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Changing Bank Account for LPG Subsidy - Online Method

Our relationship with Banks may spoil over the period in different reasons and may have a thought to transfer some of the services or complete closing and opening a new relationship with another bank. If you have a second thought to change your LPG's DBTL (PAHAL) facility from one bank with another bank, you can shift PAHAL to the new bank using online procedure. A simple online facility provided by banks along with National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI).

Online procedure of Aadhaar linking for changing DBTL LPG Subsidy from One bank to another

How to Change Bank Account For LPG Subsidy?

I have an earlier post explaining How To Change Bank Account For Receiving LPG Subsidy Amount Linking Aadhaar. It uses the direct or off-line method in which you have to visit your new bank and apply for the same.

Online Procedure for Changing Bank Account for LPG Subsidy

Here you can find clear and simple online procedure for changing from other bank account to SBI, found almost all bank has the same procedure now. It is basically two part procedure in which first part is the registration of Aadhaar and linking it to your Bank account. The second part is to link your LPG ID with your Bank account number. If you already have linked your Aadhaar number, you can skip the first part and start the second part for linking LPG ID.

First Part - Aadhaar Linking to Bank Account Number

Logon your net-banking with User ID and Password.

Step-1: Input your Aadhaar Number to Link Bank Account Number

Click on the link "Link your Aadhaar Number" given in the left side. Give the necessary data to the fields and submit. See the image below:


Online procedure of Aadhaar linking for changing DBTL LPG Subsidy from One bank to another

Give the necessary input into the fields: Selecting your account number and aadhaar number to be done. Then submit for OTP.

Step - 2: Aadhaar Linking Confirmation Through OTP

You will be prompted for OTP (one time password) received in your registered mobile number as SMS. Open your SMS in-box of the mobile phone and enter the OTP number given in the SMS to the field given in your Bank page. Below is the screen shot for the procedure:

Aadhaar Linking OTP screen

If the step 2 has been completed properly you will get confirmation page with the following message:

Your reference number is UIDXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

"The Status of Aadhaar Seeding will be communicated on your registered mobile number.

Incase of any discrepancy please contact your branch."

Screen shot of Aadhaar linking and seeding confirmation given below:

Aadhaar linking and seeding confirmation for changing bank account

First part is over and now the time for second part.

Second Part - LPG Customer ID Linking to Bank Account Number

To start the next step you need to get your 17 digit LPG customer ID from your LPG company website. If you know your 17 digit LPG ID skip and follow the step - 3 directly. If you don't, leave your Bank website for a while until you obtain the 17 digit LPG customer ID.

Obtaining 17 Digit LPG Customer ID

Following are the links to get it. Click your LPG company name to open relevant page.

  1. HPCL
  2. Bharat Gas
  3. Indane

Choose any search method (Quick or Normal) to get the LPG ID ie., mobile number OR Aadhaar number OR select search, then enter the captcha code and submit. Your LPG ID will be displayed bottom of the same page. See the screen shots below:

Get 17 digit LPG Customer ID


Screen shot below shows the 17 digit LPG customer ID:


17 digit LPG customer ID displayed


Step-3: Link Your LPG Customer ID to Bank Account Number

After obtaining LPG customer ID, go back to your netbanking page and click the link "Link your LPG Customer ID". Fill the fields and submit for OTP. See the screen shot below:

Linking LPG ID to Bank account - start page

Step - 4: LPG Customer ID Linking Confirmation Through OTP

After submission, you will receive SMS in your mobile for OTP for confirmation. Enter the OTP and submit. There you will get final page of LPG Registration confirmation with Bank.

LPG customer ID linking with bank account confirmation

Final Step: Wait 1 to 2 Weeks Time for Confirmation from NPCI

Now you have successfully completed the procedures to change your bank for LPG subsidy. The final confirmation from National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) will be received as SMS after one to two weeks. Once NPCI confirmed, your LPG ID will be shown in your netbanking page as well as LPG company's website.

Once your LPG company updated your new bank account, the next subsidy amount will be credited to your new bank account. Don't response to your previous bank's notification about this change. That's all!