. But the subsidy amount crediting Kotak Mahendra Bank. Kindly update NPCI.

I am Not Able to Find to Which Bank I am Recieving pl Do The Needfull...
My Contact Number 9945711997


কল্যাণী গয়েশপুর ব্যাঙ্ক থেকে লোন ফ্রম নেই তাই আমি ফ্রমটা কি ভাবে পাবো

Sir, mera card no 7814399 he isase pehale mera gas connection CT me tha Abhi Maine gramin me kar liya hai to mera mobile no 9673257390. Sir plz mera Yah no update kar de


How can i know that upto which date my license of ration distribution is validated

I am unmarried women and living alone. How can l get ration card in kerala

Can you please tell me that is it essential to be a Farmer to get the subsidy on warehouse construction? Is it possible to get subsidy if we do the project on the land of joint ownership and if one of the joint owner is Farmer can we get enhanced subsidy?
Parasmal Patidar
Mandsaur MP

Planning for a big holiday blast abroad or to spend a vacation with your family in the foreign countries where you never imagined to be or awaiting to hold a PG degree overseas? Whatever the reason behind, as an Indian, to travel out of the country, you must need the travel document that proves the identity of the nationality.

Hence Passport is the must-have document to take as it’s useful both as an address proof when you are staying inside India and as an identity document while traveling abroad. This is the right article about the process involved in getting a Passport in India.

I have approx 5 acre land and would like to avail loan to warehouse costing approx 12 lakh rupees. From where l can get this loan?

The new GST norms badly affected the fleet operator business at least for small fleet operators (SFO) and medium fleet operators (MFO). SBI and other banks to consider this issue.

Income from Salary to be shown when you apply for Income certificate are: Basic pay, Special pay, Dearness allowance (DA), Deputation pay, Other allowances if any are to be considered as income. Exclusions are House Rent Allowance (HRA), Traveling Allowance (TA), and Honorarium received for special work. These are to be extracted form your Form 16 certificate.

Further reading:

I have never seen such a worst site for online application. Only Kodungallur taluk appears in the box. This is just for discouraging the people from applying online and persuading them to approach Akshaya. Such a terrible site.

Can NBFCs work as a mediator for transactions of securities ?

Find Your 17 digit LPG ID page in HP site not working. How do we find it now?

Which category includes Saiva vellala?

I am getting my LPG subsidy amount to my IOB but I want to change it to BOI, kindly guide me is it possible? If yes, then how?

There should be a system where Ration card is used only for identification purpose and no dealer should force any one to buy articles even if not needed.

My mobile number stopped working. How to change it to new number

I don't know which bankaccount

Since you have lost your phone number, you have to personally visit the home branch and submit a fresh request to the branch manager explaining to change / update your bank account with new phone number.

If you have the existing phone number and want to change it to the new phone number, you can do it through either Net banking or Using ATM or visiting your home branch.

I lost my registered phone number that given with my bank account. How do I change / update my phone number with bank account? Please help.

My subsidy not received after changing bank account to Bank of Baroda.

Need help

I want loan for poultry farm

I had availed a CGTMSE loan from HDFC bank in 2012. The bank started charging me the ASF in differential rate than what it should as per CGTMSE and I then found out that it was charging me the fee in a wrong way and also over charged me on the interest for 2 years. I recently filed a complaint with them and then with RBI and after 6 months of working on it and reviewing the circulars from CGTMSE. I was able to get a refund of Rs.100000 from them and yes after 7 years when it was charged. All this for a small OD limit of Rs. 20 lakhs.

I am also talking to them about refund of the ASF and GF. I thought a post on this issue could help others who have been charged high like me. Do ask any questions you have if you have availed a CGTMSE Loan between 2011 and 2015 from any bank especially HDFC bank.

Please share this post so it can reach as many people as possible and they can benefit from the refund.

My account change

Hello sir,

Abhishek here from Uttarpradesh looking for loan, actually, i want to open a cattle farm. Due to this, i want loan around 5 lacs. Can i get the detail that how i can get the loan?

In a family, one of son got govt job, he is unmarried and Lives separate, the remaining members of family can get bpl card in Karnataka?

thanks for providing information

Please help me

Rate of interest

I am Dipankar maiti...My aadhaar no.alredy link up.. with my Bandhan bank a/c.But. I have no subsidy.....Kindly solved my problm

sir me apna kaam shuru karna chahti hu ye loan kaise milega kya prakriy hai iski

SBI Gram Nivas Home Loan Applicable only in Rural and Semi Urban areas. If you applied, request them to cancel the application. Then try any other home loan which is applicable to rural areas. SBI has different home loan schemes to suit in rural areas.

Any one help me

I applied for SBI Gram Nivas home loan online... the field officer contacted me... he said that in the rural area we are not providing home loans under Gram Nivas scheme... but i applied for gram nivas. Is it for rural? On agriculture land is it possible... and now what can i do?

One year ago I changed my account from Sbi to ICICI. I got lpg subsidy 5 times correctly. From then on I did not receive it. My ICICI a/c is linked with aadhaar, so, I used to get it aadhaar based subsidy. Now how to get it non aadhaar based even though the a/c is linked with aadhaar.

Does anyone try to register for a new ration card through ?

Hello Rohit,

SBI gives Mudra loan and dairy loan from urban bank no doubt. But the fact is if they have another exclusive branch for agricultural activities within the city, they may request you to contact them.

Moreover, please note that any kind of bank loan, it is advised to contact branch manager directly, avoid other staffs who sits in the front office.

For Mudra bank loan you can read a comprehensive details here.

Happy loan

I am Rohit.

I live in Hyderabad I've reached out to my local bank however, they mentioned that this is a metropolitan bank and we don't have information on "agriculture loan" (dairy) and they asked me to contact rural branch.

And I also heard that SBI has a scheme which is a mix of Mudra Bank Loan and Dairy loan, is this correct? and any leads on how to get the loan is appreciated.

Thank you.

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सर मेरा बैंक खाता संख्या परिवर्तन करना है सर मेरा खाता संख्या है 32625624570 IFsc कोड SBIN0012728

To rectify the member status, you have to contact your Taluk Supply Officer (TSO) / City Rationing Officer (CRO) and submit a correction request. If it's the mistake of their staff, it could be rectified without supporting document. Otherwise you have to produce supporting documents.

My status as a resident never changed. but when approached ration dealer it is found as non resident. who can rectify the same.

আমি বিবাহিতা।বাবার বাড়ির ঠিকানা থেকে শশুর বাড়ির ঠিকানায় রেশন কার্ড আনতে চাই। এই জায়গা পরিবর্তনের জন্য বাবার বাড়ির রেশন ডিলারের থেকে কি কোনো সার্টিফিকেট আনতে হবে?ওখান থেকে কি দুই নম্বর ফরম্ নিয়ে আসতে হবে? কিছুবুঝতে পারছি না।

If you plan to get the business from tourism and hospitality, it's advisable to get the loan under SBI Paryatan Plus Loan Scheme. Else chose other business loan from various schemes that SB has.

Sir mera mobile no 9306688497.join karvana hai.

আমি বিবাহিতা।বাবার বাড়ির ঠিকানা থেকে শশুর বাড়ির ঠিকানায় রেশন কার্ড আনতে চাই। এই জায়গা পরিবর্তনের জন্য বাবার বাড়ির রেশন ডিলারের থেকে কি কোনো সার্টিফিকেট আনতে হবে?ওখান থেকে কি দুই নম্বর ফরম্ নিয়ে আসতে হবে? কিছুবুঝতে পারছি না।

I have a 1acre land I want to construct a swimming pool and a restaurant. What loan can I apply.

എനിക്ക് അറിയേണ്ടത് ഓരോ മാസവും old BPL , new PHH കാർഡ്കാർക്ക് ലഭിക്കുന്ന സാധനങ്ങളുടെ വിവരങ്ങൾ അറിയാൻ എങ്ങനെ സാധിക്കും , ദയവായി rply

Nice post, its really helpful.

i think you should contact SBI bank

As per NFSA, there is no BPL ration Card category, instead, Priority House Hold (PHH) taken place and this new PHH Ration card replaced most of the old BPL ration cards. From your query, you are entitled to get all those benefits previously enjoyed as a BPL ration card holder, and continue receiving all benefits without any loss or issues.

In previous time I had BPL ration card but this time I got PHH card, I belong to BPL? Please explain.


Very helpful service from our own SBI bank. I think most of the customer may not aware about this service.

which income is considered gross income or net income of form no 16 for the income certificate?

This was a good article.

All the different types of payment must be cancelled for a consolidated monthly payment, say Rs 60,000 or there about for a month. Their travel can be made free on public transport, but all other types of travel must be borne by the MLA himself. Also medical benefits should be paid through insurance. This is how Canadian politicians are paid and they are doing a great job unlike our MLA who waste tax payers money for nothing. Canadian MP and MLA use their own vehicle when they want to travel and no money is paid by the govt for that, no police escort when they travel, no stopping of traffic for them to pass, they are treated just like any other citizen.

I want to apply stree shakti yojana loan for my business. What is the Procedure?

I have 7000 square feet area at 9 meter road both sides connect state hiway 1.5 km I want to create the dairy farming business so please guide me how to I get bank loan. I am also diploma in dairy husbandry and I have 26 years experience in dairy processing. So please help me.

In what currency I pay in Bahrain and How and Where!!??

we are having bread Manufacturing unit, But unable to get loan under CGTMSE scheme, every bank is demanding for collateral, Please update us for the right person to contact in this favour, Our contact Number is 7988715962

How does growth of NBFC helps in Indian financial sector?

You can apply either temporary or permanent ration card even if you are residing as a family in a rented house. The main criteria that effects come under the House Hold Definition. Read NFSA Ration Card Categories - Antyodaya (AAY), Priority (PHH), Non-Priority (NPHH), State Priority

I am residing in a rented house...can i get a temporary ration card? please help me

My old number is active. And my currently working number Is not saving on register number. So please tell what can I do.

Sir nari yojna Ka labh Lene ke liye hame kya Karna padega
or Kitna loan mil Sakta hi bijnesh Karne ke liye

Link phone number I Indian gas connection

My son working in a private engineering college availed SBI Home Loan for 5 lacs for buying the land for purposes of constructing a house there after.After making random payments for 2 months,he met with a fatal Road accident involving State government Transport co. As father, I paid the entire Loan with interest By EMI method suggested by the Bank. The bank was asked to return the documents connected with the mortgaged property on full payment My son was then just married . He had nominated his wife in the document.When I approached the Bank for return of the document,I was informed that only the nominee can claim. But she did not turn up and so Document could not be released to me.

Is there any concession for setting hospital in rural area?

I took RML in 2011 sep. Since the repo rate was reduced 2.75 so far . The benefits were not transferred to loan takers . I requested the authority to extend the benefits or apply interest rates of housing loan to the sr.citizens who are RML takers. Be considerate in solving the problem

It is useful to sr.citizens if overdraft facility was provided on SBI RML.we can pay some amount when we have take when needed during the loan period. Be considerate

i want to start my business in a cosmatic field what are the major formalities to get stri skti yojna loan nd plz mention is OBC bank is able to give that loan ?

I want information New dairy farming
1. minimum 10 nos breaded buffalo
2. maximum 50 nos
what is the requirement
Govt contribution
Loan amount
details required

मेरी सब्सिडी ,ओबी सी बैंक मैं आती थी एक बार कोटक बैंक मैं गई मै कोटक बैंक का खाता बंद कर दिया दुबारा ,ओ बी सी बैंक में ,k y c कर कर दिया

What is nps category

Hi, my grandfather mortgaged our house for RML with SBI. I wanted to inquire if I could remortgage the house again for the education loan with SBI. There is an outstanding amount.
Please suggest to me what are the options with me?

My old mob no is not pls my new mobile no save n register..


I want to construct rural godown on gramin bhandar yojona scheme. So kindly clarify what is the running capacity & how much subsidy is given.

Google Local Guide program focuses mainly to help travelers particularly one who visit new places. If you have ever used Google map, you may already become one of the beneficiary of the program. The reviews, ratings, photos, videos etc. are contributed by Google Local Guides. A place's information is important to a traveler, especially visiting a new place. Those who wish to help others, it's one of the best online program.

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What is the real use of those points? Can I buy a loaf of bread in exchange of 100000 points?

How to change mobile number for gas Booking

firstly i have a dbt with sbi account...i opened a development bank of singapore( dbs) account in online..i dont know it will automatically update new bank account for lpg..i didnt know that aadhar mapping for lpg is done to dbs account..i closed the dbs account...subsidy is going to closed account...aadhar status is showing "active " in UIDAI website as dbs account...its a closed to update new bank account...i went to sbi amd asked for aadhar seeding...aadhar is rejecting by NPCI....

PL advise how lumpsum is paid for a loan application for RS.4000000 payable in 14 age 61

I got a white ration card. I was a pravasi. Now in India. No job. So how can I change my card from white card to any other.


RML talks about Lumpsum or Periodic payment when the loan amount is sanctioned. Is it possible to get Lumpsum payment during the tenure of the Loan towards maintenance / house repairs.

You may get RML loan subject to bank's terms and condition. The amount is based on valuation done by bank. Your valuation won't be accepted by bank.

About EMI: For RML Loan, there is no EMI. After loan tenure bank will inform you to either close the loan repaying the full loan amount or they sell the property as per their procedure. If excess amount is found, it will be your part.

That means RML has no EMI.

My father is retired pentioner of govt of Assam( he is a doctor). For some of our personnel expanses he wants to raise a loan of 13lacs from sbi. Also we have a personal loan in sbi around 4.7lacs which we will close once he gets the RML . My father is 70yrs old nd my mother is 62 so can he get a RML by mortgaging our residentsial property for 10yrs tenure which valuation is around 1.2-1.3 crore. And can tell me how much will be the estimated emi if we wants to repay the loan every month for 10 yrs.

I want stree shakti yojana loan for my readymade garment business. So pl help & full inform me about this scheme. Solapur.

Gas subsidy is coming on my closed airtel account but subsidy will be transferring again and again on this closed account. since I seeded the aadhar in my SBI bank account .but still it is coming to closed account.

