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Google Local Guides: 10 Levels To Reach, More Points, Rewards, and New Badges

Google Local Guides - New levels, points, and rewards

Google now becomes more generous to its Local Guides. It has now increased Local Guides Levels from 5 to 10. Earlier, it was limited to 5 levels, that will be achieved once Local Guides earned 500 points. Beyond this points, there was no levels to achieve. Those who earned 500 or 5000 or 10000 or more were known as Level 5 Local Guides. This felt stagnation among Local Guides.

Google Adsense Monitize Hindi Content: Make Money From Hindi Website

Google Adsense Monitize Hindi Content
Hindi becomes the first Indic language supported by Google Adsense program for monetize website content written in Hindi language. It will be a happy news for publishers who owns websites in Hindi. Google Adsense added this new feature to its custom channel of ad unit.