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Gas subsidy is coming on my closed airtel account but subsidy will be transferring again and again on this closed account. since I seeded the aadhar in my SBI bank account .but still it is coming to closed account.

மானியம்பெற்ற வங்கி கணக்கை ரத்து செய்து விட்டேன் 2ஆண்டுகளாக மானியம் கிடைக்கவில்லை

I am a post graduate and I have started a small educational center , i need financial help through mudra loan.can you pls let me know the procedure for the same

Personal Loans are the Loans which an individual takes to fulfill his/her financial needs. It could be a wedding or a vacation. The loan will be granted for any legitimate purpose whatsoever for Example - expenses for domestic or foreign travel, medical treatment of self or a family member.

Dear Sir

I have my own land in rural area. I approached different banks including SBI to get loan against property but all the managers refused saying that they give loan only if the property is under municipal corporation. Kindly tell me if there is such rule....Kindly suggest how can i get loan.

I want a gramin niwas farm house loan I am Central govtment employ my require farm house loan 35 lacs and my annual income 9 lakh to 10 lakh and my other sources annual 4 lacs to 7 lacs so please help me my contact number 85 100 4 1110 and my mail address nareshgoliya 5441 @

if your adhar is seeded with account then it will be reflected in npci mapper the only way is to deseed adhar and seed again other wise open an account in any bank and seed adhar

I am a farmer . My monthly income 7000.. I want a home loan of 300000 (SBI gramin niwas scheme ).. am I eligible ??Please ans me .. thank you sir

I have linked my aadhar card to Bank account. But in UIDAI website shows bank account linking status is INACTIVE. Bank official says my Aadhaar No. is already linked to bank account No. I requested again to Bank officials My aadhar No. to be connected to NPCI mapper. I submitted to my LPG ID No. I have only one SBI Bank account. I have visited to my aadhar card and my LPG ID No. xerox copies submitted to Bank several times but results are NIL. till date I am not received LPG subsidy. I have also visited the LPG Distributor.

मी पुणे जिल्हा शिरुर तालुका मधिल न्हावरे गाव आहे मला पोल्र्टि टाकायची आहे तर मला लोन फाईल कशी बनवायची व डाँक्युमेंट काय लागतील सांगा

Dear Concern,

I want to take subsidized loan to buy 2 or 3 buffaloes to start small venture but the problem is i'm not having any type of land or any property on my name straight away.

In this case what we can do, I've graduation degree & my wife is 12th pass.

Please kindly guide me in the same.

Dear Mr. Stanly,

Thanks for the update. Now it is clear. Let it be.

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Yes, you are right. It's all about Priority Ration card defined in NFSA and well explained in the main article. But in your first query, your card belongs to non-priority as per NFSA but granted as State Priority Ration Card.

State priority is given to an applicant who has no eligibility for holding priority ration card as per NFSA but special consideration based on State's discretion that varies State to State.

Eligibility for Holding State Priority Ration Card In Kerala

NFSA Non-Priority but any member with chronically ill will be getting State Priority ration card.

NFSA Non-priority card holder can have car at any point of time.

I hope you are clear now. If I'm wrong, welcome to correct me.


Thanks for the reply.
Actually, my question still not clear, let me explain what I mean.
If you have this much land, house with this much square feet, vehicle etc are criteria for having ration card eligibility, in this case, I doubt, if I purchase a used car, legally I have to change my ration card to non-priority ration card?

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Currently in Kerala, there are 4 types of ration cards available in which Blue coloured ration card (Non Priority Subsidy category) holders entitled to get a 2kg rice/member with price of Rs. 2/kg. Since, the subsidy eligibility to this category decided by State Govt., NFSA norms may not be considered. Hence 4 wheeler criteria does not apply in your case.

Hi I am working in a BPO, wanted to apply for home loan, the property comes under gram panchayat plan and it is on non NA land and the flat is on 1st floor., Will I get a home loan

It belongs to Kerala and card category APL with a subsidy.

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Will you please tell which State your card belongs to?. There is no standard colour for ration cards, its type and benefits. Each State adopt different colours and eligibility in Ration card system.

On the other hand, you can tell category of your card - Priority (General, AAY, AY, State Priority) or Non-Priority.

Good Day,

Just I want to know the eligibility criteria of blue colour ration card. And if any of card member buy a used car, do we need to change our ration card, kindly clarify.

I booked five cylinder and I did not receive subsidy in my account. I called customer care, they said that account isn't registered with NPCI, but I checked it found it was registered with NPCI. What can I do now?

I have obtained mortage loan against the immovable property.

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You have not mentioned what type mortgage loan you have obtained. Most of the bank loans except Reverse Mortgage Loan can be transferred to other banks subject to satisfying both bank's terms and conditions. If it's RML, you have to close it and apply a fresh RML to new bank.

I have already availed mortgage loan in a bank for Rs. 16lakhs for a ROI 11.5. Is possible to transfer a loan to some other bank which has lower ROI. Also am a senior citizen and the repayment period is 10yrs. My son is repaying EMI for me. Advise me suitably....

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I don't think LPG subsidy amount will be credited to bank account linked with another person's Aadhaar number. When NPCI process the payment, system will check matching of Aadhaar number which should be same on LPG account and Bank account.

What you can do is transfer LPG connection from your father to your account. To do this you have to give transfer request to agency.

For more details, visit the following links.

LPG connection is in my father's name we had to open an account in syndicate bank in the name of my father and provided his Aadhaar to get subsidy. I have an account in Canara bank with my aadhaar linked to it we want to get subsidy in my bank account not my father's because we want to close that account Due to some reasons can we get subsidy in my bank account even if the lpg is in my father's name? If yes, then kindly tell me the process.

I am facing the Same Problem.... what did you do?
Previously, i am having the Kotak Mahindra bank, but my account was closed, but with Kotak Mahindra bank details are added in NPCI (National Payment Corporation of INDIA), it comes every where (Kotak Mahnidra account). I do not know how to update my bank details in NPCI. Once the bank details are updated in NPCI, i will get my SUBSIDY.

I have not received subsidy for last 8-9 transactions as my dealer said, it has been withheld. To whom shall I ask or write to get that.