மானியம்பெற்ற வங்கி கணக்கை ரத்து செய்து விட்டேன் 2ஆண்டுகளாக மானியம் கிடைக்கவில்லை

I am a post graduate and I have started a small educational center , i need financial help through mudra loan.can you pls let me know the procedure for the same

Personal Loans are the Loans which an individual takes to fulfill his/her financial needs. It could be a wedding or a vacation. The loan will be granted for any legitimate purpose whatsoever for Example - expenses for domestic or foreign travel, medical treatment of self or a family member.

Dear Sir

I have my own land in rural area. I approached different banks including SBI to get loan against property but all the managers refused saying that they give loan only if the property is under municipal corporation. Kindly tell me if there is such rule....Kindly suggest how can i get loan.

I want a gramin niwas farm house loan I am Central govtment employ my require farm house loan 35 lacs and my annual income 9 lakh to 10 lakh and my other sources annual 4 lacs to 7 lacs so please help me my contact number 85 100 4 1110 and my mail address nareshgoliya 5441 @

if your adhar is seeded with account then it will be reflected in npci mapper the only way is to deseed adhar and seed again other wise open an account in any bank and seed adhar

Great piece of content.

I am a farmer . My monthly income 7000.. I want a home loan of 300000 (SBI gramin niwas scheme ).. am I eligible ??Please ans me .. thank you sir

I have linked my aadhar card to Bank account. But in UIDAI website shows bank account linking status is INACTIVE. Bank official says my Aadhaar No. is already linked to bank account No. I requested again to Bank officials My aadhar No. to be connected to NPCI mapper. I submitted to my LPG ID No. I have only one SBI Bank account. I have visited to my aadhar card and my LPG ID No. xerox copies submitted to Bank several times but results are NIL. till date I am not received LPG subsidy. I have also visited the LPG Distributor.

मी पुणे जिल्हा शिरुर तालुका मधिल न्हावरे गाव आहे मला पोल्र्टि टाकायची आहे तर मला लोन फाईल कशी बनवायची व डाँक्युमेंट काय लागतील सांगा

Dear Concern,

I want to take subsidized loan to buy 2 or 3 buffaloes to start small venture but the problem is i'm not having any type of land or any property on my name straight away.

In this case what we can do, I've graduation degree & my wife is 12th pass.

Please kindly guide me in the same.

Dear Mr. Stanly,

Thanks for the update. Now it is clear. Let it be.

Yes, you are right. It's all about Priority Ration card defined in NFSA and well explained in the main article. But in your first query, your card belongs to non-priority as per NFSA but granted as State Priority Ration Card.

State priority is given to an applicant who has no eligibility for holding priority ration card as per NFSA but special consideration based on State's discretion that varies State to State.

Eligibility for Holding State Priority Ration Card In Kerala

NFSA Non-Priority but any member with chronically ill will be getting State Priority ration card.

NFSA Non-priority card holder can have car at any point of time.

I hope you are clear now. If I'm wrong, welcome to correct me.


Thanks for the reply.
Actually, my question still not clear, let me explain what I mean.
If you have this much land, house with this much square feet, vehicle etc are criteria for having ration card eligibility, in this case, I doubt, if I purchase a used car, legally I have to change my ration card to non-priority ration card?

Currently in Kerala, there are 4 types of ration cards available in which Blue coloured ration card (Non Priority Subsidy category) holders entitled to get a 2kg rice/member with price of Rs. 2/kg. Since, the subsidy eligibility to this category decided by State Govt., NFSA norms may not be considered. Hence 4 wheeler criteria does not apply in your case.

Hi I am working in a BPO, wanted to apply for home loan, the property comes under gram panchayat plan and it is on non NA land and the flat is on 1st floor., Will I get a home loan

It belongs to Kerala and card category APL with a subsidy.

Will you please tell which State your card belongs to?. There is no standard colour for ration cards, its type and benefits. Each State adopt different colours and eligibility in Ration card system.

On the other hand, you can tell category of your card - Priority (General, AAY, AY, State Priority) or Non-Priority.

Good Day,

Just I want to know the eligibility criteria of blue colour ration card. And if any of card member buy a used car, do we need to change our ration card, kindly clarify.

Due to new enrollment I am unable to get benefits

How to Find Profile in HP Gas?

I booked five cylinder and I did not receive subsidy in my account. I called customer care, they said that account isn't registered with NPCI, but I checked it found it was registered with NPCI. What can I do now?

I have obtained mortage loan against the immovable property.

You have not mentioned what type mortgage loan you have obtained. Most of the bank loans except Reverse Mortgage Loan can be transferred to other banks subject to satisfying both bank's terms and conditions. If it's RML, you have to close it and apply a fresh RML to new bank.

I have already availed mortgage loan in a bank for Rs. 16lakhs for a ROI 11.5. Is possible to transfer a loan to some other bank which has lower ROI. Also am a senior citizen and the repayment period is 10yrs. My son is repaying EMI for me. Advise me suitably....

I don't think LPG subsidy amount will be credited to bank account linked with another person's Aadhaar number. When NPCI process the payment, system will check matching of Aadhaar number which should be same on LPG account and Bank account.

What you can do is transfer LPG connection from your father to your account. To do this you have to give transfer request to agency.

For more details, visit the following links.

LPG connection is in my father's name we had to open an account in syndicate bank in the name of my father and provided his Aadhaar to get subsidy. I have an account in Canara bank with my aadhaar linked to it we want to get subsidy in my bank account not my father's because we want to close that account Due to some reasons can we get subsidy in my bank account even if the lpg is in my father's name? If yes, then kindly tell me the process.

I am facing the Same Problem.... what did you do?
Previously, i am having the Kotak Mahindra bank, but my account was closed, but with Kotak Mahindra bank details are added in NPCI (National Payment Corporation of INDIA), it comes every where (Kotak Mahnidra account). I do not know how to update my bank details in NPCI. Once the bank details are updated in NPCI, i will get my SUBSIDY.

I have not received subsidy for last 8-9 transactions as my dealer said, it has been withheld. To whom shall I ask or write to get that.

PHH, AAY, and AY cards are miss-using a lot, request to the govt. to avoid to give this type of cards unless cross-checked properly.

Most of the Above Poverty Line (APL) peoples who is having only the Below Poverty Line ration cards (BPL ratoin cards) this needs to be cross checked again in karnataka as well as other states in India.

I have done it. But still receiving subsidy to my old account. What I do?

my sb account in SBI bank and my gas agency is indane i have already submit the all documents there but why subsidy gone in my old one account who in HDFC bank and i am not using it in now dayswhat i have to do if i want my subsidy to get in my SBI bank account .

Gas subsidy is coming to my closed account. I seeded the aadhar in another bank.still it is coming to closed account




I am BHSM , Practicing since12 year want to open 15bed nursing home in a 10years lease building. Please kindly guide me. Thank you.

There is a huge mistake by the iocl for the subsidy .I wnt to creadit my lpg subsidy in my regular union bnk account kindly tell me the write procedure to change old account.

which one is more expensive ?

It's appreciated that you already have taken all possible actions as a consumer of LPG yet no result. The bureaucrats designed a system that should be worked for simplifying their work. They never bother difficulties encountered by end user. There is no value for customer complaints or interactions or grievances.

Here's the last options as I already replied to other's comment:

Start a fresh bank account preferably nationalized bank and link Aadhaar with it. So that the next NPCI mapping will hopefully resolve your issues.

My ICICI a/c was linked with my Aadhar & subsidy was credited in my account up to 2016. After my company was given Indusind Bank Salary account & my aadhar was automatic updated with Indusind bank & Subsidy started to credit in my Indusind Bank a/c. In April -2018 month I have closed my Indusind Bank account. Now i have only ICICI bank account, now the problem is didn't get any subsidy amount till these month . I called toll free no 1800-2333-555 they guided me to De-Link Aadhaar No in running account and update (Linked ) after 15 to 20 days same was done twice, but till now problem was not rectified. Again i called the toll free no they have told me Fill -(NPCI MAPPING) Application form and I submit to banker. Banker told me there is 50:50 chance for getting subsidy amount.
Please advice me how can I get the subsidy amount in my ICICI bank account . The bank staff are not giving me satisfied answer.

My account HDFC with Aadhaar linked and subsidy is being received. Now i am changing to new account with BOI for receiving LPG subsidy. So please help me how it to be changed online or off line.

I have closed my Axis bank a/c where my LPG subsidy was being credited. Now my subsidy not crediting to me. What can I do to get my subsidy to my other bank a/c?

Hello sir,
I am facing challenge in receiving my bharat gas subsidy. ICICI bank is claiming that:
1) Aadhar is linked with bank
2) Account is linked with NPCI database
3)17 Digit id is updated.
last one year i have not received my subsidy. please suggest where i am going wrong or whom should i catch.

If loan is sanctioned up to 31.3.2018, then on amount of sanction. Meaning by its to be paid for 100 lacs.
If loans is sanctioned since 1.4.2018, then its on outstanding balance.

Dear Sir,
My SBI bank account is linked with Aadhar but NPCI mapping is not being carried by SBI IL Township branch Kota since 12 Oct 2018 Inspite of several visit ti local branch at Kota.SBI people says it is not our responsibility and to be carried out by Indane Gas agenciy.On contacting to Indane Gas Agency M/s Suvidha Gas Agency Kota they said that Aadhar linking and NPCI mapping is the responsibilty of SBI itself.Kindly do needful to get my LPG subsidy in my SBI account at KOTA.

It's better waiting for next NPCI mapping since you are receiving LPG subsidy in your another account. What gas agency said is right, because the next action has to be taken by NPCI.

Dear Sir,

I was getting my LPG gas subsidy on my Bank account at SBI IL Township Branch Kota Rajasthan upto Nov 2017 but suddenly it has been changed to my another Bank account at SBI Karwi Branch Chitrakoot UP without my any consent.I am interested to get back the LPG gas subsidy on my previous SBI bank account at IL Township branch Kota Rajasthan because my LPG connection is at Kota itself. I have submitted request to SBI Kota for new NPCI mapping and crediting my LPG gas subsidy on SBI kota account on 12 Oct 2018 but bank authorities are taking interest for NPCI remapping to regularizing the same. They are saying that it is the work of Gas agency but gas agency denying the same. I am attaching the copy of my request for needful at your end.

Thanks with regards

Ram Bishal Shukla
Kota Rajasthan
Mob No 8890067497
Email Id:

These tips apply many countries. Of-course, India too.

Thanks for this tips. But I want to know, does this apply to only your country or can these tips be applied all over the world? I am thinking of getting a loan to boost my offline business.

Yes, you can apply for agricultural loan. Contact your favorite bank preferably nationalized bank located close to your place. You can try either farming related or agribusiness related.


I have studied B.Sc Chemistry, Botany, Biotechnology. Now I am studying M.Sc in Botany.

I have 5 acres land. I am very much interested on agriculture because my family background which is agriculture.

But one thing is, I don't have money to invest on improved methods. Can I apply for agricultural loan? Please help.

when i am going to linked my LPG id with Canara bank online netbanking, i am not getting option like sbi netbanking. So please guide for linking in Canara bank online.

My husband has an a/c in Union Bank of India, but it is in dormant stage. He doesn't like to activate it. Now he has an a/ c in Vijaya bank. So he wish to change bank a/c for lpg subsidy . What we can do?

Pensions for MPs/MLAs???
The working career for an individual is around 35 years (from age 23 to 58), let us study the MP/MLA – he works in that position for only 5 to 10 years at an average, yet he demands lifetime pension for only 5 to 10 years service.
Therefore to be fair it should be as follows in each individual case : number of years served as MP/MLA is x. The pension benefit should be applicable only if service is beyond 5 years continuous service. Computed as follows (x/35)*MP or MLA salary. Further the MP or MLA salary should not exceed the basic salary of the highest paid Civil Service Officer of the Centre or State respectively. Only then will we see some justice. Further all MP and MLA payscales and perks must be brought in line with that of the highest paid Civil Service Officer of the Centre or State respectively.

sir i am a engineer and want to open a hospital for public service
can i eligible for loan

After seeding is completed and Aadhaar is reflecting in NPCI mapper, the pending subsidies will be initiated by respective OMC at regular intervals and the same will be credited to your last seeded bank account.
For pending subsidy you may call toll free number: 1800 2333 555 of OMCs

MY Gas Consumer No 19057 Indane Gas and Cus ID 3 7500 0000 1173 2969.

I have changed my bank account for LPG subsidy on 26-9-2018 with SBI Valluvar Kottam Branch Chennai 600017 and the Bank has confirmed the linking. My A/C No with SBI 11901431524.
Till date I have not received confirmation about the change. In the linkage web site old bank is shown.
I have given service request on 15-10-2018 with Nos 1-1272212085 and 1-1274999145.
How long will it take for the change.

I am also facing same problem. But all are diverted to one and another.

I have closed the account which got mapped when i updated the aadhar in bank account.
Now I am not getting subsidy and dont know a way out..

Sir, My bank account in Bank of India, in which I was getting my LPG subsidy, was closed in the month of Jul 2018. Subsequently I requested SBI to do the de-linking/linking of my Aadhar No to my bank account to get my LPG subsidy. But to no avail even after waiting for long periods. Then I opened a fresh bank account in ICICI bank with a photocopy of bank account to the local LPG distributor. Again there is no progress even after 5-6 days. Plz give me a suitable advice to overcome this problem.
Thanks & regards.

I am facing the Same Problem.... what did you do?
Previously, i am having the Kotak Mahindra bank, but my account was closed, but with Kotak Mahindra bank details are added in NPCI (National Payment Corporation of INDIA), it comes every where (Kotak Mahnidra account). I do not know how to update my bank details in NPCI. Once the bank details are updated in NPCI, i will get my SUBSIDY.

please tell me ..... how to do? & what to do?

how to change the bank axis to kotak bank

LPG subsidy will be credited to the bank account in which the Aadhar number linking is done last. If you have 3 bank accounts and Aadhar link has been done only for the first and second bank account you be getting the subsidy to the second account. Now if you link Aadhar to the third bank account then automatically the LPG subsidy will be credited to the third bank only instead of the second. So even if you have more than 5 bank accounts the subsidy will be credited to the bank account in which the linking was done last. Sometimes we may like to close a bank account in which the subsidy is being credited in the normal course. You may wish to receive the subsidy in another bank account. There is no problem. Just visit the new bank branch and submit a requisition letter along with certified xerox copy of your Aadhar card. The bank will first de-link your Aadhar with Gas Agency and again re-link it once again. Now this will the latest linking. So you will be receiving the subsidy to your new bank account without any problem.

