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I am Dipankar maiti...My aadhaar no.alredy link up.. with my Bandhan bank a/c.But. I have no subsidy.....Kindly solved my problm

sir me apna kaam shuru karna chahti hu ye loan kaise milega kya prakriy hai iski

Any one help me

I applied for SBI Gram Nivas home loan online... the field officer contacted me... he said that in the rural area we are not providing home loans under Gram Nivas scheme... but i applied for gram nivas. Is it for rural? On agriculture land is it possible... and now what can i do?

One year ago I changed my account from Sbi to ICICI. I got lpg subsidy 5 times correctly. From then on I did not receive it. My ICICI a/c is linked with aadhaar, so, I used to get it aadhaar based subsidy. Now how to get it non aadhaar based even though the a/c is linked with aadhaar.

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Hello Rohit,

SBI gives Mudra loan and dairy loan from urban bank no doubt. But the fact is if they have another exclusive branch for agricultural activities within the city, they may request you to contact them.

Moreover, please note that any kind of bank loan, it is advised to contact branch manager directly, avoid other staffs who sits in the front office.

For Mudra bank loan you can read a comprehensive details here.

Happy loan

I am Rohit.

I live in Hyderabad I've reached out to my local bank however, they mentioned that this is a metropolitan bank and we don't have information on "agriculture loan" (dairy) and they asked me to contact rural branch.

And I also heard that SBI has a scheme which is a mix of Mudra Bank Loan and Dairy loan, is this correct? and any leads on how to get the loan is appreciated.

Thank you.

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सर मेरा बैंक खाता संख्या परिवर्तन करना है सर मेरा खाता संख्या है 32625624570 IFsc कोड SBIN0012728

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To rectify the member status, you have to contact your Taluk Supply Officer (TSO) / City Rationing Officer (CRO) and submit a correction request. If it's the mistake of their staff, it could be rectified without supporting document. Otherwise you have to produce supporting documents.

আমি বিবাহিতা।বাবার বাড়ির ঠিকানা থেকে শশুর বাড়ির ঠিকানায় রেশন কার্ড আনতে চাই। এই জায়গা পরিবর্তনের জন্য বাবার বাড়ির রেশন ডিলারের থেকে কি কোনো সার্টিফিকেট আনতে হবে?ওখান থেকে কি দুই নম্বর ফরম্ নিয়ে আসতে হবে? কিছুবুঝতে পারছি না।

আমি বিবাহিতা।বাবার বাড়ির ঠিকানা থেকে শশুর বাড়ির ঠিকানায় রেশন কার্ড আনতে চাই। এই জায়গা পরিবর্তনের জন্য বাবার বাড়ির রেশন ডিলারের থেকে কি কোনো সার্টিফিকেট আনতে হবে?ওখান থেকে কি দুই নম্বর ফরম্ নিয়ে আসতে হবে? কিছুবুঝতে পারছি না।

എനിക്ക് അറിയേണ്ടത് ഓരോ മാസവും old BPL , new PHH കാർഡ്കാർക്ക് ലഭിക്കുന്ന സാധനങ്ങളുടെ വിവരങ്ങൾ അറിയാൻ എങ്ങനെ സാധിക്കും , ദയവായി rply

Nice post, its really helpful.

i think you should contact SBI bank

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As per NFSA, there is no BPL ration Card category, instead, Priority House Hold (PHH) taken place and this new PHH Ration card replaced most of the old BPL ration cards. From your query, you are entitled to get all those benefits previously enjoyed as a BPL ration card holder, and continue receiving all benefits without any loss or issues.

In previous time I had BPL ration card but this time I got PHH card, I belong to BPL? Please explain.


Very helpful service from our own SBI bank. I think most of the customer may not aware about this service.

which income is considered gross income or net income of form no 16 for the income certificate?

This was a good article.

All the different types of payment must be cancelled for a consolidated monthly payment, say Rs 60,000 or there about for a month. Their travel can be made free on public transport, but all other types of travel must be borne by the MLA himself. Also medical benefits should be paid through insurance. This is how Canadian politicians are paid and they are doing a great job unlike our MLA who waste tax payers money for nothing. Canadian MP and MLA use their own vehicle when they want to travel and no money is paid by the govt for that, no police escort when they travel, no stopping of traffic for them to pass, they are treated just like any other citizen.

I want to apply stree shakti yojana loan for my business. What is the Procedure?

I have 7000 square feet area at 9 meter road both sides connect state hiway 1.5 km I want to create the dairy farming business so please guide me how to I get bank loan. I am also diploma in dairy husbandry and I have 26 years experience in dairy processing. So please help me.