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I had more than 5years experience in poultry farming so now I need helping hands for finances for constructing new poultry shed

I am getting my LPG subsidy amount to my HDFC bank but I want to change it to bank of maharashatra . currently i have closed hdfc bank account , so subsidy not receive in both account , before opening HDFC bank account subsidy was regularly credit in bank of maharashtra .after starting hdfc account subsidy was credit in HDFC bank account. my aadhaar is already linke with Bank of maharashtra . kindly guide me is it possible? If yes then how?

Dear Sir,
The ITS code of my bank Central Bank of India has changed.
Kindly brief me the offline procedure for availing the subsidy which is due since April when the bank's branch was merged with another branch.

My SBI a/c was linked with my Aadhar & subsidy was credited in my account. Few months ago I CLOSED my SBI account and submit an application to get LPG subsidy in another Account (SBBJ). But Last few months I have not got subsidy in new account. In this case the bank staff reply me that your number was already linked with SBI and our system shows "ALREADY EXIST" I cleared him that was old linking and my new account has aadhar linked.

Please advice me how can I reactivate my SBI bank account again with aadhar. The bank staff are not giving me satisfied answer.

I immediately wanted a stree shakti loan to continue my small garment shop which i will have to close due to no funds. Please help to give loan at no interest.

I have two banks first is sbi and second is andhra bank. Aadhar linked to both banks successfully. My lpg id is linked with sbi, now i want to link with andhra bank. On 13-10-2017, i opened account with andhra bank, but still in lpg site showing linked with sbi. So please tell me how to link lpg with andhra bank.

My commercial complex construction demand one crore fifty lakh but his selling value is seven crore twenty five lakh rupees.can I get abl one crore fifty lakh?

My name is shyamalamma.age 48 from orvakal mandal kurnool dist sir i have 1acre land. To build 10,000 metrictonn godown capicity .can i get rural godown subsidy scheme under security properties 20 acres and above please do the needful

My abl loan is sanctioned by sbi Rasmcc branch Allahabad. But my orignal sale deed is lost by my parent in an accident. Can I get abl loan through registered mortgage of my property owned by me.

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First of all check your account with Central Bank has been properly closed and not in dormant state. If it is dormant, this issue may happen.

You explain this issue to SBI staff, request them cancel current Aadhaar linking for a while. Then let then link it again as usual. This may help to update NPCI's database to capture your latest Aadhaar linked account.

I have my Salary Account in SBI since 2005 and I had already linked it with Aadhar Card. My Aadhar Card had Central Bank of India account and my LPG subsidy was regularly credited in that account. I closed my Central Bank of India Account in July 2016. I filled and submitted PAHAL forms to my distributor and again requested my SBI to re-seed my Bank Account with the Aadhar. But didn't get my LPG subsidy till now. In Aadhar and in IOCL website it is showing Central Bank of India linked and inactive. I online lodged complain to IOCL about it and got reply that my Aadhar not update in NPCI and advice me to seed Aadhar again in my SBI bank Account which I did but bank confirmed that my Aadhar linked with my bank account. But I didn't get my LPG subsidy in my SBI A/C. I again lodged complain to IOCL about it and got reply to contact your Bank.
Please guide me what to do?

I am Ugresen Dash want to start a poultry farm very near future. I have FD in SBI. How it is possible to obtain a bank loan from SBI in pledge / collateral security my FD in SBI.

I would like to start a small industry business for all types of paper cups and paper plates from prime minister mudra yojana scheme at my residence. Therefore please advise me how to arrange loan for the purpose of purchase a machinery and raw materiel.

I am woman. I am willing to c onstruction of godown under rural bhandaran Yojana. How much subsidy will be given ? Kindly inform. I am residing At Nandgaon distt. Wardha(maharashra).I am having land mesueing 4.00 ha approchable by village kachha road which is connected to main tar road. I am ready to construct pacca road after approvaol to schaeme.

Halo, this is Dr. Nithya, i have gone through dental doctor loan ad, however, i wish to know how to proceed for it, what are the documents needed for the loan, kindly give me detailed procedure, documents to be submitted, tenure of loan etc.

I previously linked my aadhar with canara bank but my now aadhar is linked with airtel payment bank by opening account by airtel retailer .I again want to link my aadhar with previous bank .Please help me.

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Rest assured! You have nothing to do now. Wait till next database update occurred by NPCI. Your previous linking has not been rejected by NPCI. It only checks whether your aadhaar number has been linked to a valid bank account; then the latest available account number will be considered to credit the amount.

My SBI a/c was linked with my Aadhar & subsidy was credited in my account. Few months ago I opened a new account in ICICI & my aadhar was automatic updated with ICICI & Subsidy started to credit in my ICICI a/c. Last month I have closed my ICICI account. And I submit a new application in My previous SBI Bank. But the bank staff reply me that your number was already linked with SBI and our system shows "ALREADY EXIST" I cleared him that was old linking & automatically rejected by NPCI when I opend in account in ICICI bank.
Please advice me how can I reactive my SBI bank account again with aadhar.


sir i have 1 acre land in haryana and i want to start diray of 10 buffaloes... so much loan can i expect from bank.. sir plzz guide me

I have 1 acr land and i want to open a dairy farm, i want to know what is the state (MP) & center gov. Policy regarding the loan as wel as subsidy, interest rate etc. For the loan approx 20 lack ....

SIR, I AM REKHA GUPTA FROM MUZAFFARPUR BIHAR. I AM PLANNING TO CONSTRUCT A GODOWN ON MY LAND WHICH IS 01 ACRE IN AREA. I am planning to take advantage of govt. subsidy, please help me with the proceedings.

Hi , I would like to buy a franchise and I am looking for a suitable loan for that . Can I apply for a loan under CGTMSE