Shortcut Getting LPG Subsidy to You: Start another SB account with another bank preferably nationalized bank and link aadhaar number to it and wait two to three months. Hoping your issue will be resolved.

GAS AGENCY SAYS THAT IT IS THE DUTY OF BANK TO CHANGE. DUTY OF GAS AGENCY IS ONLY TO LINK AADHAR. THIS IS CONFIRMED BY IOC ALSO. i was initially getting subsidy through Kotak bank. I had inoperative account with Bank of India. when bank of india wanted my aadhar details I provided. automatically my subsidy bank was changed to Bank of India. Without seeing this I closed the bank account. since Dec 2017 I am not getting subsidy. all my existing SB accounts with other banks were already aadhar linked accounts and now they are not in a position to again link the bank account for getting subsidy. Please tell me how to get subsidy in aadhar linked existing accounts.

Hi sir I want to start Buffalo farming ...I already tiped with KMF..Sir I need 5 lack loan over 2 acre 29 this possible to get the loan with mortgage

Sir i linked my aadhar with my bank acccount by filling npci form but ti does not shown to npci record although i link my aadhar with my bank....please tell me what can i do so that it will be shown to npci website

Dear Sir/Madam,
We have change our bank and given new account no. in our bank for NPCI mapping but after 1 month gone we are not receiving subsidy, my registered mob. no. 9873442979

You must visit your gas agency and fill up application form to changing account number

Yes you can change. Link 17 digit customer id to bank of Maharashtra .

This was a very nice and deeply analyzed article. As there are multiple advantages and few disadvantages. I would like to inform those who are still using the tradition method for designing. There are now CAD design service provider who can help to make a design as per your requirement. This service provider have several certified and experienced professional in a team to perform various tasks. Thus, all the three disadvantages which are mentioned here can be considered by simply outsourcing the task or job.

Having a account no.20031565738 at State Bank of India Metiabruz Branch 3881 kolkata.700024.

Several time submitted the NPCI..National payments Corporation of India with adhar card to receive Direct Benefit Transferred(DBT)from Government of India as per as Indian Government Rules.

Recently submitted on 18.08.18 at Sbi 3881 at Asst Manager but nothing has been done the end of hence.
So I requested to you that pls Linked as a possible and we received the all benefit.
Consumer no.7033113996 at Metiabruz indian gas kolkata. 700018

Thank you

My LPG account got attached with Airtel Bank account. After that I reseeded my aadhar in my OBC bank. my subsidy is now coming in the OBC account but at the HP portal and my consumer console no bank is shown linked, I filed a complain for the same to HP. but till now nothing has done. what can be done further

Hi sir,
As mentioned to the above mentioned subject, I would like to have some kind of information:

Firstly I'm having 2 acres leased land and I'm not having any personal land or property.

Can I get loan to start up dairy farm in Tumkur dist?

Initially I'm planning with 10-12 Jersey or hf cows for milk production. Project requires approx 12 lacks. Can I get loan on this condition.

Please suggest me In this case.

I am bhupendra bundela I have a 5 baffelos I gat 38 litter milk
I want loan because I want to developed my dairy so please help

I want to establish cow based dairy farm in rural area of district faizabad state Uttar Pradesh

I don't know which of my phone no. linked with Indane gas. Plz help me.

Your last comment is great. pls update every one whether gov has taken any further step on your proposal.. regards

The problem is that till now the subsidy payment was being automatically shifted to the new type of Aadhar based bank account without even the proper information to the consumers Once people started objecting the PAHAL stopped shifting the subsidy payment to a new bank account automatically. In reality people are trapped in those Aadhar based new accounts I/you cancel the account, you loose subsidy which will come to the cancelled account and returns. Nobody knows how to escape from this trap.

I want to do it to BANK OF MAHARASHTRA from a cancelled account of KOtak 811 how it can be done

If you are a HP Gas consumer,Go to
1. Create your profile using your consumer id, email and other basic details.
2. Next, Click on the Pahal scheme(on the Top right of the page)
3. Go to the 'Pahal Forms'
4. Click on the 'Unified PAHAL (DBTL) Joining Form (English/ Hindi/ Odiya)' link
5. Download this form, fill in the details and submit one copy each to the bank(any bank where you wish to receive the subsidy) and your Gas Agency.

Wait until this is processed and start receiving Subsidy to the new bank.


Dear Sir,
How to change or update mobile number in my LPG (HP) connection.please help me.

I have own land in rewa(m.p.)
I want to make a Godwon of capacity this scheme is applicable now and what should I do to start this project

may sbi se mudra loan lena chata hu laki koi bank loan nhi de rha hia
printing press ki shop hai

Dear sir,
I am Jaydatta A Kshirsagar from baramati .I want to start business of fertiliser and seeds as well as hardware so I need loan from bank.
plz share the guidelines for me

home loan in gram panchayat area in dundlod.

Why I pay inspection charges on PMMY bank loan while I haven't any information about it. Even any inspector didn't come here and I pay for this....Why?

Dear Sir,

I want to construct 500 tonnes PADDY GODOWN at B K Palem Village, Kakumanu Mandalam, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh State. Can I get
SUBSIDY for construction of RURAL GODOWN?

1. Complete travel allowances under this class should cancel. Because all MLAs are getting a travel allowance of RS. 15,000 per month.

2. Ex-MLA pension should provide after 65 years of age only.

How can get stree shakti package please give details ,at present I am in coimbatore

I am trying to register my mobile no. with HP gas but something problem. What can I do?

The benefits that you are shared with us are helpful. Thank you for sharing.

I already seen 40cents land ₹18 lack and I want to start dairy business in that.plz provide loan 20lack.i will on time on regular Basis

sbi mujhe loan nahi da rahe hai maine bohat bar kaha plz me...mare pass kuch hai Documents accepted as proof of identity

Kyu ki wo aadhar ko apni bank pe link to kr dete hen par NPCI pe kon kare ga.. Jab tak NPCI se link nehi karenge tab tak subsidy nehi mile ga me bhi parishan hum aau mere jyse lakho log pareshan he... Ye bhai modi sarkar ke den he. Ky kr sakte hen kaha kaha chakkr kate.

This scheme would certainly help highest number of self employed beneficiaries. Under this scheme, all the bank charges should be free except liberal rate of interest

Hi sir, My father is retired govt employee. We own a 6acres land in village. We need loan of 5 lac to build a house. can we take it on basis of our land? If yes please tell me the bank name. I am planning to give application to state bank of india for the same. Please reply

Is there any facility to obtain loan from your bank for purchase & develop of an agriculture land or not? If so, the Govt. Employee is eligible to get loan from your bank or not?

dear sir
mera madhuri devi ke naam se gas connection liya hu gas agency me aadhar submit h but maine bank me bhi aadhar submit kiya hu to bhi mere a/c me subsidy nhi aa raha h .jabki maine khud sbi site me jakar aadhar card link kiya h aur wo aadhar linked bhi to bhi subsidy nhi ja rha h plz help me
Madhuri devi w/o annant kumar vill+po_ aat pin- 803114
consumer no- 89938918

Supposedly a full set of copy that customer signed and agreed including terms and conditions. In most cases, this may not be happened as a natural process. If customer insists, it will be delivered.

What are the documents disbursed to the client by SBI after sanctioning a Car Loan for Rs. 10,00,000 for his reference or perusal.

I have account in CBI (Central Bank of India) but I am receiving subsidy in Syndicate Bank. But I don't have account in Syndicate Bank. I enquired with distributor but they simply say we don't link customer bank account details better update aadhar. Then I updated aadhar with CBI and it's almost one month but consumer profile still showing Syndicate Bank only. Pls advice me how can I solve the issue.

Sir,from September 2017 we didnt received our gas subsidy as my husband closed his personal January 2018 we noticed we are not receiving our subsidy &contact gas agency they informed need of personal account number. Now we registered new account are we able to get all pending subsidy ?

Pl are advice if any Tax Benefit ( As tax benefits on home loan) on OD limit is available in This loan or not.

Kerala MLA Medical Allowances
Medical allowance will be given actuals for the whole family members.
This has to be changed,let government give medical insurance, then about family let them give 50% for the insurance if they want.

My family member totally 3members.
All are adult.already in aay scheme
totally how many kg distribute rice?
Im in tamilnadu

I am working in a private company and i am planned to purchase of Agriculture land in near by my land. The market value of Rs 12 Lakhs per acre @ 2.71 acre with 5HP EB service. So i want to have loan amount of Rs. 20 Lakhs. I earned monthly salary net 40k p.m. (Polur TK Tiruvannamalai Dist).

I apply for dairy loan through acabc scheme. But not sanctioned to me.... No answer by bank for my file loan details found. Plz tell how got it.

my sbta/c number 67177236482is closed,i request that my gas subsidy may please be credited in my SBi number 20160765081,IFSc SBIN0000940,THRISSUR

Have you read my comment reply given just above?

If you still need further advise, open new SB account with another bank (Canara / Punjab National / Bank of Baroda etc.), then link your aadhaar with it. Your Govt. Subsidies will be credited within two to three months. Don;t forget to keep minimum balance in the account else your subsidy amount will be taken back by bank as fine.

Sir I had two bank accounts first i linked my aadhar with UBI a/c and i received my subsidy in this bank after the compulsion of linking aadhar nos. with banks i linked aadhar with my SBI A/c. After this the subsidy automatically changed to SBI A/c. About 5 months back i closed my SBI A/c till then i didnt receive my subsidy. I checked with my UBI A/c they said the adhaar is linked. But i checked in Adhaar Website it still says that it is liked with SBI A/c. How is this possible when i closed a bank a/c and still the adhaar is not delinked. What to do for this matter. Plz. reply me sir.

Gas subsidy is coming to my closed account. I seeded the aadhar in another bank.still it is coming to closed account

I want to farm a new diary in my land 2.20 acres. so give me a lone ...

You are absolutely right. I presume, every common man in India thinks the same way that you noted. Unfortunately, our big brains who holds the power think the other way.

The NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) made loopholes to play by fraudsters. Obviously, there would have administration / technical advantages to the current system, but in customer point of view it's a ridiculous system.

Why do they want most recent aadhaar updated bank account for payments? It should be left to consumers. Let customers update as and when they want to change their account.

An immediate action should be taken by NPCI to stop current system of "mapping latest aadhaar linked bank account".

My gas subsidy is coming to my closed account and failed to credit. How can i change my gas subsidy account Please reply

I want to change my adhar card name which is mentioned my mother ration card family members and that is wrong and i want to change could i change it..plz suggest..

when aadhaar is added to a bank, LPG subsidy gets shifted from earlier bank to the last updated bank without consent of the LPG Consumer.
LPG subsidy should be credited to the bank that is chosen by LPG consumer; it should not de-link the old bank and get shifted to the bank that last updated aadhaar.

I already set up in sbi for receving gas subsidy. I dont want in sbi. I need the gas subsidy to be deposited in indian bank account. What is the procedure.

I have been running private school since 1996 on rental base. Now,I have nearly 500 students in my institution. I want to purchase land and construct pucca building to conform the children with good infrastructure. Can you provide loan.

This is srinivasa Reddy from andhraPradesh I went my nearest branch but no response from them side what can I do Please reply me

Link aadher to other bank

I had more than 5years experience in poultry farming so now I need helping hands for finances for constructing new poultry shed

I am getting my LPG subsidy amount to my HDFC bank but I want to change it to bank of maharashatra . currently i have closed hdfc bank account , so subsidy not receive in both account , before opening HDFC bank account subsidy was regularly credit in bank of maharashtra .after starting hdfc account subsidy was credit in HDFC bank account. my aadhaar is already linke with Bank of maharashtra . kindly guide me is it possible? If yes then how?

Dear Sir,
The ITS code of my bank Central Bank of India has changed.
Kindly brief me the offline procedure for availing the subsidy which is due since April when the bank's branch was merged with another branch.

My SBI a/c was linked with my Aadhar & subsidy was credited in my account. Few months ago I CLOSED my SBI account and submit an application to get LPG subsidy in another Account (SBBJ). But Last few months I have not got subsidy in new account. In this case the bank staff reply me that your number was already linked with SBI and our system shows "ALREADY EXIST" I cleared him that was old linking and my new account has aadhar linked.

Please advice me how can I reactivate my SBI bank account again with aadhar. The bank staff are not giving me satisfied answer.

I want to start bore-well digging business & want to purchase bore-well digging equipment with vehicle costing Rs.20.00lacs. Pl guide.

I immediately wanted a stree shakti loan to continue my small garment shop which i will have to close due to no funds. Please help to give loan at no interest.

I have two banks first is sbi and second is andhra bank. Aadhar linked to both banks successfully. My lpg id is linked with sbi, now i want to link with andhra bank. On 13-10-2017, i opened account with andhra bank, but still in lpg site showing linked with sbi. So please tell me how to link lpg with andhra bank.

Yes, subject to clarity of documentations and other terms. More over, valuation will be done by SBI officials often reach less than half of market price.

My commercial complex construction demand one crore fifty lakh but his selling value is seven crore twenty five lakh rupees.can I get abl one crore fifty lakh?

My name is shyamalamma.age 48 from orvakal mandal kurnool dist sir i have 1acre land. To build 10,000 metrictonn godown capicity .can i get rural godown subsidy scheme under security properties 20 acres and above please do the needful

My abl loan is sanctioned by sbi Rasmcc branch Allahabad. But my orignal sale deed is lost by my parent in an accident. Can I get abl loan through registered mortgage of my property owned by me.

First of all check your account with Central Bank has been properly closed and not in dormant state. If it is dormant, this issue may happen.

You explain this issue to SBI staff, request them cancel current Aadhaar linking for a while. Then let then link it again as usual. This may help to update NPCI's database to capture your latest Aadhaar linked account.

