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I had linked my LPG subsidy to my personal account at Karnataka Bank about 3 years back. I am a joint holder in my aged father's account at Canara Bank. My father's name is the primary account holder. About 2 months back, the bank had asked us to provide KYC documents at which time I had submitted my Aadhar copy. But the bank (Canara Bank) has linked my Aadhar to my LPG Gas connection, thereby stopping the subsidy to my personal acct. at Karnataka bank and linking my father's acct. to their own whims and fancies without receiving the PAHAL form from me. The bank(Canara bank) has committed a blunder in linking my LPG subsidy only on the basis of my AADHAR copy which was given only as a proof of address and not for linking.

Even though I got the linking removed at Canara Bank after repeated visits, my LPG subsidy still gets credited there instead of my personal acct. at Karnataka Bank. Kindly guide me as to how I solve the problem and get back my subsidy to my personal acct. as before? The Canara bank response is far from satisfactory in this regard, and hence NPCI may as well come to my help at the earliest, for which I shall be thankful.