Stanly Chirayath

Stanly Chirayath - founder and owner of website - a humble, rough yet simple, faithful, polite and gentle middle aged man, enthusiastic in nature, fast learner, construction engineer as a profession, interested in almost any subject, always like to be a student, and acquires something new in everyday.

He has conducted some seminars and training programs for parents on safe use of computer and Internet and how to protect their children from Internet fraud. He also gives advises on banking and insurance products and services.

Electrical Estimation and Costing he likes so much. He undertakes outsource works of Electric Estimation, Costing, Tendering and Drafting from small to large scale construction projects. Get in touch for a detailed discussion.

The content he publishes here are his own knowledge, based on his experience and learning process.

Love reading, traveling new places, listening music and playing chess are the hobbies.