I have my Salary Account in SBI since 2005 and I had already linked it with Aadhar Card. My Aadhar Card had Central Bank of India account and my LPG subsidy was regularly credited in that account. I closed my Central Bank of India Account in July 2016. I filled and submitted PAHAL forms to my distributor and again requested my SBI to re-seed my Bank Account with the Aadhar. But didn't get my LPG subsidy till now. In Aadhar and in IOCL website it is showing Central Bank of India linked and inactive. I online lodged complain to IOCL about it and got reply that my Aadhar not update in NPCI and advice me to seed Aadhar again in my SBI bank Account which I did but bank confirmed that my Aadhar linked with my bank account. But I didn't get my LPG subsidy in my SBI A/C. I again lodged complain to IOCL about it and got reply to contact your Bank.
Please guide me what to do?

I am Ugresen Dash want to start a poultry farm very near future. I have FD in SBI. How it is possible to obtain a bank loan from SBI in pledge / collateral security my FD in SBI.

I would like to start a small industry business for all types of paper cups and paper plates from prime minister mudra yojana scheme at my residence. Therefore please advise me how to arrange loan for the purpose of purchase a machinery and raw materiel.

Terms and conditions for loan for starting a preschool. Came to know that SBI signed a MOU with Eurokids for the same.

I am woman. I am willing to c onstruction of godown under rural bhandaran Yojana. How much subsidy will be given ? Kindly inform. I am residing At Nandgaon distt. Wardha(maharashra).I am having land mesueing 4.00 ha approchable by village kachha road which is connected to main tar road. I am ready to construct pacca road after approvaol to schaeme.

Halo, this is Dr. Nithya, i have gone through dental doctor loan ad, however, i wish to know how to proceed for it, what are the documents needed for the loan, kindly give me detailed procedure, documents to be submitted, tenure of loan etc.

The only known option is to close Airtel Payment Bank account since, NPCI transfer the fund to latest Aadhhar Linked account.

I previously linked my aadhar with canara bank but my now aadhar is linked with airtel payment bank by opening account by airtel retailer .I again want to link my aadhar with previous bank .Please help me.

Whether asset backed loan can be considered for a company based on their income against security offered by a related party company's property?

Rest assured! You have nothing to do now. Wait till next database update occurred by NPCI. Your previous linking has not been rejected by NPCI. It only checks whether your aadhaar number has been linked to a valid bank account; then the latest available account number will be considered to credit the amount.

My SBI a/c was linked with my Aadhar & subsidy was credited in my account. Few months ago I opened a new account in ICICI & my aadhar was automatic updated with ICICI & Subsidy started to credit in my ICICI a/c. Last month I have closed my ICICI account. And I submit a new application in My previous SBI Bank. But the bank staff reply me that your number was already linked with SBI and our system shows "ALREADY EXIST" I cleared him that was old linking & automatically rejected by NPCI when I opend in account in ICICI bank.
Please advice me how can I reactive my SBI bank account again with aadhar.


sir i have 1 acre land in haryana and i want to start diray of 10 buffaloes... so much loan can i expect from bank.. sir plzz guide me

I have 1 acr land and i want to open a dairy farm, i want to know what is the state (MP) & center gov. Policy regarding the loan as wel as subsidy, interest rate etc. For the loan approx 20 lack ....

SIR, I AM REKHA GUPTA FROM MUZAFFARPUR BIHAR. I AM PLANNING TO CONSTRUCT A GODOWN ON MY LAND WHICH IS 01 ACRE IN AREA. I am planning to take advantage of govt. subsidy, please help me with the proceedings.

Hi , I would like to buy a franchise and I am looking for a suitable loan for that . Can I apply for a loan under CGTMSE

Dear Sir,
i am living in village and my property is under Red Line. i am having Ashtams of property and my property value is 200000 can i apply for Gram Niwas loan or any type of loan so i can construct my house.

sir, I took loan in September 2011 at the rate of interest of 12%. At present the RBI has reduced repo rate from 8% to 6%. The SBI HAS ALSO REDUCED housing loan interest from 8.75% to 6.25%. I request the chair woman of SBI to be kind to reduce RML intest rate to 9% atleast.

Does Rs. 15000 in urban ares includes allowances or basic pension

How I change bank a/c to my previous bank a/c for lpg subsidy. Both accounts are Aadhaar linked. I want to closed the newer bank a/c.

Hello sir, i am already running school since 2016. I want to get loan for construction of building. Please guide me.


Distribution / Dealership of a product will not come under Manufacturing / Service sector.

If you have collateral, try for Taders Easy Loan.


Myself Rajesh i want a business loan in which i want to take a distributorship from one of the leading MNC Company.It is possible or not.

Have you completed two years in the present company? If you can produce ITR / Form 16 for last 3 years, SBI and other nationalized banks will give you home loan, subject to other terms. Meet branch manager for more detailed discussions.

I am a private sector employee and earning salary 41k per month. Am I eligible for a home loan in gram panchayat area?

Since 2008 my mother was the beneficiary of the AAY ration card but why suddenly after the enrolment in 2016, my mother's name did not come out and did not get the ration till then.

Company CIN number and its incorporation details including incorporation date can be easily found at MCA's website. Here is the details: Find Company / LLP Master Data From CIN Number

Linked with Airtel Bank after giving aadhar number to Airtel it is not at all desirable.

How to find out CIN no. and date of the Company.

Where can apply for stree shakti loan. Indore

Dear sir.
i am planning to open my own poultry business.
i have one acre land and i m retired from defense.
i don't have exp but my brother is running his own poultry.
we both are planning to start a 10 thousand bird poultry.
Kindly suggest me how i can get loan and also if there is any subsidy available for this.

Regards sumit.

If you have linked your Aadhaar with SBI account, LPG subsidy amount will be credited to it. If not linked, do it at the earliest. Check the current status at the Oil company's website.

now i am having account with SBT and i want to change it in to SBI branch since i am having account in both the banks i wish to continue the account in SBI after closing the account in SBT.
procedure may be instructed.


I want to start hi-tech dairy farm. So i want all details about it and also loan, subsidy.

I independently own a one BHK flat in Kamote new Panvel.. Its given on rent.Its appxmtly market value is Rs 40 lacs . I wish to take RML . I am 76 yrs old.I am staying in Vikharoli (E) Mumbai . Pls advise whom to contact.

I want to loan for poultry farm, please tell me process that how to get loan?

Hi am Dr. Abul Hasan. My degree BUMS, I have total experience of 7 years plus, want to start a new Nursing home for 10 lakhs of Doctor plus loan. I am a Govt. Medical officer under NHM Uttar Pradesh.



My plot is located in rural area what i hv to do for applying home loan,what r the formalities​ , i am govt servant annual income 3.

Plz reply

I have linked my aadhaar no with my SBI account and the details are not shared with NPCI server, because of that I am not getting my subsidy amount in to my SBI account.It is going to my HDFC account, which I am not using now.How to share my SBI details to NPCI server.

Dear Team,

Please provide information about how to get loan for purchasing buffalo for dugdha vyavasay...

Previous delivery has to be updated by your LPG Agency. It may take maximum of one week time to update in the system. If it is not done after one week, contact your Distributor and inform them about it.

I have a close relative of mine who is citizen of USA now and wants to avail funds against a property owned by family to be ultimately gifted to him. He wants to take as much as funds by RML route for his urgent need of funds in US.Is this permissible and if so which bank branch is recommended in Mumbai who shall officially transfer funds in USA in his account.


I can't book my LPG refill through online due to non updation of delivery details. When I try to book a new Indane refill the screen shows "your registration is pending delivery". Please help me to over come this.

Tell me the interest of 66000/rup.time12 months 10 days.

me SBI kisan credit card prapth karna chahta hu. khaise prapth karu? please help me mujhe krishi lone ki bahut abasakta he.

Indrajit Barman, dist-coochbiher, villege-konachatra, po br chatra, ps sitai, West Bengal pin-736167


Rs. 1 crore sanctioned as term loan for dairy project starting with shed and other equipment. 120 cows were to be disbursed. 1st lot 40 cows. It took 1 year to complete the project. Interest repayment charged during moratorium when to start and branch says repayment to start adding interest with EMI of term loan. Bank made NPA under quick moratorium. When project started after 1 year how interest can be served. Please guide.

I have received my KCC loan in one year ago but loan is being recovered from my other savings account existed at same Bank. Is this possible? please give me guidelines.

I am a BAMS & my wife is BDS. We want to setup a new clinic that requires Rs. 25 lakhs from SBI loan schemes for Doctors. Please explain me the process.

I need to know the procedure to apply for shtree shakti loan.
Please help me.

Sir im worked at SCR (south central railway). and I retired
and pension is started. my pension amount is 10,000.
My age is under 60
Can I get two wheeler loan.
The loan amount is 65,000 Rupees only.

Please wait a few more weeks to get updated next bank mapping of NPCI. Presumably the next LPG subsidy amount would be accounted to your personal bank account. You may please read this comment given above.

I had linked my LPG subsidy to my personal account at Karnataka Bank about 3 years back. I am a joint holder in my aged father's account at Canara Bank. My father's name is the primary account holder. About 2 months back, the bank had asked us to provide KYC documents at which time I had submitted my Aadhar copy. But the bank (Canara Bank) has linked my Aadhar to my LPG Gas connection, thereby stopping the subsidy to my personal acct. at Karnataka bank and linking my father's acct. to their own whims and fancies without receiving the PAHAL form from me. The bank(Canara bank) has committed a blunder in linking my LPG subsidy only on the basis of my AADHAR copy which was given only as a proof of address and not for linking.

Even though I got the linking removed at Canara Bank after repeated visits, my LPG subsidy still gets credited there instead of my personal acct. at Karnataka Bank. Kindly guide me as to how I solve the problem and get back my subsidy to my personal acct. as before? The Canara bank response is far from satisfactory in this regard, and hence NPCI may as well come to my help at the earliest, for which I shall be thankful.

how much time will take this method sir

Dear sir,
I am B.Tech in Dairy Technology wants to start my own dairy farming & product manufacturing project.Presently working with dairy industry with reputed brand. I need upto 50 lakhs loan . pl

I want to know why the wholesalers sell the 3 rupee rice at the rate of 3.5 paise and why should the 50kg bag of rice exeeds more than 50kg

Though RML has no such option, you can deposit interest amount to an either SB account or in a recurring deposit account.

Is it possible to pay only interest every year towards reverse mortgage loan? So that i can pay the entire loan (only principle amount) at the end of the tenure?

The first line of the article stated the answer "One who own self-acquired and self-occupied house property". Inherited property won't be self-acquired and self-occupied house property.

My father inherited the land from his parents and had built a house on his own. Kindly advise if he is eligible for the RML.

You should wait enough time after changing account details. In some cases it may take more than usual time we expect. In your case I think, you have made 3 changes within a short period, in which NPCI system may suspect or flag the actions.

How to Check DBTL (PAHAL) Status?

You may check your DBTL (PAHAL) status from the following links:

  1. Bharat Gas
  2. HPCL
  3. Indane

I tried changing the bank a/c for LPG subsidy with same online process you described here. It has done 3 times in last two months but no confirmation came from NPCL. I contacted new bank branch with application they said they can't do anything I contacted gas dealer they said wait more time pls help where should I go? what should I do?

I am a BUMS Doctor (Bachelor of Unani medicine and Surgery) i want to up my own Nursing home. So i want to have loan of 5 Lakhs Rupees under doctor plus scheme of SBI please guide me.

I am working as Govt. Doctor (medical officer) under NHM on contract base. I have 2 account in sbi - saving and ppf.

If you are confident that your building will have 20 years "Residual Life of Property", I don't see any obstruction sanctioning RML. It has to be assessed by SBI authorized engineer.

One thing is not clear from your query - the status of ground floor?

RML fund can be used other than speculative, trading and business purposes.

The RML amount depends the valuation done by SBI personal.

I am a senior citizen aged 71 and my wife is 68 years old.I own a house in a prominent locality in Bangalore,with 2550 sft land and 2600 sft built up area(g/F-30 years old and f/F 10 years old.I intend to occupy the first floor, which is mandatory for RML.The balance of loan with SBI is Rs.4.60 lakhs. The present value as per guidelines is itself about rs.3 crores.I need about Rs.50 lakhs for repairs and for education of my grand daughter and to meet my medical expenses. Can I repay part of loan availed for my daughters marriage and other expenses.Your advise will be useful to take decision. Regards,M.S.Balu

You can make a property revaluation request to bank. I hope your father will be eligible for some more fund depending current market value of the property.

My grandfather took a RML from SBI in 2008 against his house. The assessed value of the property was Rs. 66.50 Lacs. He was in need of Rs. 5 Lacs at that time so he took that amount. Since then he has taken nothing from the bank. Now he is in need of Rs. 25 Lacs and wishes to receive the amount through the same. Can he get another payment in lump sum?

I. Have 4 filds ,water, electricity and all facilities how much loan can I get from bank to start a dary of 20 cow. Please tell me as soon as possible.


You can try Fisheries loan from either SBI or other banks. Read more about Fisheries Loan here.

Hi I have 1acre land ..I decided to make aquaponic farm in Assam I have a financial problem.

Since you have enough experience and own land, I don't see any issues getting loan for poultry framing. Go and meet bank Branch manager near to your place and tell about your project and its financial requirements. They will give the application for the same to proceed further.

dear sir,i have 11yrs experince in poultry,i start own business our land,so plz tell me how to apply for loan

Sir, I want online loan for purchased plot and making home, pls give me loan, i employed in defence

Good day

Can anyone pls update me if any changes in 2017 Godown Subsidy. I heard that it was lifted for this year.


All banks are pleased to give personal loans to professional doctors. Salary certificate / income proof for two years will be the primary document. Meet branch manager in your bank.

I am dr.s.Hariprasad salaried doctor.Can I get personal loan .

Hi sir,

Now we are condtructing the Godown in Chejerla Mandal of Nellore Dt in AP. Do we have subsidy facility for AP now.


respected sir i have plane a warehouse in taluka place in gramin bhandaran yojana and have 1 hector land road touch can i apply for subside or loan in sbi please reply
thank you

With Ration Card Digitization, Government has really stepped up the game of reducing wastage in the system. This will reduce the unwanted people from the PDS system.

Has the RML loan in SBI been scrapped? I went to SBI today n they told me the loan was scrapped.

