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It's appreciated that you already have taken all possible actions as a consumer of LPG yet no result. The bureaucrats designed a system that should be worked for simplifying their work. They never bother difficulties encountered by end user. There is no value for customer complaints or interactions or grievances.

Here's the last options as I already replied to other's comment:

Start a fresh bank account preferably nationalized bank and link Aadhaar with it. So that the next NPCI mapping will hopefully resolve your issues.

My ICICI a/c was linked with my Aadhar & subsidy was credited in my account up to 2016. After my company was given Indusind Bank Salary account & my aadhar was automatic updated with Indusind bank & Subsidy started to credit in my Indusind Bank a/c. In April -2018 month I have closed my Indusind Bank account. Now i have only ICICI bank account, now the problem is didn't get any subsidy amount till these month . I called toll free no 1800-2333-555 they guided me to De-Link Aadhaar No in running account and update (Linked ) after 15 to 20 days same was done twice, but till now problem was not rectified. Again i called the toll free no they have told me Fill -(NPCI MAPPING) Application form and I submit to banker. Banker told me there is 50:50 chance for getting subsidy amount.
Please advice me how can I get the subsidy amount in my ICICI bank account . The bank staff are not giving me satisfied answer.

My account HDFC with Aadhaar linked and subsidy is being received. Now i am changing to new account with BOI for receiving LPG subsidy. So please help me how it to be changed online or off line.

I have closed my Axis bank a/c where my LPG subsidy was being credited. Now my subsidy not crediting to me. What can I do to get my subsidy to my other bank a/c?

Hello sir,
I am facing challenge in receiving my bharat gas subsidy. ICICI bank is claiming that:
1) Aadhar is linked with bank
2) Account is linked with NPCI database
3)17 Digit id is updated.
last one year i have not received my subsidy. please suggest where i am going wrong or whom should i catch.

If loan is sanctioned up to 31.3.2018, then on amount of sanction. Meaning by its to be paid for 100 lacs.
If loans is sanctioned since 1.4.2018, then its on outstanding balance.

Dear Sir,
My SBI bank account is linked with Aadhar but NPCI mapping is not being carried by SBI IL Township branch Kota since 12 Oct 2018 Inspite of several visit ti local branch at Kota.SBI people says it is not our responsibility and to be carried out by Indane Gas agenciy.On contacting to Indane Gas Agency M/s Suvidha Gas Agency Kota they said that Aadhar linking and NPCI mapping is the responsibilty of SBI itself.Kindly do needful to get my LPG subsidy in my SBI account at KOTA.

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It's better waiting for next NPCI mapping since you are receiving LPG subsidy in your another account. What gas agency said is right, because the next action has to be taken by NPCI.

Dear Sir,

I was getting my LPG gas subsidy on my Bank account at SBI IL Township Branch Kota Rajasthan upto Nov 2017 but suddenly it has been changed to my another Bank account at SBI Karwi Branch Chitrakoot UP without my any consent.I am interested to get back the LPG gas subsidy on my previous SBI bank account at IL Township branch Kota Rajasthan because my LPG connection is at Kota itself. I have submitted request to SBI Kota for new NPCI mapping and crediting my LPG gas subsidy on SBI kota account on 12 Oct 2018 but bank authorities are taking interest for NPCI remapping to regularizing the same. They are saying that it is the work of Gas agency but gas agency denying the same. I am attaching the copy of my request for needful at your end.

Thanks with regards

Ram Bishal Shukla
Kota Rajasthan
Mob No 8890067497
Email Id:

Thanks for this tips. But I want to know, does this apply to only your country or can these tips be applied all over the world? I am thinking of getting a loan to boost my offline business.

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Yes, you can apply for agricultural loan. Contact your favorite bank preferably nationalized bank located close to your place. You can try either farming related or agribusiness related.


I have studied B.Sc Chemistry, Botany, Biotechnology. Now I am studying M.Sc in Botany.

I have 5 acres land. I am very much interested on agriculture because my family background which is agriculture.

But one thing is, I don't have money to invest on improved methods. Can I apply for agricultural loan? Please help.

when i am going to linked my LPG id with Canara bank online netbanking, i am not getting option like sbi netbanking. So please guide for linking in Canara bank online.

My husband has an a/c in Union Bank of India, but it is in dormant stage. He doesn't like to activate it. Now he has an a/ c in Vijaya bank. So he wish to change bank a/c for lpg subsidy . What we can do?

