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Lightning Protection System For Building: Method and Specification

Lightning Protection System For Building: Method and Specification

Lightning Protection System should be in accordance with BS 6651 and IEC 61024 to protect the building structure and personnel from the risk of a lightning strike. The installation shall comprise air networks connected to roof and down conductors and finally terminated in earth electrodes, via structural re-bars and suitable test points in accordance with the details included on the attached drawings or in the Specification Section.

Construction Specification For Electrical Busbar Trunking (Bus Duct) System

Sample MEP Specification For Electrical Busbar Trunking

Busbar Trunking System (BBT) in electrical construction, uses to transporting electrical power to a shorter distance but many utilization point, say, within the building or a compound of facilities. Though cables can also be used in these areas, their economic impact would be high if compared to the effective Busbar Trunking System. It will help us to tap power directly from where we want it to be and make utilize to the service point.

Specification for Mechanical Pipe Work, Fittings And Valves in MEP Work

Typical drawing for Mechanical Pipework burried underground in MEP installation work

In this specification section, Mechanical Pipe work, its Fittings and Valves works described in detail under MEP construction work. It includes pipe erection method, supports both vertical and horizontal, welding, and other fittings and accessories.

Particular Specification For Mechanical Services In MEP Construction Work

MEP Specification drawing for building Mechanical contract work

Particular Specification For Mechanical Services describes various general requirements In MEP Construction Work, a contractor to follow when they start executing but not limited to unforeseen work or requirements to accomplish the whole project contract.

MEP Specifications For Building Construction

MEP Works

The acronym MEP became an integral word of a building project in Middle East Gulf region during year 2000. In the inception stage of MEP, there were involvement of only two engineering branches, Mechanical and Electrical, now it included electronics, instrumentation and communication. In some occasions, Mechatronics also partake in the project for smooth completion of the whole MEP works. Companies that carry out MEP works also known as Electro-Mechanical company which has multi-faceted technicians and engineers for effective design, coordination and execution of the works.

Construction Quality Plan Of Building - Stores Procedures for Site Stores

These procedures are applicable for site stores and shall be implemented along with procedures governing Main Stores and Branch Stores.

1. Responsibilities

The site storekeeper reports to the Branch Stores Department /Main Stores Department through the Project Manager at site.

The responsibilities of the site storekeeper:-

Construction Quality Plan Of Building Projects- Procedures And Work Instructions

The company standard procedures will be implemented for the project however should a situation arise where this may be detrimental to the project or where an improvement could be made to a standard procedure the Project Manager shall be notified. With agreement of the Quality Assurance Manager a project procedure may be established and thus added to the Quality plan.

Construction Quality Plan for Building Projects

Construction Quality Plan for Building Projects

It is essential that services and systems in a building construction contract work are provided to conform to the requirements of the customer, and that the activities be effected as economically as practical. The achievement of these objectives is facilitated by setting up working procedures and practices, which collectively provide a Work Efficient, yet controlled operating environment.

Structured Cabling For Communications - Wiring For Voice / Data In Building Construction Works

Category 6 Voice / Data cables

The Contractor shall design, supply and install outlet plates, conduits, trunking, trays, wiring, junction boxes, distribution frames, patch panels, data rack, backbone cables, etc. necessary to form a complete structured system for voice and data cabling within the buildings. Cabling / wiring shall be provided for voice system from patch panel location to each voice/data outlet. Draw wires shall be provided in conduits for future data cabling / wiring by others (if applicable). The installation shall comply with the requirements of ANSI / EIA / TIA-568-1991 as appropriate as well as Local Telecom Authority.

Lighting Fixtures In Building Projects

Electrical Specification for Lighting Fixtures In Building Projects

The scope of this specification covers the supply and installation of lighting fixtures applicable to internal and external places of a building. Work includes, the collection, handling, installation and commissioning of the fluorescent, incandescent, chandelier, mercury vapour lamp light fixtures.

Specification For Conduit Wiring In Electrical Construction Contract Works

Electrical Power Layout Conduit Installation

The scope of this sample specification covers the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of all wiring materials for power and lighting in concealed and/or surface conduits. All wiring to lights, fans, convenience outlets, call bells, etc. will be considered on 'point rate' basis and shall include the required length of wires from sub-distribution board outlet to the ceiling roses, switches, convenience outlet sockets, bell pushes, call bells, connectors, etc. The wiring shall be carried out separately for 'lighting' and power as indicated in the drawings.

Telephone System In Electrical Construction Works

The contractor shall furnish and install a telephone system as specified herein and as shown in the drawings. The PABX shall be of the latest design in architecture and digital technology using stored program control (SPC) and PCM format. Cross bar or any other electromechanical switching system will not be considered. The processor memory shall be restored automatically upon restoration of power following a total power failure. The system must be readily available and have been installed and commissioned in the state in a similar configuration to that requested by this specification.

Method Statement For Installation Of Cable Tray Or Trunking

Ladder type Cable Tray Installation Method

Method Statement For Installation Of Cable Tray Or Trunking System For Building Electrical Services described here. This method statement is written for the purpose of establishing method and procedures for the Installation of Cable Tray and G.I Trunking System for the building MEP services.

Fire Fighting Services in MEP Construction Contract

Sprinkler test valve assembly for Fire Fighting System in MEP Mechanical work

In this sample MEP specification section, Mechanical Fire Fighting Services have been described in detail under construction contract work. Main Highlights of this MEP Specification for Fire Fighting Services are: Pipework Generally, Dry Risers, Hose Reels, Fire Hydrants and Sprinkler Installation.

General Requirements for Electrical Earthing or Grounding System in Building Construction

General Requirements for Electrical Earthing or Grounding System in Building Construction

Component parts of earthing system are to include the following: Earth electrode (rods, tapes etc.); Main earthing terminals or bars; Earthing conductors; Protective conductors; Equipotential bonding conductors; Electrically independent earth electrodes for special systems (clean earth); Accessories and termination fittings, bonding, welding kits and other materials

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