I approached SBI Padmanabhanagar for RML loan. They said the scheme is scrapped. Does RML exist in SBI or is it scrapped?

In a single word "No". How can it be sold during RML period? As long as all property related documents are with bank, it is not possible. Clear all dues with the bank, get property documents, then sell it out.

Can the borrower sell the property during the tenure that RML is in effect?

Again process is going on at full swing to correct and reissue ration card to the actual card sited to true financial status of the actual state hood residence of west Bengal. Good efforts but this to take sufficient time and requesting to delete all the names who are not able to match their card with their financial status so that actual persons should not be deprived from availing of rationing facility also requesting existing 'phh' & subcategory issued card to be verified strongly. I again request you to issue of non rationing ration card (for identification of person, residential proof only for various purposes in future)immediately with honor for helping govt. of west Bengal to minimize ration expenditure. Thank you very much.

I have two halysten and one Jersey cow I want to know that how I get loan for purchasing more cow or i have plot 40×60
For this. We are not supply milk in any milk society. We sold it in our market. So if we are eligible for loan than please reply. We are waiting. thanks

I am getting my LPG subsidy amount to my HDFC bank but I want to change it to Kotak, kindly guide me is it possible? If yes then how?

I don't have occupancy certificate for my building. I am staying there from last 4 year & I had taken on resale flat.

I applied for home loan from SBI my gross salary is more than an EMI.

Dear All,

right now i am working a job but insist want to develop our village and our self but already i visited more banks for the dairy loan they are not provided loan, please i would like to request to you that help me and suggest

i am waiting for your response

please tell we can change our link account to other private banks also or only state bank is authorized pl specify

Please let me know whether guarantee fee for second year onward is to be collected on loan sanctioned in first year or balance outstanding as at March end of preceding year. For example Term loan sanctioned is Rs100 lacs in 2005. Balance oustanding is Rs. 90 lacs in 2006 .........Rs. 40 lacs in on... In such case banks charge guarantee fee on Rs100 lacs even during 2010.

Read once again eligibility section in the main article.

Sir, I am 60yr old and my wife is 49 yr old and my self acquired house worth around Rs. 1.00 crore. I need Rs. 40,00,000/- for my daughter's marriage. whether I am eligible for a loan under RML. If so which bank I have to approach for a speed loan process and for a lower interest rate and lesser charges. R.Sudhakar Reddy

Contact directly SBI Branch Manager near to your location. Avoid mediators and other offers through email / phone contacts.

If any issues, post the matter again here. There will be solutions.

Respected sir,
we live in a small village..lakshmipuram, nathavaram mandal, near narsipatnam.. andhra pradesh. we have a half built house without roof.. it was funded by the government four years back.. till now the funds didnt release to complete the house .. we plan to complete it through SBI rural finance scheme as my father is a farmer .. please let me know the requirements.. the average income is around eighty thousand per annum. to whom we have to contact sir ... humble request sir ..


Yeah, bank is right. Execution of RML required self acquired property. In the legal point of view, Inherited property cannot be considered as self acquired property.


Very Useful Information

You can apply for it. Your father has to become the guarantor / Co-applicant.

If the collateral is same as your house is going to be constructed, you can apply for other home loan schemes also.

The final eligibility depends on clarity of other documents such as title deed, your net income etc.

Hello Sir,

I am salaried employee in private sector of 5lac/year in Maharastra. property is in Karnataka & it is in my father Name. We together want to build house in my village. My father is farmer & has land of 4acre.

Could you please tell will i get Housing loan on my salary because property is in my father name ? If yes please explain.

When NPCI transfer fund to one's account, the system will check NPCI mapper data which is updated periodically. Hence the latest updated data considered to transfer fund. If you have updated your aadhaar linking after linking with SBI, NPCI mapper shows the latest update.

OFF: What is the harm receiving a small amount to any account that you own?

sir, I linked sbi bank account for gas subsidy. But without any information they changed to another local bank. I want to change the account (the previous sbi bank). How?

According to NPCI, "In case of change in bank account, customer is not required to convey the bank account details or change in bank details to the Government Department or Agency".

I couldn't find a reasonable answer but according to NPCI system, it will try to credit the next payment to your ICICI account which is cancelled and effectively not existed. That transaction will be failed. In such situation, they will check whether the account is active or not. If not, it will check which account is currently linked with your aadhaar number. Then it should go to your previous bank account. NPCI system validate only your aadhaar number and IIN (Institution Identification Number), not your bank account. Once NPCI mapper updated, your data will be updated to previous bank account.

To get to know result, presumably you have to wait upto two months.

My SBI a/c was linked with my Aadhar & subsidy was credited in my account. Few months ago I opened a new account in ICICI & my aadhar was automatic updated with ICICI & Subsidy started to credit in my ICICI a/c. Last month I have closed my ICICI account. And I submit a new application in My previous SBI Bank. But the bank staff reply me that your number was already linked with SBI and our system shows "ALREADY EXIST" I cleared him that was old linking & automatically rejected by NPCI when I opend in account in ICICI bank.
Please advice me how can I reactive my SBI bank account again with aadhar. The bank staff are not giving me satisfy answer.

If you have eligibility described in the article, have a meeting with branch manager of SBI near to your institution. He will guide you how to proceed. Better keep away from mediators or agents who offer many things that ultimately helps you to lose your money and time. Talk to only Manager in the office.

Dear sir,
I am director of mount valley academy.our trust need loan for construction of school building.
So help me for loan session.


I was checking some of the articles on your site and found your post about "SBI Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) Scheme for Collateral Free Bank Loan"

Keep up the awesome work!


If interest has crossed over the loan amount, bank has no option but to sell the property.

Do the following:

Check whether the loan has any insurance.
Check whether any order has issued by State / Central Govt. for relaxation of interest on agriculture loan during the loan tenure. This occasionally happens in most of the states. Besides central Govt. also issues such orders in specific issues like flood, natural calamities etc.

My father had taken loan in 2005 by keeping all our lands as mortgage. He didn't pay much interest as there were no returns from agriculture. He has passed away recently. What should i do now? Will there be any settlement with bank? or our lands would be sold by bank. Now the interest has crossed over the loan amount.

Visit MyLPG and choose your provider. Then check whether your Aadhaar linking to your bank account is active or not.

Since you are serving as Army Personal, how do you be in the category of Farmer?

You can try for personal loan, car loan home loan etc.

Respected Sir
I am surojit Mondal resident of village akna than magra pin 712148 serving with Indian army and get 45 thousand monthly payment. I start a fish and goat farm but I have been land. However I saw 2.5 ekar land in my residential place estimate cost of land and project near about 45 lakh. Can I get 30 lakh for starting the best essential please

For the last five LPG refilling, my subsidy not credited to my account. Please help.

Sir, myself Jahangir Alam, from Jalpaiguri(WB). I want a loan for starting a village level dairy farm (cow). I have 3 acres land.
So plz contact me as possible.

If you have completed registration process of trust and the same trust has its own property, bank will give loan for building schools, provided, property to be the primary guarantee.

I have my own big house on nazool now i registered trust .i am willing to modify/reconstruct the house to school by donating my house/land to trust.Can i get loan to construct school/coaching clsses for poor?

Interest on all SME Term Loans are linked to base rate which is calculated as per floating interest rate.

I have a loan account in SBI for past six months, now I want to know whether my term loan coming under fixed or floating interest rate?

Rs 1 lakh for starting a jewellery shop????. I doubt this question is genuine. Anyhow read SBI Traders Easy Loan for a business loan.

Dear Sir,
One of my friend has jewelry shop in my village (Jajpur,Odisha). He want to have a loan of around 1 lac to start his own jewelry shop. I want to know if there is any scheme to avail any kind of loan. O he needs one guarantor to avail loan.


Hi I have 4 acre field in Palwal Haryana i want to start dairy farming
so we will require loan for the same

I want to change my bank account details for LPG Subsidy what is the procedure?? Online as well as offline

Yes, Asset backed loan can be considered / used as Term Loan. It depends how you are utilizing the loan amount.

Can we consider asset backed loan (ABL) as a term loan?

If we request online for Aadhar No linking at our Bank through Online method would our Account for Subsidy Transfer got changed or not.

You will get the loan if you add your father as a co-borrower (Guarantor). They will accept if you have enough income to repay the loan amount. Try this way.

All the best.

I am a govt employee .I want to avail a sbi tribal housing loan of Rs 400000 four lac only for repair and rennovation of house we are staying .The house is in my fathers name and i am the only son.My father has retired from his service and getting a pension of rs4000 four thousand per month.I had approached to the SBI branch for the loan they have rejected my loan by saying that the property should be in my name to get the housing loan,is there any way to get the loan.or WHAT SHOULD I DO?

what is the prosses of school loan for renovating

myself dr Bhagyashree completed my bhms want to start my new opd
n whatever I have is my degree
plzz do let me knw wht procedure is needed
I need loan up to 3 to 4 lakhs

Every bank has their own policy for finding value of the property. Generally speaking, current value of the property will be higher than what Govt. valuation (Fair value) shows. Here you can assure 60% of 30 lakhs without fear.

If I have property value near about 30lakh as to gov.valueation ...then how many percent amount I got loan

Hi, i planning to open the poultry farms in my own land and need how to apply loan

Sir , I have loan in above scheme since inspection charge calculated

You read this post and its comments. make sure you have received confirmation SMS from your LPG company.

I complain to hpcl online about subsidy,
I got reply that , my aadhar not update in npci, and advice me to seeding adhar again in bank a/c.

I contact bank and confirm adhar number my a/c.

I again complain about it
And got reply ,please contact our bank.


I have opted for SBI Max Gain. My question -

1. Whether i am eligible for Section 24: Income Tax Benefit on Interest on Home Loan ?
The maximum tax deduction allowed under Section 24 of a self-occupied property is subject to a maximum limit of Rs. 2 Lakhs .
Currently the property is in Under Construction stage.
2. Tax certificate provided by SBI comprises of what all details ?

Kindly suggest what all options are available to me for getting the Tax exemptions ? I have recently bought the first home, loan amount 24 Lakhs, property price-34 lakhs.

Hello sir,

Myself Anil chaudhary From Gujarat. I am an engineer. I have already 8 buffalo. 13 acare land is ready for this business. Also their water facility and electricity setup already done. We have all agricultural machinery. I want to take up my business on big level. Can you please tell me what is the procedure of loan and which kind of document require their.

best regards,
Anil chaudhary

I'm looking for home loan in rural area and it's comes under grama panchayith, I hered that land should be under DC conversion,

Really it's required plz advise .

i am mbbs doctor need loan for clinic upto 25 lac please tell me procedure

Hi, i planning to open the poultry farms in my own land and need how to apply loan. please help

Here you can find MS excel sheet for calculating RML Instalments and interest accumulated for the tenor. Download and change the default values which adjusted for one lakh as loan amount.

Download MS Excel (XLS) Sheet


No its not required. You will get notified by SMS from bank and LPG company once the process has been completed.

once we request link lpg id with new bank account, then any document submit to the gas agency like bank pass book xerox copy etc. or not plz answer me.

I have paid Processing fees, Search report fees, Valuation fees.
Is there any more cost involved further, like Stamp duty etc.
I want to know, how much total i need to pay before getting loan

Dear sir,

I am dairy technologist also completed course on Dairy project Management from IRMA, Gujarat & presently working with very reputed brand from last 10 years. We have 4 acres land near Tumsar Dist. Bhandara, Maharastra. I want to start dairy farming & milk products manufacturing project. Please suggest.

You ask this question yourself: Whether you can sell your flat to third party without any legal issues or not? If yes, you can go for RML loan.

Am I eligible for SBI RML?
I am 72 yrs. old. My residential flat in C.H.Soc. is transferred by my father to me by way of transfer form of society.
My father is no more now.
Share certificates are duly transferred on my name.
I hold in my name Elecrticity bill, Ration Card, Society maintenance receipt, Aadhar card.

Sir my brother have cattle feed (from cotten seeds) & having loan Rs.@ 50 lakhs it is now stop condition.Now we want to start the same, please guide us

Check whether your property documents are in-line with loan requirements. Read this for further guidance. I hope your loan application may get sanctioned without issues.


I'm looking for home loan from SBI, i'm working in Bangalore MNC company and I have a plan of construction of house in my home town which come under grama panchayith , is there any possibility of getting the home loan for me,

please advise.


Your Aadhaar cannot be linked to father's LPG connection for DBTL. Let father open an SB account with SBI and follow the instructions given here.

LPG connection is in my father's name, we had to open an account in Andhra Bank in the name of my father and provide his Aadhar to get subsidy.
I have an account in SBI with my Aadhar linked to it, we want to get subsidy in my bank account, not my father's because we want to close that account due to some reasons.
Can we get subsidy in my bank account even if the LPG is in my father's name? If yes then kindly tell me the process.

Dear sir/madam,
my name is venkata lakshmi ,we started godown construction last 5 month ago without loan,we put it own money for construction so we need for loan with subsidy,please kindly needful your suggestion..

Dear sir,
I have a 1 acres land on Balaghat Madhya Pradesh & I want to open 30 buffallo (murrah) farms for a milk production. The estimate cost of project is 15,00,000/-, so i need a loan from your bank. How much your bank can provide a loan for project?

Good know about this

Hi, i planning to open the poultry farms in my own land and need how to apply loan for the same

In your statement "all other conditions required for availing RML are satisfied". How this statement be fulfilled? Read first sentence of the article: own self-acquired and self-occupied house property. And many other terms also can't be fulfilled in your case.

If someone has house with 50% partnership with his brother, then can he avail RML by mortgaging that 50% property with his brother's written permission provided all other conditions required for availing RML are satisfied.

I am ready to invest up to 250000 how much I will get loan for based on my investment.

Hello Currently i'm working in Bangalore in software company and my annual income is 4lakh pa,
my home town is located kolar dist , which is grama panchayith , currently I don't have bank accont with SBI \SBM , if I open the account can I get the home loan for for my property which is located in village.

please advise....

