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Find Company Master Data Using Company CIN No. in

Every Corporate company has a master data essentially checked by public using Company CIN number. Since MCA and its concerned ROC are responsible grabbing every change happens to a company, they release this master data to the public through its website. CIN number is the key to reveal all Company Master Data. Here we will look into how to reveal a company's data in various situations.

Company CIN Number and its incorporation details including date of incorporation can be found at MCA's website. Visit MCA site and go to "MCA Services" on the main menu (click or tap), then go to "View Company or LLP Master Data" under the Master Data section located on the secondary menu (left bar). The screen shot image given below shows two steps how one can reach the intended data entry page.

Find Company Master Data using CIN number in MCA site


Now you have reached the page where CIN number accepts for retrieving the Company Master Data from MCA site. If you have CIN number of the company that you wanted to check, leave blank for "Company / LLP Name" field and enter the CIN No. straight into the field against "Company CIN / FCRN / LLPIN / FLLPIN". Then enter the captcha characters into its field, then submit. There you can find the data you are waiting for.

CIN / LLPIN Lookup

On the other hand, you have no CIN number but only name of the company. In this case enter the company name into the search box clicking on the icon at the right edge of the field provided for "Company / LLP Name". The popup window searches when you submit the company name, then displays matched company name and its corresponding CIN No. Select clicking the matched CIN number allows auto fill to the field of CIN no. Enter the captacha code and submit to get the Master Data of the company you searched for. Screen shot given below showing search result having CIN no. against listed company names.

Look up result for CIN / LLPIN in MCA site


If result has more than 10 and your search name not listed, use the pager navigation to reach what you expect. Once you find, click on the Company name so that popup window will close and the result will be auto-filled into the main page. Company Master Data will be displayed after submitting the form. See the screen shot below:

Company Master Data retrieved from MCA site using CIN number / LLPIN number


The result page now is ready for either print or export to excel sheet by clicking concerned buttons given at the bottom of the result. In addition to this every director name shown as link, that is clickable to retrieve the companies they responsible as directors.