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Quality Plan

Construction Quality Plan Of Building - Stores Procedures for Site Stores

These procedures are applicable for site stores and shall be implemented along with procedures governing Main Stores and Branch Stores.

1. Responsibilities

The site storekeeper reports to the Branch Stores Department /Main Stores Department through the Project Manager at site.

The responsibilities of the site storekeeper:-

Construction Quality Plan Of Building - Procurement Procedure

  1. The discipline Engineer ensures that the Client Engineer’s approval has been obtained on the appropriate submittal form.
  2. The discipline Engineer shall check carefully that offered materials / Eqpt are complying with the approved materials / Eqpt as to makes, types, part Nos. and specs.
  3. The discipline Engineer shall prepare the necessary purchase order complying to the relevant company procedures:-
    1. The purchase order shall clearly state itemized descriptions, part numbers, units, quantities, unit rates and corresponding amounts.

Construction Quality Plan Of Building - Documentation And Records

Those personnel responsible for the checking, testing and inspection of the works will provide records at the time the activities are carried out; Records of skill certificates and registration shall be maintained and held by the Project Manager; The Project Manager shall be responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the stages of installation have adequate documentation and records.

Construction Quality Plan Of Building Projects - Inspection And Test Methods

Construction Quality Plan Of Building Projects - Inspection And Test Methods

Every building construction work shall be inspected and tested by the representative of the main contractor to keep their Quality Plan in force as detailed here: All the installations will have a unique reference for the purpose of inspection/testing methods; It will be a condition in the purchase order, that wherever necessary individual sub-contractors will prepare inspection and test plans appropriate to their work activities.

Construction Quality Plan Of Building Projects- Procedures And Work Instructions

The company standard procedures will be implemented for the project however should a situation arise where this may be detrimental to the project or where an improvement could be made to a standard procedure the Project Manager shall be notified. With agreement of the Quality Assurance Manager a project procedure may be established and thus added to the Quality plan.

Construction Quality Plan Of Building Project - Allocation Of Responsibilities

This section of Quality Plan identifies key personnel in the company concerned with the Quality plan and describes the responsibilities of these persons in relation to the system’s implementation. The project organization structure is set out in a chart form. The key staff with responsibilities in relation to quality are: Quality Assurance Manager, Project Manager, Discipline Engineer, Supervisors and Store man.

Construction Quality Plan for Building Projects

Construction Quality Plan for Building Projects

It is essential that services and systems in a building construction contract work are provided to conform to the requirements of the customer, and that the activities be effected as economically as practical. The achievement of these objectives is facilitated by setting up working procedures and practices, which collectively provide a Work Efficient, yet controlled operating environment.

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