Please Contact Me on 9427020163, i will guide you on the same

Dear sir , i have across 50 biga land so i want to open dairy project and want to loan for the same. but i am confused which types startup for the dairy project. i have also fully facility of water and electric city.
Thanx & regard's

Arvind meena

Chetan, Did you get the business set up , I 'm in almost similar situation like your;s. Can we have a small conversation. I wish for same what you had.

i am mr kelkar k a from kolhapur.district (MAHA) i want to star business of milk & milk products with cattel center.of 75 heads & i have experience many times in this filed. just i regular as a gavali i have loan for this total project with land purchase i.e land & building,plant & machinery,Running pl z show me own contribution & bank loan.with terms & condition

If you have enough experience in the field, make a project report, meet branch manager near to your location where you are planning to start the unit. If manager has been convinced, you will get the loan as per the project report subject to all other terms and conditions.

I have 5 acre land in which 1 acre linked with residential area .I am a commerce graduate I hope I will handle the business in better way and make it profitable . Kindly help me for the process of getting loan shortly thanks.

Hi i have 4 acor land and how to be apply for the Kisan credit card
call me I am from Karnataka Bidar 9986288508

Hi i have 4 acor land and how to be apply for the Kisan credit card
call me I am from Karnataka Bidar 9986288508

Dear sir,

We are protected tenant of the land and our names in 7/12 extract lies in other rights column. Are we eligible for the crop loan from bank?

Hello sir...i am living in Paris since 10 year..and i am 28 year i want to move in India and start a high tech dairy farm with 20.. 30 cows in my village ..near Ambala . Haryana.w e have 20 acre of land ..and value of 1 acre in our area is 35 to 4 0 i need some good contribution from your much your bank can provide me loan...reply me please... waiting for your response hopefully..thank you

Respected ARUNDHATI Bhattacharya madam i Dr Amer MD unani medicine bring to your kind notice that BUMS is also recognised by the UGC and your loan planners might in haste have forgotton to include BUMS and BYNS along with BAMS,BHMS.hencei request you to kindly include these two courses because currently more than 50000 practitioners are practicing BUMS system of medicine all over INDIA and they are registered with their respective state boards and CCIM the central regulatory for dept of AYUSH. THANK YOU.

Have discussion with SBI Branch Manager nearest to your location.

sir I am BAMS(Bachelor of ayurvedic medicine and surgery)doctor. I want to set up my own ayurvedic clinic with panchakarma center at my own premises. I want to avail term loan of Rupees 5 lakh under your doctor plus scheme of SBI . Please guide me. Thanks

dear sir
i want apply to lone for i want Mini Tractor pls inform me how to apply......
my ph no 9480797015

How much will be maximum amount of RML payble on reverse mortgaging my house having value of Rs.50 Lakhs with term of 20 years,for joint applicants aged 72 years& 63 years.However MV as per sub registrar's ap only about Rs.27 Lakhs.what is the RML interest?Can I get Lumpsum amount of Rs.18 Lakhs or what is the minimum amount lumpsum I can expect?

I submitted my RML application personally with all documents mentioned in eligibility criteria on dt.10/5/16. Just now I have seen in SBI website on RML that only 50% of eligibility amount will be given as lumpsum and the balance in monthly/ quarterly/half yearly only that too with interest of 11.90% per annum.

The same was informed during my discussions with SBI chief Manager main branch,Vizianagaram on dt.31/5/16,though the interest they stated was 12% per annum.The valuation of my self owned / constructed home is about 50 Lakhs by the SBI panel valuer,and about Rs.26 Lakhs market value as per sub registrar's office MV.

Actually I prefer one time Lumpsum or one time lumpsum plus yearly / half yearly payment as I am an AP state govt. pensioner getting monthly pension of Rs.39156/- pm net, in the same bank from sto, Vizianagaram.

I Want to know for a period of 20 years term of RML, ages 72yrs&63 years couple, is it not possible to get at least Rs.18 Lakhs or more one time lump sum amount even with in the powers of the highest authority of SBI if not with in the powers of the chief Manager, SBI main branch, Vizianagaram?

Why transparency is not there in SBI and still Discretionary powers only prevails while considering loan sanctions?

Inspite of so many rules and regulations why the same were relaxed in cases relating to those richest defaulters running abroad or vote bank white ration card holders by our govts. politicians as election promises. Why no transparency in RML eligibility criteria or pension loan sanctions? Can't the discretionary powers be removed in approval of RML / Pension loans of at least to all the senior citizens alike?

Respected sir,
We are from shri jalaram corporation, vyara dist. tapi. pin 394650.(gujarat). We were availed subsidy one installment only. What about the final amount a subsidy pl. guide us.

Dear sir,
I have enquired District Manager, NABARD (Tirupur-Tamilnadu) regarding Gramin Bandaran Yojana subsidy scheme for Rural Godowns. GOI, Department of Agriculture has stopped this scheme. Kindly update if any changes.

i sir,
I am Mrs MANTRI age 36 years.I am owning a agriculture land of 10 acres in gugal village Badnapur district JaLna in MAHARASHTRA .so I am planning to construct a godown. So Pls guide me sir PLS GIVE ME INFORMATION ABOUT NEW CONST. SCHEME, LOAN AND SUBSIDY


I want to open dairy farm in my village near karnal i want take loan for 10 animal and i have taken training from NDRI karnal with certificate give me some help

Nu To Bta Dyo Vijay Malya Ne 9000 Crore ka Loan Kis Base Pe Liya Tha ... Haamne 25 lakh bhi Na Dete Ghanta Kare Dairy Farm

RML receivables (Lump-sum or Installments) are exempted from Tax as per Section 10(43), Income-tax Act, 1961.

Is their a tax liability on the RML received?

I want to construct a rural godown under Gramin Bhandaran Yojna for which I will fulfill all eligibility criteria. Can I get investment subsidy ?
So far my knowledge is concerned, Agriculture department , G.O.I. & NABARD had stopped subsidy for the construction of rural godown in the year 2014-15..Is there revised policy effected to extend the investment subsidy?

We have availed ABL (Asset Back Loan) from SBI which is more than Rs.5.00 crore, whether FFR-I & FFR-II as asked for Branch is really required

You are advised to visit one of your nearest nationalized bank and have a discussion with branch manager.

Hi sir,
I'm kishan parsonda, please give me detail of buffalo farming loan I am from Village:patidad, Ta:Gondal, Dis:Rajkot, I have 2.5 Acers land so please give answer on my email.

Dear Sir,
I am a 21 year old salaried employee , Currently Working in pune , Salary is 25000 thousand Per month , I am interested to purchase land for home Construction May I get Loan from SBI

Dear sir,

i am planning to start the business of dairy form. Will i get any loan in your side? what types of loans suitable for me please tell me

Hi sir,
I am Mrs shantha devi age 56 years.I am owning a agriculture land of 10 acreas in gugal village raichur district in I am planning to construct a godown. So Pls guide me sir..

Sir I am a fresher just completed my MBBS degree .I want to take a loan for 30 to50 bed hospital, can u please tell me what is the procedure and how much I get....

A form is available with LPG Dealer. You may contact your LPG agency and fill the right mobile number and submit to them. It will be updated after a while. Additionally, HP and Indane has online facility to change mobile number. Visit their portals to accomplish it.


My lpg id is linked to one of my relatives' phone number. How do I change / update to my current phone number?

Do you have income for loan repayment either through employment or reliable business? If yes, you can try.

I am interested to Purchase Land2-3 kottahs in Panchayat area in 24Parganas (South). May I get Loan fro SBI?

Kind Regards,
Subhajit Roy,

You contact nearest SBI for detailed information.

I have 5 years experiences in poultry farming. Now, i plan to start my own business in the same field. How SBI will become a helping hand for further things.

Dear sir;
I want to get loan for a small dairy farm(10 buffaloes) can SBI provide around 10lac.rupees for Dairy Farm.My father have 4acre land so i want to open a dairy.
Name- jitendra kumar kurmi

hello sir, iam from karnataka bidar dist. i am planning to start a dairy business with 10 hf cows. at least this project need 5-7 lack need. i dont know dairy farm sbi loan with interest without interest. if there is interest is there means how much % tell me

We have 10 acres of land and wants to take loan for buffalo farming for 5 buffalos upto 4 lakhs ..and i well know how to grow cattles as im from village

Hello sir....
This is Ramesh..completed and now I realized that software job is too tough and wants to start buffalo farm as I'm from village, i better knows the growing up buffaloes and also we have 2 buffaloes...and wants 3 t0 4 lakhs loan for 5 buffaloes....
Please help me and reply.

Sir I'm a physiotherapy doctor I want to go for my own physiotherapy DAT I need some amount..can u help in giving loan

Dear Sir kindly support to me to start own dairy, My Father have 7 bigha land & we have 3 brother, we want to start milk dairy. We need 20 lakh loan for this project, kindly support & advice to me.

sir,i am planning to start a dairy farm with 30 cows and 50 buffalow in half acre land in karnal(haryana)i am graduate.should i get 25 lac loan on subcidyfrom sbi bank or other bank

Sir , i am a bds doctor. I want to build a big hospital. For guynec , eye , orthopedic, kidney specialist etc .. I want to tack lone from sbi .. So any mortgage is required.. .. I want take loan minimum 1 caror

I am planning to start a diary farm with 10 cows. Can you please let me know what are the Government schemes and subsidy available

Hi Sir,

I am planing to construct onion Storage Go downs in Anantapur district..I wanted to know what are the Prerequisites to availing Loan and Subsidy from Banks....

Kindly suggest .

Dear Sir,
My father was taken KCC Loan From SBI Bank, But he is passed away in Oct-15. My father was death because some known villagers are came suddenly and start firing bullets on his. now I am not economically in condition to pay loan. My father done J.P.A. insurance in KCC account but Insurance company not settled the claim.

What I will do Just Suggest me.

Raushan Kumar

Its already mentioned in the post. Please read Interest section.

Contact your nearest SBI branch for a discussion with Manager.

You can try. If it is new construction, they consider for subsidy.

Sir , I am Rajeev ,I have already constructed the gowdawn on the prime location at ieeja mandal mehaboobnagar district Telangana pin 509127,can I avail the subsidy from nabard, please suggest.

i request you to kindly give information regarding kcc inerest and kcc relation

what the percent of interest would give .if we take loan in kisan credit card please explain me .

sir I want to start dairy with 10 cow(100lits) my project values 1300000 iwant loan of rupees 500000 I haue 8 years I t retune also

{QUOTED: The loan amount would be 90% of the value of property. Loan amount would include interest till maturity. The loan instalments payable to the borrower(s) would be as under for a loan amount of Rs.1 lac (at interest rate of 10.75% p.a.):
Loan Tenor (years) 10 15
Monthly instalments (Rs.) 468 225
Quarterly instalments (Rs.) 1,423 687
Lumpsum payment (Rs.) 36,022 21,619

The maximum loan amount is kept at Rs.1 Crore (monthly payment Rs.22,500/- for 15 years) and minimum Rs.3 lacs (monthly payment Rs.675/- for 15 years).

Example of arriving at the monthly instalments: Property value:Rs.10 lacs

Qualifying loan amount (90% of property value: Rs.9 lacs

Tenor: 15 years

Monthly instalment: Rs. 225 x 9 = Rs.2,025/-

Sir can u tell me what is the formula used here to calculate the monthly amounts? How have you got it as 468 for 10 yrs and 225 for 15 yrs?

Second thing, is it our option to choose between lumpsum and periodic payments, or will it be given only in a mixed way by SBI (ie. half as monthly/quarterly and the other half as lumpsum)?

Either you can apply for SBI Home loan or your father can apply for Gram Niwas and you join as guarantor.

Hello Sir, I am salaried(permanent) employee in public ltd company. I want to apply for sbi home loan to construction of my home in village. My net annual income is 3.6 Lac.

As we had a place at our village, my father wants to construct a house in that place.he is a farmer, he will get 50000 income annually. Can we have house loan in either under Gram Niwas scheme or Sahayog Niwas? if we can please suggest us which one is preferable for us? My local branch SBIN0012397 not interested for home lone due to private job. please suggestion. Required lone amount 5lac.

Assuming your plot comes under agricultural land. Bank won't give home loan in this case.

Hello Sir,

I want Home Loan, but the land where i want to build home is not in NA plot.
Can i get Home loan?

Please Suggest.

Is there any difference of interest rates between s.b.i k.c.c loan [kisan credi tcard loan]and k.g.c loan[kisan gold card loan] I kindly request you to clarift and give detailed information regarding interest rates of K.C.C and K.G.C

Bank Loan Related queries are generally attended by Branch Managers. You can go directly to meet Branch Manager for discussing the matter. Though larger branches have different sections to handle their various products, insist to meet Manager, Loans.

Dear sir,
I want to opena dairy farm of 10 Jersey cows in bhusbaneswar whom shall branch of sbi should i contact for the loan m ready to mortgage my land for it loan amount will be around 5 lakhs

Above 60 years is the minimum age required to get RML. No Upper age limit so far.

You are talking about Home loan which has age limit ie., upto 70 years and in some cases it goes upto 75 years.

Home loan and RML loan are different in all aspect. Don't compare these two loan schemes. You are requested to read purpose of the schemes once again.

First read home loan here.

Then read once agin about RML in this page.

Can a 70-year-old person apply for reverse mortgage from SBI? When I asked for a top-up housing loan, bank ppl said the bank computer/software is set so that it won't accept automatically when the borrower is already 70.

Refer some project reports and resources available online, then make a project report that suitable for you. Since you are a trained person, I hope you can convince feasibility of the project to the bank.

Make connections with other dairy farms, societies and vet clinics in your locality.

Research Marketing scopes from different angles.

I hope you can become one of the successful entrepreneur in this field.

Best of luck!

Hello Sir,
I am chetan from bangalore, working in an IT Firm i am feedup of my job and taught of starting a new business and frnd of mine gave a suggestion of starting a dairy farm. so i took a training session given by institution. i have 5 acre of land. nedd a loan have a plan to start with 10HF cows please suggest

The doubts got cleared. Thank you so much for helping out.. :)

You can file your IT return, even if, you don't have taxable income. The logic is very simple, Bank wants to know the source of income. How do you prove it with an authenticative document? You try to discuss with branch Manager. He may have solutions.

Yes, if they want to approve RML while inplace of Home loan, the outstanding amount of home loan to be cleared either from your personal fund or permission from RML. That's the reason I pointed, there must be reasonable positive difference required from the current valuation if you have no fund to clear the dues.

