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Income from Salary to be shown when you apply for Income certificate are: Basic pay, Special pay, Dearness allowance (DA), Deputation pay, Other allowances if any are to be considered as income. Exclusions are House Rent Allowance (HRA), Traveling Allowance (TA), and Honorarium received for special work. These are to be extracted form your Form 16 certificate.

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I have never seen such a worst site for online application. Only Kodungallur taluk appears in the box. This is just for discouraging the people from applying online and persuading them to approach Akshaya. Such a terrible site.

Can NBFCs work as a mediator for transactions of securities ?

I am getting my LPG subsidy amount to my IOB but I want to change it to BOI, kindly guide me is it possible? If yes, then how?

There should be a system where Ration card is used only for identification purpose and no dealer should force any one to buy articles even if not needed.

My mobile number stopped working. How to change it to new number

I don't know which bankaccount

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Since you have lost your phone number, you have to personally visit the home branch and submit a fresh request to the branch manager explaining to change / update your bank account with new phone number.

If you have the existing phone number and want to change it to the new phone number, you can do it through either Net banking or Using ATM or visiting your home branch.

My subsidy not received after changing bank account to Bank of Baroda.

I had availed a CGTMSE loan from HDFC bank in 2012. The bank started charging me the ASF in differential rate than what it should as per CGTMSE and I then found out that it was charging me the fee in a wrong way and also over charged me on the interest for 2 years. I recently filed a complaint with them and then with RBI and after 6 months of working on it and reviewing the circulars from CGTMSE. I was able to get a refund of Rs.100000 from them and yes after 7 years when it was charged. All this for a small OD limit of Rs. 20 lakhs.

I am also talking to them about refund of the ASF and GF. I thought a post on this issue could help others who have been charged high like me. Do ask any questions you have if you have availed a CGTMSE Loan between 2011 and 2015 from any bank especially HDFC bank.

Please share this post so it can reach as many people as possible and they can benefit from the refund.

My account change

Hello sir,

Abhishek here from Uttarpradesh looking for loan, actually, i want to open a cattle farm. Due to this, i want loan around 5 lacs. Can i get the detail that how i can get the loan?

In a family, one of son got govt job, he is unmarried and Lives separate, the remaining members of family can get bpl card in Karnataka?

Please help me

I am Dipankar maiti...My aadhaar no.alredy link up.. with my Bandhan bank a/c.But. I have no subsidy.....Kindly solved my problm

sir me apna kaam shuru karna chahti hu ye loan kaise milega kya prakriy hai iski

Any one help me

I applied for SBI Gram Nivas home loan online... the field officer contacted me... he said that in the rural area we are not providing home loans under Gram Nivas scheme... but i applied for gram nivas. Is it for rural? On agriculture land is it possible... and now what can i do?

One year ago I changed my account from Sbi to ICICI. I got lpg subsidy 5 times correctly. From then on I did not receive it. My ICICI a/c is linked with aadhaar, so, I used to get it aadhaar based subsidy. Now how to get it non aadhaar based even though the a/c is linked with aadhaar.

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Hello Rohit,

SBI gives Mudra loan and dairy loan from urban bank no doubt. But the fact is if they have another exclusive branch for agricultural activities within the city, they may request you to contact them.

Moreover, please note that any kind of bank loan, it is advised to contact branch manager directly, avoid other staffs who sits in the front office.

For Mudra bank loan you can read a comprehensive details here.

Happy loan

I am Rohit.

I live in Hyderabad I've reached out to my local bank however, they mentioned that this is a metropolitan bank and we don't have information on "agriculture loan" (dairy) and they asked me to contact rural branch.

And I also heard that SBI has a scheme which is a mix of Mudra Bank Loan and Dairy loan, is this correct? and any leads on how to get the loan is appreciated.

Thank you.