Importance of Fire Alarm

Fire Detection And Alarm System In Electrical Construction Works

Fire Detection And Alarm System In Electrical Construction Works
The scope of this specification covers the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of an Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System including wiring. All materials and equipment used in the work shall be ISI approved and installed with a high degree of workmanship. The installation as a whole shall comply in all respects with ISI code of practice for Automatic Fire Alarm System (IS 2189-1976) however, contractor shall comply with the latest or superseded versions of IS/BIS to be used for the complete work.

Fire Alarm System In Electrical Construction Works

Fire Alarm system
The Fire Alarm System installation work covered by this section of the specifications includes the furnishing of all labor, equipment, materials, and performance of all operations in connection with the whole Fire Alarm System as shown on the drawings and as herein specified. The requirements of the conditions of the Contract, Supplementary Conditions and General Requirements apply to the work specified in this section.

Fire Alarm System: Introduction and Importance of Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System block diagram

Fire alarm systems have become increasingly sophisticated and functionally more capable and reliable in recent years. They are designed to fulfil two general requirements: protection of property and assets and protection of life. As a result of state and local codes, the life-safety aspect of fire protection has become a major factor in the last two decades.