Pensions for MPs/MLAs???
The working career for an individual is around 35 years (from age 23 to 58), let us study the MP/MLA – he works in that position for only 5 to 10 years at an average, yet he demands lifetime pension for only 5 to 10 years service.
Therefore to be fair it should be as follows in each individual case : number of years served as MP/MLA is x. The pension benefit should be applicable only if service is beyond 5 years continuous service. Computed as follows (x/35)*MP or MLA salary. Further the MP or MLA salary should not exceed the basic salary of the highest paid Civil Service Officer of the Centre or State respectively. Only then will we see some justice. Further all MP and MLA payscales and perks must be brought in line with that of the highest paid Civil Service Officer of the Centre or State respectively.

sir i am a engineer and want to open a hospital for public service
can i eligible for loan

After seeding is completed and Aadhaar is reflecting in NPCI mapper, the pending subsidies will be initiated by respective OMC at regular intervals and the same will be credited to your last seeded bank account.
For pending subsidy you may call toll free number: 1800 2333 555 of OMCs

MY Gas Consumer No 19057 Indane Gas and Cus ID 3 7500 0000 1173 2969.

I have changed my bank account for LPG subsidy on 26-9-2018 with SBI Valluvar Kottam Branch Chennai 600017 and the Bank has confirmed the linking. My A/C No with SBI 11901431524.
Till date I have not received confirmation about the change. In the linkage web site old bank is shown.
I have given service request on 15-10-2018 with Nos 1-1272212085 and 1-1274999145.
How long will it take for the change.

I am also facing same problem. But all are diverted to one and another.

I have closed the account which got mapped when i updated the aadhar in bank account.
Now I am not getting subsidy and dont know a way out..

Sir, My bank account in Bank of India, in which I was getting my LPG subsidy, was closed in the month of Jul 2018. Subsequently I requested SBI to do the de-linking/linking of my Aadhar No to my bank account to get my LPG subsidy. But to no avail even after waiting for long periods. Then I opened a fresh bank account in ICICI bank with a photocopy of bank account to the local LPG distributor. Again there is no progress even after 5-6 days. Plz give me a suitable advice to overcome this problem.
Thanks & regards.

I am facing the Same Problem.... what did you do?
Previously, i am having the Kotak Mahindra bank, but my account was closed, but with Kotak Mahindra bank details are added in NPCI (National Payment Corporation of INDIA), it comes every where (Kotak Mahnidra account). I do not know how to update my bank details in NPCI. Once the bank details are updated in NPCI, i will get my SUBSIDY.

please tell me ..... how to do? & what to do?

LPG subsidy will be credited to the bank account in which the Aadhar number linking is done last. If you have 3 bank accounts and Aadhar link has been done only for the first and second bank account you be getting the subsidy to the second account. Now if you link Aadhar to the third bank account then automatically the LPG subsidy will be credited to the third bank only instead of the second. So even if you have more than 5 bank accounts the subsidy will be credited to the bank account in which the linking was done last. Sometimes we may like to close a bank account in which the subsidy is being credited in the normal course. You may wish to receive the subsidy in another bank account. There is no problem. Just visit the new bank branch and submit a requisition letter along with certified xerox copy of your Aadhar card. The bank will first de-link your Aadhar with Gas Agency and again re-link it once again. Now this will the latest linking. So you will be receiving the subsidy to your new bank account without any problem.

GAS AGENCY SAYS THAT IT IS THE DUTY OF BANK TO CHANGE. DUTY OF GAS AGENCY IS ONLY TO LINK AADHAR. THIS IS CONFIRMED BY IOC ALSO. i was initially getting subsidy through Kotak bank. I had inoperative account with Bank of India. when bank of india wanted my aadhar details I provided. automatically my subsidy bank was changed to Bank of India. Without seeing this I closed the bank account. since Dec 2017 I am not getting subsidy. all my existing SB accounts with other banks were already aadhar linked accounts and now they are not in a position to again link the bank account for getting subsidy. Please tell me how to get subsidy in aadhar linked existing accounts.

Hi sir I want to start Buffalo farming ...I already tiped with KMF..Sir I need 5 lack loan over 2 acre 29 this possible to get the loan with mortgage

Sir i linked my aadhar with my bank acccount by filling npci form but ti does not shown to npci record although i link my aadhar with my bank....please tell me what can i do so that it will be shown to npci website

Dear Sir/Madam,
We have change our bank and given new account no. in our bank for NPCI mapping but after 1 month gone we are not receiving subsidy, my registered mob. no. 9873442979