Consult with your bank manager for more detailed clarification.

Yes, we had taken the SBI home loan a few years back for the construction of our house itself, where we are currently staying (document is with the bank). So, will they allow an RML when the home loan is already there? Can't they deduce that amt. from RML amt.? Would appreciate your help.


Yes sir, we had taken the home loan a few years back for the construction of our house (of which the document is currently with the bank and we are staying in the same house).

Its all about outstanding amount of the existing home loan. If the difference between valuation of your property and outstanding amount of the existing home loan gives marginal positive difference you can try RML.

The reference you quoted for purchase of the property, not mere home loan. In your case, have you purchased your property or availed home loan for building your house? I presumed you have just availed the home loan to build your house. Not to purchase the property.


Ref: "In case of property purchased by availing Home Loan from SBI and mortgaged to SBI, it will be considered for RML, subject to closure of the Home Loan account out of the proceeds of RML."

My daddy has already availed a housing loan from SBI. Outstanding amt. is there. Will he still be eligible to get RML? He is 69, widower, and a retired SBI employee.

Thanks in Advance.

sir m haryana se hu mere pass 4 arces jamin h.m mini dairy lagana chahta ki scheme kya h.mujhe guide kre.thank you

If valuation isRs. 2500000/. I am eligible for 90% is. 2250000. If I asked loan of RS. 2000000/ how much lumpsum I will get? Whether interest will charge on RS. 2000000/ or an amount I will be given as lumpsum?

Sir/Madam,I am a farmer of dist Jind (Haryana) and I wants to apply for Kissan Credit Card and know about maximum limit while having forteen acre of land.What will be time taken for Kissan Credit Card.

Hi sir i want open dairy udyog in tonk district can get loan for dairy udyog.

I want to construct godown under SBI Grameena Bhandar Yojana for 100 tonn. I am having a land of 02 bigha having good connected road.I want to know that what amount is required for this godown and how much subsidy i will get from bank or nabard or ncdc.what is the total expenditure and total subsidy

Hello sir, i have 2 acres land in Nalgonda dist, Telangana state, i want open a small dairy unit with shed and buffaloes, did i get bank loan, i am a employee, how mush loan bank will give can you suggest me.

You can read clear step-by-step online procedure for changing Bank Account for LPG Subsidy here. If you follow these steps, you need not go to either bank for linking or delinking LPG account for subsidy amount.

See the details for ACABC Scheme (Agri Clinic and Agri Business Centres) here.

Please clarify what is DED scheme and where did you find it?

Sir, how i can get loan under acabc scheme or DED scheme. What is the procedure for getting loan under this scheme.

Can bank reject any project of new entrepreneur without mentioning any remarks on project.

Respected sir, I have run a iti college since 2010 and also open Current account in sbi bank in 2008 transaction is running. But I have approached to Bank manager for Construction of Loan and submitted the proposal one year back. Manager asked me to concern authority NOC and Security sir tell me how can the concern authority give us noc what can I do pls suggest.

I have also one acre land N.A pls suggest me sir

General Secretary

I feel honoured to have this forum to interact with you .I would like to know whether it is mandatory to have plot searched by panel advocate of SBI FOR HOUSE LOAN UNDER CM HOUSING FOR AN AMOUNT 100000/-where plot is patta signed by Tehsildar . if search is mandatory then what is the amount fixed by SBI for their panel advocates in state of MP

My Father is above 60. and interested to get RML for Rs.25 Lacs from the residential property worth Rs.50 Lacs. His doubt is whether he can get the 25 Lacs as lump sum payment?

There is no reason to reject RML request only because of 87 years of age.

SBI has their own consultants to value properties. It would be anywhere in between 50% to 80% of current market rate, ie., based on recent dealings at the same location.

My grandfather is 87 years old.Can he get this loan ?
Also,how is the property valued ?

maxgain is not good.

Beware the above message!

Don't become fool or prey of those fraudsters. This site is getting lot of such messages that we delete immediately. Don't believe any offer for loan or financial assistance from strangers. There is no short cut for getting any type of loan. You are warned!

Do you Need a loan? If yes search no further for here comes a reliable lender who helped me with a loan when i had nothing. You can reach them at

Your valuation Rs. 12 lakhs may not be accepted by bank. If its true and accepted by bank, you may get Rs. 5 lakhs no doubt, subject to all other terms to the scheme. Contact your nearest Branch.

I am a woman of 29. started a retail shop in my village 2 years ago. I have a piece of land worth 12 lacs in the same village. I need a roof over my head. I have IT for 2 years since starting my business. Can I get 5 lacs loan from sbi Gram Niwas?

there should be clear online procedure so that the bank account may be changed & linking of Aadhar can be performed online instead of visiting the bank branch.

I need loan can you give me details about the loan scheme . I am a visiting doctor, thankyou, Drkirthi

Eligibility depends many factors. Registered society that runs school usually gets loan from SBI. You can have a meeting with your nearest bank branch for exact details.

Sir we have a registered society and we construct a school building. Sir now I want to know may we are eligible for loan

sir i am lab technologist
sir i am working as a private hospital job
can i avail the doctor plus loan sir

If you have a good track record, consistency in your job, and repayment capacity, bank will give you Home loan. A 3 year completion in the present company would be a plus point but not mandatory. Salary certificate, IT and property documents are the major stuffs bank asks. More details are available here.

I am private company employee. Property is there in my mother name in village. Can I get home loan? If I get home loan what are the documents required.

If you have enough patience, I recommend SBI Home loan. If you are in hurry go to any new-gen private banks like ICICI or HDFC etc. Canara bank process little faster but interest will be little higher than SBI.

Read this article to know more about SBI Home loan.

Read all related posts given in this article before taking any final step.

I am a 24 year old salaried employee , and my father is a karnataka state govt servant . We own certain piece of land and is being cultivated . Currently I am in a plan to construct the house in the same land .

Can you please suggest me the best possible and hassle free loan scheme..?

Do you have any experience in this field? If you have enough experience, first you contact nearest veterinary university or college for guidance. Visit some farms and milk marketing societies near to your place.

Else appoint a consultant who can give all assistance in this regard.

If you can convince the bank (SBI or any nationalized bank), you will get bank loan based on the project report.

sir good afternoon.i am a 22 year old boy from m.p. i have total land of 15 beegha including the farm of 5 beegha on road where i have proper water facility.where i wANT to start a dairy farm or approximatly 40-50 cows and my first question is how much ammount of money it will require and second is for this which government organisation that will guide me from starting to end.last question is can i get loan for this project and from where i can get this loan and process of this loan .....waiting for ur reply eagerly thanku sir

Please read previous comment. If your mother has legal right in the property you mentioned, it has to be documented on behalf of your mother. Otherwise how bank can mortgage the same property?

my mother is widow 81 years old, living in my father's house. The title of the house is on my father's name.My mother get the family pantion every month as my father pass away after retirement from sbi. My father have not done any will. Could my mother would be able to get the reverse mortgage loan.The valuation of the property is 1 crore.

Please read the main article and other comments once again. If you prefer full amount as lumpsum, then you will not get monthly installment or vice-versa. 30 to 35 % would be the maximum loan amount.

You mentioned that your mother lived in her husband's property. How about partition, rights and title deeds. Anything she holds as her property? The very first thing bank check whether the applicant has own title deed of the property they lived in.

my mother is widow,81 years old and living in my fathers house, the valuation of the house is 1 crore, could she get the reverse mortgage loan? if yes than rs. 3000000 would be lump-sum payment and rs. 40000 would be monthly payment for 10 years, so the total loam amount would be 3000000 + 4800000 = 7800000.So could she would be able to get this amount?

For 10 Buffaloes you won't get 10 lakhs. Study and estimate what will be the realistic amount for it. Then approach your nearest bank branch.

Dear sir;
I want to get loan for a small dairy farm(10buffalos) can SBI provide around 10lac.rupees for Dairy Farm.My father have 4acre land so i want to open a dairy.
Name- jitendra kumar kurmi

Subject;- Loan Application by RVSS

Dear Sir,

Greeting form RVSS…..!
RVSS is a grassroots –leaves SPO and has been working in the remote parts of south 24 Paragons . We have been searing the needy and the weaker, distressed and the socially as well as economically backward classes since the day of its inspection. Besides others developmental interventions RVSS has been sculling up the life-style of the rural poor women. Through SHG- Micro- Credits/ Lending go as to help them to stand on their own feet and upgrade their life-style with determination and dignity. For information ,RVSS has 350 SHGs.
I, therefore request you to be kind enough to go through our letter of 50 lac loan- regret and consider it so that we can have a loan from your end and support the needy through Micro-lending procedure’s. Anticipating your kind consideration in this regard.
With best regards.

Ramesh Chandra mistry


The main document for RML Loan are property related, ie., Original Title deed and Tax receipts. If there is no issue or controversy or claim, rest of the documents can be obtained from concerned offices. The full details can be had from nearest Bank Branch.

I have original agreement and the share certificate and the registered receipt original agreement. Is this enough to get the loan

Have you contacted any Bank branch manager? If not, first you meet a bank manager nearest to your location.

I would like to enquire about a loan for my sister who is a widow residing in Gurgaon. She would like to avail of the reverse mortgage loan but we are unable to get clarity on how to get this done. Please let me have the contact number of the person who is responsible for this in Mumbai as I live in Mumbai and will be helping her after getting all the information.

Thank you.

Doctor plus is intended same as a business loan. If you plan to start your own clinic or health related service business, you can apply for doctor plus. As a Govt. employee, bank won't consider you as a business man.

Anyhow, you are requested to contact your nearest bank branch to get clear advice.

You can apply for the loan. Read other comments carefully in this article for more details.

sir, i am working in private sector, i want to renew my home in rural areas and some new construction is there. i don't have as much money to do it is it possible to get me lone from SBI. Which documents are needed.

Sir i m MBBS degree holder.I am working as govt doctor (confirmed) as medical oficer.Can i avail the SBI Doctor plusloan.

I want more info/consultant to guide me for setting up new project of cold storage in MP

Hi sir, My self is vinay.i am living is Karnataka state.i am in plan to start small scale dairy farm(around 10 HF cow)I have 3acres of land. My project will cost around it SBI provides loan for this project? If they are ready to give loan, what are the documents require to submit to bank.

Dear Sir
I want to start a new dairy farm of American cow's
Pls update documents and some ideas or lone proses
Plz response

Be cautious while answering your phone calls. There may be chances for misusing your phone number by fraudsters. You are warned!

To the subject, I advise to visit your nearest RBO of SBI in your district. They are the people who finally sanction most of the loan application. Majority of ordinary Branch officials just do the preliminary verification. Final calculation, decision etc. have been decided by senior level officials from RBO / RCPC / RACPC / RASMECC.

Nobody has approached so far
my mobile no is -09712950832

I,Mr.Idacung from Peren Nagaland seeking your financial assistant to purchase farm land at Jalukie Area to cultivate rice,Tomato and piggery as integrated system.The said Land amounting 5lakhs.
I am a fresh graduate in Zoology under Nagaland University St. Joseph's College Jakhama. And had a interest in farming to put into practice all I had learned in my prescribe course so as to sustaint my economy and to add litle to the society or citizen.
There I seek your kind consideration under the Farmer's Land Purchase Scheme for which I will remain grateful to you.

Thanking You
Your faithfully

My father have taken kcc from ur bank, unfortunately they passed away
Is there any insurance of farmer so that we can get some relaxation in repayment

It will be appreciated if someone come forward to connect Mr. AJAY SHAH.

I am senior citizen of 64 years living in Ahmedabad. I intend to purchase new flat. For that I have approached SBI Ahmedabad. As per your internal circular the disbursement amount for 15 years for 1 lac is Rs 225 (10.75). I have calculated the principal amount and interest for 15 years for 40 lacs loan. According to me the principle amount is 16,20,000/- and interest component is 13,25,000. Why the difference is of 10 lacs. who can explain me properly in Ahmedabad. Please give me e-mail address of competent person so that i can send my working sheet to him for cross check.

Hello sir I want to take the loan for buying the buffaloes about 5lacks to 7lacks so please give suggestion to take the loan

i am working in a private educational institution and iam getting 25k as my monthly salary . i am interested to grow redsandal trees near sathyavedu pin 517588 mandal7 VILLAGE
but i dont have any lands except my house . every month i can pay 10k as my monthly EMI and i saw a land near rajugunta and gollavari kandriga which is 7lakhs per eakr . i want to buy 2 eakrs of land . is it possible with the help of SBI loans ?

I want kisan credit card i have 2.5cre land in Ribhoi district meghalaya.

Dear All,

Right now i am working a job but insist want to develop our village and our self but already i visited more banks for the dairy loan they are not provided loan, please i would like to request to you that help me and suggest

i am waiting for your response

vishnu singh

Yes, they are eligible for RML from SBI. The valuation you have said may not be accepted by the bank. They have their own valuation method. Contact branch manager for exact details.

My brother-in-law who is now 79 years and sister who is 74 years,want to avail RML facility against their flat valued around 70.00 lacs.Kindly clarify whether they are eligible to avail the facility.

I could not get exact information on rate of interest for SBI Gram Niwas Housing Loan.I came to know that they are giving concession as 0.10% on rate of interest? can you please help in this?

Thans a lot for your kindly information please give clarification on my father is going to open the account today in SBI.He doesn't have SBI account so far he has only Union bank account can we apply it with fresh account.

As of now, SBI doesn't have any hidden charges for any of their loan products like home loan, car loan, business loan etc. It is my personal perspective SBI is the only bank in India doesn't impose hidden charges to the loan customers.

Visit one of the nearest SBI Branch for more details.

Thank you so much for your quickly response.As you are advising us to prefer Gram Niwas scheme is there any hidden charges applicable to this scheme?

Gram Niwas scheme is entitled for low income personnels. If your father's income is below Rs. 50,000/-, it is advisable to apply for the same. Since the Sahayog Niwas designed to SHG, you can't apply for it.

Hello Sir,

As we had a place at our village,my father wants to construct a house in that place.As he is a former,he will get 30000 income annually.Can we have house loan in either under Gram Niwas scheme or Sahayog Niwas? if we can please suggest us which one is preferable for us?

I want to start new diary farm with 10 buffallo
pls. update what document we required and how much amount we required minimum

I want Open a Dairy farm in Bihar Patna plz provide Bank financial Project details of rs. 2.5 Lacks.

Which cow prefer for a new dairy farm in initial stages.

Its a matter of visiting your nearest Bank Branch. Have discussion with Branch Manager so that you will be guided for further proceedings.

Women applicant and other priority groups are eligible for 33% subsidy.

You may also get in touch with your District Development Manager, NABARD for relevant information.

My name is g. managa (f) age nearly 50. I want to construct godown under SBI Grameena Bhandar Yojana. I purchased a land of ac.0.36cts (nearly 1800sq.yd) having good connected road and we are also dire need of godown facility, in East Godavari district.
I think i am eligible for 33% of the project cost. Am I correct. Is NABARD is giving subsidy during the F.Y.25015-16 and may i know whether SBI is extending loan facilty for the above scheme for the year 15-16.

Salaried person having completed enough tenure can apply for housing loan. Loan amount, tenure, emi etc depends your salary, net earnings, property details and the like. You may contact your nearest bank manager for complete details.

can i apply rural housing loan for construction on plot, i salarise person and my income is 3.3 per annum ?????
How many loan will be given if loan can be took place ?

Scheme for Financing Cold Storage

what is the scheme for constructing private cold storage in rural area.

You may please read eligibility section once again in this article. The main and most important factor is to have own property that can be mortgaged to bank rather your employment status. Valuation of your property exceeds Rs. 1 crore, sure you will get Rs. 35 lakhs subject to other terms too.

I am retired teacher. My age is 69 and my wifes age is 59.
I want to buy a new home in badlapur its cost is around 35 lac. Can I get RML for the same.

Please download this Excel file for calculating your Bank loan EMI.

EMI is based on mainly 4 factors:

  1. Loan Amount
  2. Loan Term
  3. Interest Rate
  4. Number of Installments in an Year

You can change input values given above to find your EMI accordingly.

I r.nagi reddy,is working as locopilot,sc.railway at Vijayawada division .and drawing my salary at sbh,station branch.i have taken my housing loan at canfin bank .now I want to switch my loan amount rs16,50,000 to ur branch.and how much emi should I pay at ur branch.pls give me details.

Sir i m from babalad. Dist-tq-bijapur. My land only 2 accar is their.... i need 10 laksh loan. How to get loan plz rpl me.

If you can't wait another 1 and half year, better contact private financiers


hi am dr chandrahas i did my MDS i have total experience of 15 years plus i want to start a new clinic in banjara hills road no 10, i do have already 2 clinics am looking for 30 lacks of loan.

Have a detailed discussion with your nearest SBI branch manager. In addition to your basic qualification, 3 years IT return, P&L with satisfactory income for repayment would be the primary details they seek.

Halo, this is Dr. Kavitha, i have gone through dental doctor loan ad, however, i wish to know how to proceed for it, what are the documents needed for the loan, kindly give me detailed procedure, documents to be submitted, tenure of loan etc.

Since you are a salaried person, you will definitely get home loan from any nationalized bank. Contact your nearest bank branch for more details about what exact documentation is required and what will be the EMI etc. Visit following pages for general idea about home loan requirements and documents:

  1. SBI Housing Loan and Documents Required
  2. Necessary Documents required for SBI Home Loan
  3. SBI Home Loan FAQ

I have already started to construct home at my native in Haveri District,the revenue site is attached to village and land Khata is in the name of my son. Its already built lintel level, now i need some money to complete the house immediately,

In this regard shall I get home loan from SBI/SBM since i have an account with SBM, I need approximately 6 lacs to complete the house. I am a salaried person i can give monthly deduction from my salary.
Please let me know what are the documents i have to produce and how many days it will take to sanction the loan.


Dear Sir,

I am owing a dairy farm in new delhi with Buffaloes 100 in no's and cow 20 in no's .

I want to start the automations process and shed set-up work in my dairy .how much loan i can receive from the bank and how much will be the actual cost .Banks are giving loans to dairy owners in delhi under dairy development scheme???what will be the current rate of interest and procedure of loans.


Monthly disbursement will be: Rs. 1,266/-

Quarterly: Rs. 3,841/-

Lumpsum: it varies many factors and will change bank to bank

You can discuss the matter with bank personnel after requesting a counselling session (Normally this counselling session will be arranged by bank in every 5 years). There will be chances to enhance your loan amount if you convince the matter with bank.

The valuation amount you mentioned here, I'm not sure it is bank's valuation amount (Check what is your LTV). If it is, 40 lakhs is the maximum amount they will sanction as lumpsum ie., 50% of the valuation amount. In some cases it may further goes down upto 35%. It depends many factors such as tenor, whether lumpsum or monthly or so and so.

I am currently staying in a rented flat. For the purposes of foreign educational loan for my daughter, I had mortgaged my independent house valued at Rs.80 lacs to SBI, to get a sanction of Rs.30 lacs for the educational loan. Hence Rs.50 lacs of the valuation is free from encumbrance/charge. Can I raise a Reverse Mortgage Loan for the balance Rs.50 lacs to maintain myself as a senior citizen?

as per subject, want to know what will be lumpsum, and monthly amount in case of 5 year tenure for loan.

as i duraiyarasan please help how to applysbi gramniwas housing loan

Sir we have debited kccloam from sbi bhauti kanpur but crop be distroyed maximum.
hence we have to need our insurence claim whose preimum paid alwase by us.
Uma-Shankar tiwari

We are purchasing 19 guntas of agricultural land near bannur. Can I get loan from bank to build a farm house.

Dear SBI
I am Nitesh and I am B.Tech Agricultural engineer. I want to start a dairy plant in my village. Plz tell me how SBI help me.

dear sir,i want to start a dairy farm of 50 murrah buffaloes in Haryana.i have 5 bighas of it enough also total capital available is 15 u think it is right to take the step.
best regards

The amount, in your case 10 lakhs, depends many factors such as net earning, age, remaining service period and value of property. Most of the nationalized banks have special schemes for defence personnels in which little-bit liberal than other sector's employees. The documentation you obtained are relevant yet banks may ask something different or more like salary certificate etc. You contact your nearest SBI branch to have a discussion with manager.

The complete list of documents required for SBI Housing loan can be found here. Some items are relevant to respected categories. Hence bank manager will guide you what are the relevant documents to be submitted by you.

i am force peson my gross salary Rs.25000 i want 10 lac home loan,iam ready thee month salary slip, service certificate, form 16 two years, id proof,blue print and panchayat aproval than what to do

If your estimate is based on the facts, it seems you will get the maximum loan amount for starting Dairy Farm unit of Murrah Buffaloes. Have a discussion with your bank Manager. Margin money 10% to be your contribution if loan gets passed.

Sir I have 5 acre land I want to buy 25 Murrah buffalo's to running a dairy farming I think the total cost is 25lakhs how much loan will i get from Bank

I took agri gold loan and I paid the amount before the time what will be the interests

Now-a-days most of the banks consider CIBIL report prior sanctioning loans. where as, Reverse Mortgage Loan falls under special category, soft deals have been reported on sanctioning RML. Please contact your nearest branch for more details.

whether the cibil report to be taken into consideration for sanction of loan.

Loan eligibilty depends factors like repayment capacity, clarity of property documents, valuation of property you pledge as security, age, spouse's employment status, employment history & track record etc.

Please visit your nearest SBI branch and discuss your requirement with branch manager. I hope you will get home loan without difficulties.

Hello Sir, I am salaried employee in private IT company. I want to apply for sbi home loan to complete on going construction of my home in village. My net annual income is 4.2 Lac. is it possible for me to apply for sbi home loan?

I interested to make new cow dairy farm how apply loan bank.

Dear Sir,

I am looking forward for gold loan for agricultural purpose. what is criteria for such loan.

i have now 8 Cows and 2 Beffolows and 90 litrs milk produce daily. but i want buy another 10 cow and construct shed for this.plz reply on

Is there any difference between KCC and KUY or ACC ? Are the features and benifits/interest rates of KCC/KUY/ACC are same ? What is ACC ?

i'm borrower of SBI kcc in u.p.I faced drought in April_sep.2014 &my crop destroyed totally &yesterday 26 febuary 2015 I faced a hailstorm which destroyed 90% of my crop but SBI kcc insurance not gave any benefit in debt i 'm deeply sad & most of village farmers are illiterate &they didn't know to do complain please tell insurance company just for action in I'm highly pressed by debt & insurance company cheated with us please... please..please... take information from SBI kcc insurance company & gave us relief in our debt yogendra Kumar singh s/o Mr.jayram singh village_Chahalaha post.Madhapur District_Unnao Uttar Pradesh India 09838181724

Read this page once again and contact your favourite bank.

I am having one acre of land and want to purchase 1 or 2 buffalows producing 7 or litres of milk. How much loan will I get from bank? and what will be interest rate?

Bank loan for a dairy unit consisting 10 desi cows having project cost Rs. 25 lakhs may not be realistic. Think what is in your mind twice and have a discussion with Bank manager. How did you calculate and reach this Rs. 25 lakhs for a dairy farm having only 10 desi cows?

Sir i am going to establish a dairy farming unit of 10 desi cows. I have 1.5 acres land with water and elecrticity. I am 22 years old and graduated. My total project value goes upto 2500000 . Should i get loan from SBI.

Most of the banks provide housing loan for ready-to-occupy houses like flat, villa, etc. Contact your favourite bank for having a detailed discussion.

I recommend SBI, but your effort to get approved the loan be a cumbersome task. Since you are a Govt. Employee they won't ask you many things and may get approved without hassles.

Good luck!

I m gov employee.I am purchasing ready home in rural area.I need home loan.

Hello DP Singh,

Since your property comes away from redline, collateral can be accepted subject to its clarity. From your comment, I presume the property ownership is still with someone else but a declaration has been given to your name as to you can use the property. I don't think that bank will accept this. On the other hand, if you are a salaried employee with either Govt. sector or good private company, bank will consider your repayment capacity first then the collateral. Better you approach a SBI branch close to you and explain the matters.

R/s i have plot in village but outer redline. Its registered but i have got ashtam written declaration from the owner. Can i consider as beneficial for the gram niwas yojna. I am salaried employee.

i want kisan credit card.i have 2.5 acre land in satna district in m.p.what will be credit limit for me and how many time will be taken by bank for this approval.

A person availed k c c on 1st may 2014 & he was died on month of july 2014. Can he is covered under k c c personal accident insurance scheme ?

i am working in private school, i am itr one. i want to have my on school building which my husband is suggest me loan of 2500000/-

I had 2 years of experience in poultry,I have an idea of starting my own business in the same,I need hands of SBI as a helping hand for further things.

Bank won't approve any kind of loan if the collateral property comes under red-lined area. In this case, as far as bank is concerned the property doesn't have any transactional values. You have to attach the property having transactional value at least 40% above the loan amount.

as i above said i'm govt. servant .i'm a force person i went to sbi branch again they said we are not proceeding the loan in village we are only providing this facility in city my salary account is in the bank and i'm running from last 2-3 months for the loan and as a force member i hardly get time and this is now harassment and i'm tied with it because bank is not providing me the facility i have all the documents my salary slip ,form no 16 ,my property papers, pan card, voter card .the only problem is my property comes in red line please tell is it my mistake .can i get loan on this or not and what should i do regarding this.

You can apply for home loan stating mother or any close relative as co-borrower or guarantor. Eligibility depends many factors depending clarity of property documentation, repayment capacity and history.

i'm govt. servant and i want home loan i'm living in village and property is on my mother name can i get loan? i applied in bank but they rejected my application they said my property is in red line and we are not considering panchyat sign but this village comes in U.T so can i get home loan?

It depends your ability to prove feasibility of the projects, experience and interest in the same field. If bank has been convinced, you can have somewhere between 8,00,000/- to 10,00,000/- (Based on your contribution 2 lakhs).

Dear All,

I want to develop our village, right now i am in Saudi Arabia and i will invest RS.20,0000,. how much bank invest on this amount
Please help me.

Dear Sir,
The SBI Sevalia branch had been issued crop loan on the name of The landlord Mr. C.D.Patel ,my father. Now he is not long live and expired in 2012. We already paid up the loans with interest. Now on renewal we submit the death certificate of my father and inheritance document . Now the officer demand all the documents fresh and we have to follow all the procedure repeatedly. So we are not getting the crop loan since last two years. Is it liable to provide all the documents repeatedly. If something happened and we lost any member from our family, then the procedure again followed repeat. Please give the proper suggestion.
Thanking you
Hasmukh Patel.


After disbursement of first loan installment, bank counts 15 months as the completion period for loan scheme of Gramin Bhandaran Yojana Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme For Construction or Renovation Of Rural Godowns. If project was unable to complete within this period, a further 6 months may have given as grace period subject to the justifiable reason for delaying the project. If project could not be completed within the permissible duration, subsidy will not be available and advance subsidy may have taken back.

You may straight go to your nearest SBI bank branch and inform them your loan requirement. If they are not assisting you please post here what was their reply.

Though SBI allows online application for home loan, it accepts only preliminary data from the applicant therefor their sales person can contact for further completion of the formalities. Visit this link for online application


Hi All,

i need a loan, for the infrastructure for my exciting cattle farm near rajankunte, north Banaglore.
Kindly Help me in giving loan....

i want to know costruction period for fodown

We have withdraw kcc limit Rs. 3 lacs from sbi sarla br. our land are situated at Kuntalpur village Ta. Muli, Surendranagar , Br. manager Mr. Mahendra bhai recovered from us more than 8% interest for crop loan KCC and not allowed us to interest subsidy for kcc @45 and recovered from us more interest against 4% also deducted 8% insurance amt without our prior permission. our kcc limit having cut of date 31/5/14 but mgr said that date has been chage for 31/3/2014 they have not intimate us about it. so that we have suffer more cost of interest and insurance. Account Name" parmar ganesh irabhai & parmar paresh Hirabhai Jt. A\c. pl do in favour.

I am a member of a co-operative of 32 members in New Town action area- I Kolkata. HIDCO alloted land for G+11 building. After all formalities const.has been started. I am a salaried employee. Pl intimate poperty related documents for loan. Thanks

Whether the above KCC limit against gold ornaments is liable to inspection charges